Mentoring Young Leaders


We at ThreeEQ® envision an exciting world in which our alumni will shine as leading CEOs, executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, and/or students; our client families will be (even) wealthier and more joyful; and our client companies will experience stronger ROI, human capital, and growth in top and bottom lines, if not also market value.



Testimonials LoveAt ThreeEQ, we inspire, mentor, and transform select Gen Z and Millennial high achievers to get admitted to elite/Ivy League universities and to pave lucrative career paths as solid next-generation leaders, so that their happiness, health, and wealth will be above the fold among even their driven peers.

We also help select global corporates and SMEs make pragmatic decisions, win large customers, make strategic deals, and enhance soft skills and productivity. With our help, our corporate clients add to their ROI, strengthen leadership and human capital quality, and bolster revenue and profitability growth.

At home, ThreeEQ founder Jason L. Ma 馬良傑 values unconditional love, humor, and high standards on what matters. At work, Ma combines these with the following values and principles:

  • Contribute profoundly to clients towards a vision
  • Build trusting and genuine working relationships
  • Inspire and empower our students/mentees, clients, and teammates
  • Be passionate, creative, and open-minded always
  • Learn, contribute, and grow continuously, and innovate periodically
  • Execute with pragmatism and integrity
  • Have some fun and don’t hold back on humor 



ThreeEQ Inc. is a premier consulting firm that guides select high-net-worth families worldwide to succeed in elite college admissions, next-generation leadership and careers, and personal fulfillment. ThreeEQ also helps select tech and non-tech companies and C-suite executives worldwide take successes in global business, market value, and team contribution and growth to next levels. ThreeEQ is founded and led by Jason Ma, Silicon Valley’s leading member of The B20 (the private sector’s voice of The G20), acclaimed author of Young Leaders 3.0, and Forbes contributor (2011-6, over 1 million views).

Private Clients. At ThreeEQ, we inspire and mentor select Gen Z high achievers with caring, high-net-worth parents to get admitted to elite/Ivy League universities and to pave lucrative tech and other career paths as next-generation leaders. Mr. Ma also privately mentors select C-suite leaders. We help our Private Clients achieve great outcomes, unleash their full potential, and transform into the best version of themselves—so that their happiness, health, and wealth will be above the fold. Success stories and testimonials abound. To serve a broader market of families, we recently created the new Facebook group “Parents of Driven Students” and will soon roll out a new series of ThreeEQ Online Workshops.

Enterprise Clients. We at ThreeEQ also help CEOs and senior executives of select global tech and offline companies and family businesses make strategic decisions, win large customers and partnerships, position for M&A, and strengthen leadership and human capital. Mr. Ma also privately mentors select C-suite/senior executives. Our services help Enterprise Clients increase their ROI, bolster revenue and profitability growth, and enhance team productivity and culture. (Please enjoy a high-level gallery.)

Event Clients. As a sought-after speaker and masterclass leader, Mr. Ma inspires, motivates, and galvanizes audiences—from Gen Zers and their parents to global CEOs and billionaires—enabling them to reflect and transform positively.

We invite you to explore how you, your family, and/or your company will benefit by working with us.

1. For Families with Gen Z and Millennial Children (Private Clients)

“It pains me to see so many driven teens and 20-somethings achieving outcomes with well-being at levels less than desired, partly because of insufficient ELAPSED time with truly high-quality 3rd-party guidance to really prepare, flourish, and unleash their own full potential,” says Mr. Ma. Their families then incur significant opportunity costs. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

We at ThreeEQ provide trusted, best-of-breed, and (super-)personalized (1) elite U.S. college/university planning, applications, and admissions process guidance, (2) lucrative leadership career positioning coaching, and (3) and practical emotional, social, and leadership intelligence (“3EQ”) success mentoring services for driven Gen Z and Millennial children of select affluent parents, both Western and Asian worldwide. Testimonials abound.

2. For C-Suite/Senior Executives and Entrepreneurs (Private Clients)

CEOs/C-suite leaders are often “lonely at the top” but don’t “raise their hands.” Ma will personally dedicate time and attention as a trusted strategic advisor, executive success coach, and confidant to help select C-level/senior executives and entrepreneurs, both Western and Asian, take their business success and personal/family fulfillment to the next levels.

3. For Enterprises, SMEs, and Family Businesses (Enterprise Clients)

Our Enterprise Clients pragmatically take advantage of our G20 worldview, business acumen, global decision-makers network, and capabilities to significantly add to the ROI, human capital quality, competitive advantage, and growth of their top and bottom lines. We help them make better strategic decisions, win large-revenue customers, form JVs and strategic partnerships, target M&A and strategic investments, and enhance organizational mindsets, soft skills, and productivity.


ACCLAIMED BOOK “YOUNG LEADERS 3.0”YL3 Book on Light Wood with Lighting 210

Sensing a higher purpose for the masses, Jason L. Ma authored Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers, an acclaimed and inspiring book for millennials and teens, parents, educators, and employers. This book features the authentic, personal stories of successes, failures, and lessons learned from a diverse group of 23 exemplary Gen Z and Millennial leaders and contributors—along with practical nuggets of wisdom, including overarching themes, success patterns seen, and concluding actionable advice from the author.



SPEAKING. As a sought-after speaker and masterclass leader, Jason L. Ma captivates, educates, and inspires audiences worldwide to reflect and act towards increasing their ROI and positive transformation, if not transcendence. To invite Ma as an insightful and inspiring keynote speaker, masterclass leader, panelist, moderator, or boardroom advisor, please visit his speaking page.

THE PRESS. Ma was a renowned Forbes contributor on leadership, entrepreneurship, education, and university admissions during 2011-6 with over 1 million views. His work has been featured in various top media, including Forbes, CNBC Asia (Managing Asia and Squawk Box), Business Rockstars, Fast Company, Channel NewsAsia, and others. Ma contributes actively to corporate and education leadership communities and to the press worldwide. Stay up to date on Jason’s myriad media hits.




ThreeEQ believes in giving back. The ThreeEQ Foundation, a small philanthropy fund, works with the Silicon Valley Community Foundation to give to causes that assist the disadvantaged. ThreeEQ also donates 5% of Ma’s IfOnly luminary-expert service revenue and provides in-kind services to charity.



Having earned the privilege to attend or speak at some of the world’s most influential business gatherings, Jason L. Ma has met some of the world leaders, private sector tycoons, global 1000 CEOs, and fellow business and education influencers. As mementos of these great meetings, Ma has garnered many photos with these renowned achievers.