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Today, high school students are faced with more (online) distractions, choices, uncertainty, and angst than ever before, while still trying to discover their passions, talents, and direction. Meanwhile, elite college admission is getting increasingly hypercompetitive. Layering the daunting emotional and social challenges common in their life stage, teenagers feel that tackling responsibilities has never been more difficult. Students are stressed or lost. Parents are concerned or terrified. Teachers are very challenged (and often under-appreciated). Top-tier college admission officers are evermore selective but challenged as well.

How can high school students learn effectively, get good grades and test scores, engage and contribute in meaningful activities during school years and summers, and communicate well? How can teenagers clarify their direction, strengthen their growth and contribution mindsets and character, experience less angst and stress, and discover better relationships at home, at school, and in the community? How can college applicants get admitted to and thrive in great colleges and universities with positivity, not mental issues, and become better leaders and beings along the way?

“In today’s increasingly competitive, complex, and turbulent world, it is wise to be mindful, to learn constantly, and to improve your mindset and skill sets—and to get truly expert help in key areas. Often it pains me to see people not even close to realizing their own potential in a world where change is constant, if not accelerating (given the impact of technologies),” says Jason L. Ma, Founder, CEO and Chief Mentor of ThreeEQ. “Becoming a visionary leader and rising as one—young or old—require pragmatic emotional, social, and leadership intelligence (“3EQ”). The good news is that you can raise yours and keep honing it. I am here to help our clients achieve significant, next-level outcomes, grow profitably, and be joyful as never before . . .”


Testimonials LoveEnter ThreeEQ, led by Founder, CEO and Chief Mentor Jason L. Ma 馬良傑老師. As a preeminent college counselor and life and career success mentor for high-achieving high schoolers and a loving parent of a college senior and a high school senior, Mr. Ma desires for health, happiness, and (future!) wealth for our students, including his own children. We want the best for our students in today’s fast-changing, information-inundated, and stressful world.

We feel your pain but are excited about your opportunities and future. Through our best-in-class, personalized, strategic, pragmatic, and nurturing success coaching and mentoring process, you can transcend your difficulties and excel in all areas of your lives. For most high-achieving high school students and college (transfer) applicants, admission to great colleges and universities is the end goal. Indeed, we guide students like you to strategically plan, execute, maximize your chances for getting admitted to dream and best-fit colleges and universities, and make the right choice.

However, we believe that admission is merely a stepping-stone to greater success. During these four critical years through high school, we inspire and focus on expanding your horizons and straightening and shortening your paths to success.

Our personalized success coaching and mentoring process is designed to unleash your full potential, help you become the best version of yourself, and achieve key life-stage goals (great college admissions results). With our guidance, you will meaningfully and progressively enhance your own significance, connect, engage, contribute, grow, and succeed in your expanding world.

Decent IQ matters, but distinguished and sustainable EQ is necessary for (super)stars. Our holistic service works especially well for high achievers who desire a stronger competitive edge or clearer direction.

Among the world’s top experts in unleashing the full potential of young leaders, and blessed with an uncanny ability to motivate, inspire, and help young people, Mr. Ma has personally and successfully guided (1-on-1) and transformed the lives of hundreds of high school and university students (Testimonials) through the years.

Our unusually effective, inspiring, and personalized student success coaching and mentoring process integrates Mr. Ma’s extensively proven, researched, creative, and pragmatic emotional, social, and leadership intelligence (“3EQ“) and genuine story, strategies, soft skills, state of mind, and direction (“4S“) framework. Mr. Ma’s Forbes article “How Mentors Shape Moguls, CEOs, Celebrities, and the Next Generation of Leaders may also enlighten you.

In addition to honing their “4S” and “3EQ,” ThreeEQ is proud to have helped 97% of our college applicant students get admitted to one or more of their top 3 choice schools. As a preeminent mentor and college counselor, Mr. Ma’s exceptional track record includes helping numerous high achievers get admitted to their share of all of the elite US colleges and universities—all eight Ivy League schools (Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, and Yale), Stanford, MIT, Caltech, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UChicago, Duke, Northwestern, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Notre Dame, Carnegie Mellon, Williams, Pomona, and literally all other elite US undergraduate institutions. With Mr. Ma’s guidance, a number of students were also admitted to elite UK universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, and others.

(To impart part of his teachings conveniently for the masses, Mr. Ma authored and published an acclaimed, groundbreaking book, Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers. His book team of nearly 30 people included twenty-three 17-to-24-year-old exemplary millennial leaders as chapter contributors. Over one-half of these contributors were Mr. Ma’s students.)

ThreeEQ is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), and Jason L. Ma is a sustaining member of the Western Association for College Admission Counseling (WACAC).

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Becoming an Even Sharper and Stronger Student

High school is a time for self-discovery and personal development, as well as academic achievement and success. We ensure that you enhance both your academic performance and practical emotional, social, and leadership intelligence during these four years — over and above what you are getting or not receiving at your public, private/prep, or international school.

Through our personalized guidance, you will sharpen your study and at-home habits, build better time and stress management skills, select a rigorous and balanced course load, enhance your GPA, participate in meaningful extracurricular activities (including relevant competitive summer internships for which we provide choices and guidance), and strengthen communications and people skills. We motivate and inspire you to think beyond the classroom and to become more purposeful and mature whole persons, creative and critical thinkers, communicators, and leaders astute in both strategy and execution.

Developing Leadership, Communication, and Interpersonal Skills That Help You Stand Out

Part of our mission is to empower and groom new generations of effective young global leaders worldwide. High school is the perfect time for you to start building an impressive resume of work and volunteer experiences and achievements. We help you utilize your school years and extended school breaks (e.g. summers) effectively to gain lasting leadership experiences. Our emphasis on helping students tap into their IQ and upgrade EQ is unparalleled: we help you excel academically but also improve your relationships with your peers, teachers, coaches, and parents. We guide you to become genuinely interesting, thoughtful, highly engaged individuals who will make a difference at your future university or liberal arts college and in the real world.

We also work closely with you to help you build strong personal qualities and skills in communication, relationship building, critical and creative thinking, time and conflict management, and leadership, ultimately enabling you to thrive in the classroom, in the field, and everywhere in between. Such communication and leadership abilities cannot be conjured up “just in time” during the senior year. Learning to speak, write, self-talk, and lead effectively is a slow-cooking process that spans a few years, not popcorn-quick microwaving.

Planning For and Applying to Elite US and UK Colleges and Universities

“But Mr. Ma, isn’t it too early for kids to begin the college planning and application process?” A few well-intentioned parents asked. Not necessarily.

In May 2010, our founder and chief mentor Jason Ma interviewed ten high school seniors who had gone through an excellent college planning and applications guidance program at his previous company and were admitted to Ivy League schools, Stanford, MIT, UChicago, Northwestern, UC Berkeley, and other top schools. Mr. Ma asked as part of the interview: “What would you advise rising seniors and younger students?” Nine of ten students responded with something like: “If I could have started earlier, I would have done so. The college app season was (very) stressful. Students, start earlier! Don’t procrastinate!” It is wise to start early with truly expert guidance. Mr. Ma’s Forbes article “Why to Start Preparing For College In Sixth Grade” may enlighten you.

Applying to top-tier US colleges and universities can be a confusing, complex, and highly competitive process for many, including achievers. And applying to elite UK universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge (“Oxbridge”), isn’t easy as well but not as complex as the very elite US universities. Parents and students often don’t know what they don’t know. Reputable schools avoid cookie-cutter students who offer no more than perfect grades and test scores. The most selective schools seek standouts or great fits and (sadly but surely) reject the vast majority of high achievers with strong academic performance and/or lots of extracurricular activities. Mr. Ma’s Forbes article “College Apps: Stanford, Anyone?” and his Forbes article “What It Takes to Get Into UC Berkeley” may enhance your understanding of the part of the elite US private and public college and university admissions process.

Fortunately, our time-tested, personalized, holistic, strategic, pragmatic, and nurturing college planning, applications, and admissions process guidance and life coaching help you realize your authentic best and full potential, prepare well for and present highly compelling applications, maximize chances for admission to your dream and best-fit schools, and make the right college choice. We guide and coach you, whether you are introverted or extroverted, to positively and authentically maximize your overall competitiveness academically and personally — necessary as highly competitive applicants to top-flight US colleges and universities and as future leading professionals or entrepreneurs. Through the entire college/university planning, applications, and admissions process, we wholeheartedly and meticulously guide you to:

  • Enhance significantly, if not optimize, your mindset, skills, vision, direction, goals, strategies, tactics/how-to’s, purposeful activities, and execution (this purposeful, holistic, and detailed process should start early in high school, if not in middle school)
  • Plan for rigorous but balanced academic course loads, term to term, year to year
  • Learn how to earn stronger or better grades in school
  • Plan for how and when best to prep for the PSAT, SAT Reasoning Test (and/or ACT with Writing), SAT Subject Tests, and Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) exams
  • Select a manageable list of reach, probable, and solid (best-fit) schools (View Mr. Ma’s Forbes article “When to Say No to Harvard“)
  • Decide whether or not to apply Early Decision or (Restricted) Early Action (View Mr. Ma’s Forbes article “Advice on Applying to Top U.S. College Via Early Decision or Early Action”)
  • Put together a strong resume or curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Craft authentic and cogent personal essays that represent the best of you (With our expert guidance, you will experience an inspiring self-discovery, learning, and production process through brainstorming, drafting, and revising inevitably DOZENS of personal essays and short answers in response to the essay prompts of the target set of schools to which you will apply)
  • Complete strong application forms [the Common App form (one to a few strategic versions), School Supplements, and other independent school app forms such as those for the University of California (UC) campuses, MIT, Georgetown, and a few other schools]
  • Secure strong recommendation letters from teachers (or professors for transfer applicants), school counselors, and if appropriate, coaches or other non-academic recommenders
  • Prepare appealing (visual or performing) arts supplement(s), if applicable
  • Apply for merit-based scholarships, if appropriate (ThreeEQ private client families typically do not qualify for need-based financial aid!)
  • Prepare effectively for in-person, phone, or Skype/online interviews
  • Make certain all required application components are complete (Do you know the common causes for rejections?)
  • Respond to application wait lists
  • Decide the optimal university or liberal arts college at which to enroll (matriculate)


The bottomline, or what really matters, relates to the quality of the preparation, communication, and execution of your authentic character, story, and production — like a movie being made and released in which you are both the movie star and the movie! Sort of like your own A+ movie director (e.g. think Steven Spielberg!), along with your parent(s) as the supportive executive producer, we are gratefully recognized as the best in the industry who can help you optimize and maximize your qualities, success, and growth.

IN SUM, our Private Client students and parents enjoy minimizing opportunity costs and pain, maximizing success and gains, and getting the peace of mind and certainty from ThreeEQ’s preeminent expertise. With our guidance, the achiever and being in you will set clearer direction, achieve great results in college/university admissions, and transform towards becoming the best version of yourself.

At ThreeEQ, we work only with a highly select and exclusive set of Private Clients at a time.


Please note that ThreeEQ is highly selective in accepting new Private Clients through a defined and holistic process. Pricing for a new Private Client family starts from $30,000 per year to 6-figure USDs per year. If this pricing level is truly no issue for your family (after you consult with your parents!) and if you honestly desire to explore becoming a coveted Private Client student of ours, kindly apply via our Contact page.

While personalized success mentoring 1-on-1 privately with us is the most powerful and effective solution for you, we understand that the vast majority of parents aren’t high-net-worth yet and can’t afford our 1:1 Signature Services. If your family is in this category, here is a solution: Mr. Ma can inspire, instruct, and benefit you in a masterclass/seminar or two—if you or your parents can help get a group to invest in Mr. Ma’s group coaching for success. Please view Mr. Ma’s Speaking page and follow up accordingly.



Jason Ma and his college junior daughter and Young Leaders 3.0 contributor Sabrina Ma on Why Practical EQ Development & Wise Mentorship in a Family Are Important (in both English and Mandarin 中文 after a few seconds of ad)


Jason Ma and his college junior daughter and Young Leaders 3.0 contributor Sabrina Ma on Why to Prepare for the College Admissions Process Early (4-minute video in both English and Mandarin 中文 after a few seconds of ad)



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