Mentoring Young Leaders

“My son was feeling great when he finished the call
you last evening. You have a gift in the way you
work with these kids. I get it.”
Don Levy, former Senior Vice President,
Marketing & Communications, Sony Pictures



Today, most students, including high achievers in affluent families, face more smartphone/online distractions, stress, uncertainty, and angst than ever before—while still trying to discover and develop their identity, passions, talents, and direction.

The truth is… the elite college admission landscape is increasingly hypercompetitive… while the very best companies are seeking to hire only the very best!

Layering these struggles with unavoidable and daunting emotional and social challenges… most young people today feel that preparing for success and being happy are an almost impossible hurdle. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

We caring parents most deeply love our children. We celebrate their victories, learning moments, growth—and life together. We want the best for our kids. We want them to be safe, healthy, wealthy, and compassionate. We want them to become happy and enjoy good relationships with those who matter to them, including us parents.

What can parents do to raise and prepare children wisely—human beings who will become highly competitive, productive, and happy as adults and leaders?

The best intentions of parents sometimes antagonize their children and create stressful conflicts or uneasiness within the family. Good intentions do not always produce excellent results. 

The REALITY is that parents often make well-intentioned miscalculations and (in)decisions that seem rational but will ultimately cause subpar results, long-term pain, (huge) opportunity costs, and/or disadvantages for their children and themselves. 

A few of the common parental mistakes are:

  • Overdone “Tiger Parenting” (disconnect or delusion between expectations and reality, adding avoidable stress)
  • Over-spoiling kidsmany of whom have become unmotivated or negative (overtly or passive-aggressively)
  • Underestimating what it really takes for high achievers to become truly competitive, achieve, succeed, and grow with sustainable happiness instead of overstress or despondence
  • Not recognizing that building an authentic, likable, and highly competitive story, character, skill sets, etc. is a slow-cooking (multi-year) process, unlike popcorn-quick microwaving
  • Not realizing the necessity of truly high-quality, 3rd-party mentorship and guidance early enough for their children

Other costly blunders are often made even by some parents who are alumni of elite/Ivy League universities, who are (U)HNWIs, and whose kids already attend (“top-tier”) private (day or boarding) schools.

Not to mention the majority of students attend typically less-resourced public schools.

Opportunity cost for their children is often the greatest cost down the line.

These subpar and painful outcomes often stem from operating with some limiting or disempowering beliefs and habits. The WORST are disempowering beliefs ingrained as true.

Yes, these are part of the pattern recognition and observations from our own vast empirical evidence, applied research, and analysis of thousands of data points through the years.

Parents want the best for their kids, but often don’t know what they don’t know, or don’t know how to get there.

We do. 

And success stories and testimonials abound!

Here are a few recommended steps for you:

1. Join our complimentary, selective Facebook closed group “Parents of Driven Students.”

2. Watch ThreeEQ Founder, CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma’s masterclass “Preparing for Middle/High School, College, Career, and Personal Success” at the Harvard Business School (HBS) Association below.

3. Book a call (ThreeEQ.com/apply) with Mr. Ma or a senior teammate at ThreeEQ for us to listen, learn, and discuss if we can help your daughter/son achieve great outcomes, transform upward, and unleash her/his full potential. After you schedule a date/time that works for your child, you parents, and us, you’ll be directed to submit a short application form that’ll help us prepare for the call. It will be the BEST time your child and you parents have ever spent for her/his future!

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At any given time in the U.S. alone, a good portion of over 5 million private school students have the advantage of resourced parents who don’t hesitate to advantage their children by investing deep 6-figure USDs to greater than $1 million for each child’s K-12 and higher education. The following is one of the relevant articles written a few years ago (prices get higher each year): “Welcome To Manhattan, Where A Big City Education Could Cost You $1 Million.”

Here’s the thing. Even top private schools help get only a small fraction of their high school seniors admitted to Ivy League universities, Stanford, MIT, and other very elite schools. And a portion of these kids got in with “hooks” that most of your kids and you parents may not have.

Can you imagine the reality of the rest of the private schools, not to mention the less-resourced public high schools?

This is part of where ThreeEQ steps in…



WATCH Jason Ma’s inspiring masterclass on “Preparing for Middle/High School, College, Career, and Personal Success.” This was a special event for parents with Mr. Ma enthusiastically organized and sponsored by the Harvard Business School (HBS) Association of Northern California and co-sponsored by the

Harvard Club of San Francisco
– Harvard Club of Silicon Valley
– Stanford GSB Alumni
– UC Berkeley Haas Alumni Network Silicon Valley Chapter
Wharton Club of Northern California

In HH:MM:SS, this masterclass (1.5 hours) is sequenced as follows:

00:00:00 – 00:06:05 Introduction by the Host
00:06:10 – 01:12:10 Keynote address by Jason Ma
01:12:12 – 01:37:08 Audience Q&A