Mentoring Young Leaders

[Photo above: The Ma family a few years ago]

“My son was feeling great when he finished the call
you last evening. You have a gift in the way you
work with these kids. I get it.”
Don Levy, former Senior Vice President,
Marketing & Communications, Sony Pictures



“What does it really take for our (high-achieving) children to become truly competitive, succeed, and grow with sustainable happiness (instead of lingering mental issues)?” Fellow caring parents often ask us this type of questions.

Reflecting a bit, let’s look at common pain points felt by millions of parents, including high net worth individuals (HNWIs) in the U.S. and Asia, under the following tab.

To what extent does this resonate with you as a parent?


The future of work and talent is here, and change is not only constant but also accelerating. 

Worldwide, the growing impact of technologies (especially AI), digital transformation, globalization, demographic changes, as well as the changing nature of careers and the “gig economy,” are raising people’s and companies’ productivity and connectivity. But these factors, social media, geopolitical turbulence, educational system issues, and other causes are also increasing stress, anxiety, fear, depression, and already intense competition.

Recently, the UK even appointed a Minister for Loneliness to tackle the “sad reality of modern life.”

And who gets affected the most from these trends? The next generation. Our children.

Today, high school students are faced with more online/smartphone distractions, choices, uncertainty, and angst than ever before—while still trying to discover and develop their passions, talents, and direction. Moreover, the elite college/university admission landscape is increasingly and unhealthily hypercompetitive.

Meanwhile, college and university students, Gen Z’ers entering the workforce, and young Millennials at work face the challenge of an evolving and demanding job market. Good companies want to hire, keep, and develop employees with employable skill sets and mindsets—but the skills gap is widening in many parts of the world.

Layering these struggles with the unavoidable and daunting emotional and social challenges common in their life stage, teens and young adults feel that preparing for and tackling adult life and career responsibilities has never been more challenging. A large portion of students (at both public and private schools) and young adults at work are over-stressed, lonely, depressed, or lost.

Parents are concerned about, and some terrified for, their children’s future. Elite/Ivy League universities are evermore selective in admissions. Good employers are even more selective in hires, even though job openings for some functions are aplenty.

What can parents do to raise and prepare children wisely—human beings who will become highly competitive, productive, and happy as adults and leaders?

The best intentions of parents sometimes antagonize their children and create stressful conflicts or uneasiness within the family. Good intentions do not always produce excellent results. 

The REALITY is that parents often make well-intentioned miscalculations and (in)decisions that seem rational but will ultimately cause subpar results, long-term pain, (huge) opportunity costs, and/or disadvantages for their children and themselves. 

A few of the common parental mistakes are:

  • Overdone “Tiger Parenting” (disconnect or delusion between expectations and reality)
  • Over-spoiling kidsmany of whom have become unmotivated or negative (overtly or passive-aggressively)
  • Underestimating what it really takes for high achievers to become truly competitive, succeed, and grow with sustainable happiness instead of lingering mental issues
  • Not recognizing that building an authentic, likable, and highly competitive story, character, skill sets, etc. is a slow-cooking (multi-year) process, unlike popcorn-quick microwaving
  • Not realizing the necessity of truly high-quality, 3rd-party mentorship and guidance early enough for their children

Other costly blunders are often made even by some parents who are alumni of elite/Ivy League universities, whose kids already attend private schools, or who are (U)HNWIs.

These subpar and painful outcomes often stem from operating with limiting or disempowering beliefs. The worst are disempowering beliefs ingrained as true.

These are part of the pattern recognition and observations from our own vast empirical evidence, applied research, and analysis of thousands of datapoints through the years.

Parents want the best for their kids, but often don’t know what they don’t know, or don’t know how to get there.

We do.



At any given time in the U.S. alone, a good portion of over 5 million private school students have the advantage of resourced parents who don’t hesitate to advantage their children by investing deep 6-figure USDs to greater than $1 million for each child’s K-12 and higher education. The following is one of the relevant articles written a few years ago (prices get higher each year): “Welcome To Manhattan, Where A Big City Education Could Cost You $1 Million.”



Watch Jason Ma’s inspiring talk on “Preparing for Middle/High School, College, Career, and Personal Success” at a special event just for Mr. Ma in front of caring, successful parents. This event was enthusiastically sponsored and organized by the Harvard Business School (HBS) Association of Northern California and co-sponsored by the
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How Would You Like Us To Personally Walk You Through The Exact Game Plan Our Private Clients Use To Get Their Children Into Elite/Ivy League Universities And Lucrative Careers As Solid Leaders… Absolutely For FREE?.


From the Desk of Jason Ma
Founder, CEO & Chief Mentor, ThreeEQ
Dear Fellow Parent:

Let’s talk about RESULTS for a second. Everyday, our client parents celebrate their children’s wins.

  1. Admission to Ivy League, MIT, UC Berkeley, Georgetown, UVa, and other top universities
  2. Highly paid jobs/careers at notable companies like Google and many others big and small
  3. Happier high school and college life and relationships—not mental overstress like many
  4. Strong employable mindset, competitiveness, and scaleable leadership/soft skills
  5. Deeper appreciation for and good relationships with them as parents

Testimonials LoveTestimonials abound. Our high-achieving (Gen Z and Millennial) students, including my own two daughters, cherish their great outcomes and transformation into the best version of themselves. They and their parents know that their happiness, health, and wealth will be above the fold among even their driven peers. Today, my firm ThreeEQ does this better than ANY other high-end elite/Ivy League college admissions and career/personal success mentorship experts out there.

The question you need to ask yourself is: “Do I want my teen/young adult to achieve great results, be happy, and secure their future?”

If the answer is YES, then I’d love to share with you and your child how we’re getting these kinds of results, and I’d like to share it with you for FREE. Here’s how it works.

Right Now, You Are Probably a Bit Stuck In One of These 2 Situations: 

1) Your daughter/son is a (driven) high school student (or middle schooler) in a private school. Public school students typically need help even more so. She/he wants to get admitted to elite colleges/universities and thrive with happiness, not mental stressors like so many peers. 

Most families, including those with high-net-worth (HNW) parents, underestimate the multitude of quality, often complex, and interconnected issues that they need to address while their child navigates through high school. Visionary direction? Authentic, interesting, and powerful story building? Academic choices (each term per year)? Extra-curricular activities? Summer plans? Standardized testing strategy? How’s she/he managing her/his emotions? Leadership, communication, social, and other soft skills? Target colleges and universities? How to attack the complex, hyper-competitive elite U.S. college application/admissions process? The right choice?


2) Your daughter/son is a (driven) college/university student or young professional or entrepreneur in the real world of work. She/he wants to get or create a great job, pave a successful career path, make big bucks (maybe millions more than even her/his driven peers over time), and thrive/grow with sustainable happiness in life and at work.

In a world of work where change not only is constant but also is accelerating, how to build employable (and entrepreneurial) mindset and skill sets? If still in school, how to navigate complex curriculum and activity choices and to thrive with happiness, not unhealthy mental overstress common to so many college and university students? How to manage well the unavoidable and daunting emotional and social challenges? How to navigate to and secure a bright future? How to truly build and enjoy good relationships with parents/family, friends, faculty, bosses, colleagues, and other important people?

Which of these 2 situations sounds more like your daughter/son?

The good news is that whichever it is, my team and I can show you a plan that will help your family make success with happiness a reality… and we’ll do it in a free coaching session.

Consider this: These are the kinds of results we get for our Private Client families. If we can do it for them, why can’t we do it for you?

Here’s How to Get Our Help for Free:

We can set aside some time to speak to you and your child over the next few days.

I, or another senior colleague, will get on the phone or in our Zoom room for up to 45 minutes. On that call, we’ll lay out a plan to help your child/young adult do ANY or BOTH of the 2 situations I’ve mentioned above.

This plan is going to enable your child and you to see how to achieve important objectives with great results and happiness… while working SMARTER and perhaps LESS hard than you folks are right now.

It’s a bold promise… but after developing and producing so many happy and compassionate next-generation leaders in our clients in our career, we feel very comfortable making it.

The plan we craft together will be SIMPLE, CLEAR, and light years ahead of anything you’ve seen or heard from anyone else.

After all, we are the highest-paid and foremost elite college/university admissions and next-generation leadership career success experts and mentors on the planet for a reason.

We deeply care and are compassionate about our Private Client students and parents. A secret to success is to get our preeminent expert guidance EARLY, so your child/young adult (and you parents) will naturally STRESS LESS, laugh more, and GAIN much more from the short to long term…

ThreeEQ Private Client Signature Services for High Achievers work. We know that if we work together, and your daughter/son and you parents stay coachable, decisive, and resourceful, there is NO limit to what your family can achieve. 

This invitation goes to only caring, resourced, and sophisticated parents who seem aligned with our values and principles. That’s why I need you to read this next part carefully:

This is NOT for Everybody. Here’s Who We Can Help:

Because we dedicate time and attention to helping wholeheartedly only a high-end Private Clientele, I am VERY selective on who we will speak with. I have a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed:

  1. You believe that your driven daughter/son’s full potential will be unleashed with our help and with your full support and investment.

ThreeEQ Private Client parents are sophisticated, high-net-worth (HNW)* C-suite/senior executives, entrepreneurs, and investors who want to minimize pain and opportunity costs (which are often the greatest cost) and to maximize gains and success for their children as our coveted students. The majority are alumni of elite universities. They are humble and astute enough to appreciate the value of high-quality 3rd-party guidance for their children… and to NOT do this on their own or with “band aid” outside help. Sharing our empowering values/principles, they delight in the certainty and pleasure of working with us as the world’s very best in personalized, 1-on-1 success coaching/mentoring to next-generation (Gen Z and Millennial) achievers.

  1. Your daughter/son and you MUST be action takers who follow directions, no matter how informed and maverick you all are or which private school your child already goes to. That means your child and you are coachable, decisive, and resourceful. Respectfully, the same applies even if you are a billionaire. (Don’t worry: we won’t ask you to do anything weird.)

If you like to “kick tires” or sign up for things and not follow through, this is NOT for you. Maintaining a 100% client success rate is VERY important to us. Please be people who don’t mess around, and are serious about both results and well-being.

That’s it. If you believe that your child/young adult and you meet BOTH of these requirements, we’re good to go.

Here’s What We Want You to Do Next:

If you meet the criteria above, and you folks like to talk about getting great results, then we will happily set aside some time for you. Here’s what to do next:

Head over to our Contact page and you’ll see the quick ThreeEQ Private Client application instructions. It’s fast and unobtrusive. I just need to know where your child/young adult is at and how’s she/he’s doing, what you parents now do, and what you all want to accomplish.

That’s it! Once you submit this simple application form and it feels aligned with us, we’ll schedule an appointment with you and your daughter/son together at a time convenient for you all and me or a senior teammate at ThreeEQ.

The call will go up to 45 minutes, and it will be the BEST time you and your daughter/son have ever spent for her/his future! We will attentively ask questions, listen, learn, and discuss if and how we can best help your loved one here achieve great outcomes, transform upward, and unleash her/his full potential.


This invitation goes to highly select, caring, and resourced parents, and there is only so much time available in the schedule. It’s physically impossible for me to work with more than a handful of people. So, it is typically FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.

If you feel like this is the right opportunity for your daughter/son and you, please submit the simple application and let’s talk!


Talk soon and cheers,

Jason Ma




* We understand and appreciate that the vast majority of caring families may not be high-net-worth (HNW) and a fit for the ThreeEQ Signature Services above.

Fortunately, for a broader market of motivated high school and college students with affluent but not HNW parents, ThreeEQ will roll out around mid October 2018 a new series of practical and engaging online workshops, one at a time. If interested, please email us with the subject “ThreeEQ Online Workshop” and we’ll save you a spot!