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“My son was feeling great when he finished the call
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work with these kids. I get it.”
Don Levy, former Senior Vice President,
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Testimonials LoveHow to Groom the Next Generation Wisely for True Success, Growth, and Happiness
By Jason Ma 馬良傑老師, ThreeEQ & Young Leaders 3.0 (May 2018)

The world of work today is one in which change is constant, if not accelerating, and the future of work has arrived. Worldwide, the growing impact of technologies (especially AI), globalization, demographic changes, as well as the changing nature of careers and the “gig economy,” are not only raising people’s, companies’, and educational institutions’ productivity and connectivity but also increasing anxiety, fear, and already intense competition. Recently, the UK even appointed a Minister for Loneliness to tackle the “sad reality of modern life.”

And who gets affected the most from these trends? The next generation. Our children.

Today, high school students are faced with more online/smartphone distractions, choices, uncertainty, and angst than ever before—while still trying to discover their passions, talents, and direction. Moreover, the elite college and university admission landscape is increasingly and probably unhealthily hyper-competitive.

College and university students, in-between young adults, Millennials in the workforce, and Gen Z’ers entering it face the challenge of an evolving and demanding job market in which good companies want to hire, keep, and develop employees with employable skill sets and mindsets. But the skills gap is widening in many parts of the world.

Layering these struggles with the unavoidable and daunting emotional and social challenges common in their life stage, teens and twentysomethings feel that preparing for and tackling young adult life and career responsibilities has never been more difficult. A large portion of students and adults are over-stressed, lonely, depressed, or lost. Parents are concerned about, if not terrified for, their children’s future. Elite colleges and employers are evermore selective in admits and hires.

How can high school students learn effectively, get good grades with a rigorous curriculum, score high on standardized tests, and engage and contribute in meaningful activities during school years and summers? How can these teenagers clarify their direction, strengthen their growth mindset and soft skills, experience less angst and stress, and discover better relationships at school, in the community, and at home? How can each high achiever build and communicate very well an authentically strong story and character attractive to top colleges and universities?

How can college applicants get admitted to and thrive in great colleges and universities with positivity rather than mental issues? How can college students and recent graduates create the necessary mindset, experiences, and skill sets essential for today’s hires? What can parents do to raise children wisely—children who will become highly competitive, productive, and happy adults?

The best intentions of parents sometimes antagonize their children and create stressful conflicts or uneasiness within the family. Good intentions do not always produce excellent results. Operating under misguided assumptions often leads to poor results. The reality is that parents often make well-intentioned miscalculations and (in)decisions that seem rational in narrow contexts at the time but ultimately cause significant long-term pain or disadvantage for their children and themselves.

More Data Related to Investing in Your Children

Because your children are priceless and you want your children to be advantaged, succeed, grow, and be happy, may we suggest that you prioritize investing in their education early and wisely to maximize gain and minimize pain in their future. Here are a few of data points from our applied research.

At any given time in the U.S. alone, a good portion of over 5 million private school students have the advantage of resourced parents who don’t hesitate to advantage their children by investing deep 6-figure USDs to greater than $1 million for each child’s preK-12 and higher education. The following is one of the relevant articles written a few years ago (prices get higher each year): “Welcome To Manhattan, Where A Big City Education Could Cost You $1 Million.”

And even top private high schools and boarding schools get only a fraction of their students admitted to the Ivy League universities, Stanford, MIT, UChicago, Berkeley, and other very top schools. We know from empirical evidence and research data.

The majority of ThreeEQ Private Clients’ high-achieving high school students already attend private schools. High-achievers at public schools need quality 3rd-party help even more. Our client parents know that working with us give their families an advantage.


As the quality of people and culture is paramount to corporate growth and success, many companies around the world continuously attempt to improve and hone their executives’ and employees’ mindsets and skill sets. Yet, much of the hundreds of billions of USDs that corporate America spends yearly on education/training and lifelong learning is ineffective. The same is true all over the world (minus a very few markets).


Watch ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma’s keynote speech and Q&A on “Preparing Your Children For Middle/High School, College, Career, and Personal Success” in a packed room of high-achieving, inspired, and enlightened parents who are successful C-suite/senior leaders in their fields. This event was enthusiastically sponsored and organized by the Harvard Business School Association of Northern California and co-sponsored by the alumni clubs of Harvard, Stanford GSB, UC Berkeley Haas, and Wharton in SF/Silicon Valley. Imagine your being part of the audience when watching this.


Enter ThreeEQ.

We believe that most people have yet to unleash their full potential. Through the years, ThreeEQ has been humbled and grateful to have contributed our sage advice, guidance, and network to the achievement of great outcomes by our high-achieving client students (i.e., admitted to elite US colleges and universities or onto great careers). In addition, under ThreeEQ founder, CEO and chief mentor Jason Ma’s uniquely effective, nurturing, and pragmatic “4S/3EQ” mentoring framework, we have transformed and accelerated them towards becoming the best version of themselves with a powerful “personal OS,” visionary direction, and sustainable happiness (see testimonials).

ThreeEQ’s Private Client parents are sophisticated, high-net-worth CEOs, senior executives, and entrepreneurs who want to minimize pain and opportunity costs and to maximize gains and success for their children as our coveted students. They are wise to realize that young people need quality, third-party guidance to clarify direction, achieve key goals, gain sustainable joy, and unleash their full potential. They want only the best experts as private guides for their families.

Sharing our vision, mission, and core values, our client parents appreciate our attention and commitment, with focus and compassion, to helping their children and themselves optimize and make important and often complex life decisions. These parents understand the value of premium quality and ROI for premium price. They relish our conversion of their good intentions into great results with a long-term view. They enjoy our rerouting their (explosive) positive energy into the shortest and straightest path for their children’s personal, academic, college admissions, and professional success.

With gratitude, our client students in high school, in university, at work, and their parents, delight in the certainty, uniqueness, exclusivity, and excitement of working with us as the world’s foremost, personalized mentor to next-generation (Gen Z and Millennial) achievers for true success, growth, and happiness at next levels like never before.

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