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Today, the global socioeconomic and geopolitical climate, and employable skills gap, are changing at an alarming rate. College and university students, in-between young adults, and millennials in the workforce are facing unique challenges, including an evolving and demanding job market and the need to become employees who good companies want to hire and keep. Layering the daunting emotional and social challenges common in their life stage, millennials feel that preparing for and tackling adult life and career responsibilities has never been more difficult. Millennials from age 18 to early 30’s are prone to lose purpose and motivation and often require the most intensive life and career success coaching.


Testimonials LoveEnter ThreeEQ, led by Founder, CEO and Chief Mentor Jason L. Ma 馬良傑老師. If you want to become more successful as a college or grad school student and leader, to prep for university transfer or for graduate school, to seek competitive internships and jobs, or to thrive in a meaningful career or major family business, we at ThreeEQ are here to strategically and pragmatically guide and nurture you and help you to win and succeed.

Working with Mr. Ma and our tight-knit A-team, you will profoundly hone your contribution and growth mindset, leadership and other professional and soft skills, a clearer direction and long-term vision, strategies, state of mind, and execution. We help you take responsibility for your own bright future, enhance your practical emotional, social, and leadership intelligence, and guide you through the process of rising up the ranks in your college or grad school life and career. Our program works especially well for achievers who desire a stronger competitive advantage. We genuinely empathize with and care deeply about our millennial students, given the increasingly fiercely competitive world.

Our personalized success coaching and mentoring will help unleash your full potential and help you realize your authentic best as a professional or entrepreneur and whole person who will meaningfully and progressively perform, connect, contribute, and grow in your expanding world. Read Mr. Ma’s Forbes article “How Mentors Shape Moguls, CEOs, Celebrities, and the Next Generation of Leaders.” Our unusually effective, inspiring, and personalized success guidance process integrates Mr. Ma’s extensively proven, researched, creative, and pragmatic emotional, social, and leadership intelligence (3EQ) and story, state, strategies, and soft skills (4S) framework for millennials.

Among the world’s top experts in unleashing the full potential of leaders, and blessed with an uncanny ability to motivate, inspire, and guide people, Jason L. Ma has personally guided and successfully transformed the lives of numerous millennials through the years.

(To impart part of his teachings conveniently for the masses, Mr. Ma authored and published an acclaimed, groundbreaking book, Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers. His book team of nearly 30 people included twenty-three 17-to-24-year-old exemplary millennial leaders as chapter contributors. Over one-half of these contributors were Mr. Ma’s students.)

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Maintaining or Enhancing Purpose and Motivation

Our mission includes unleashing the full potential of and empowering next-generation leaders in our clientele worldwide. Our life and career success coaching and mentoring ensure that you stay focused during your prime. We instill discipline and drive in you and inspire you to reach for greater heights. We also train you to become (even better as) a genuinely interesting, thoughtful, highly engaged leader who will make a positive difference in the world.

For college and university students, we focus on strengthening your vision; key goals; contribution and growth mindset; study and social habits; college/university transfer or graduate school preparation strategies and tactics (if applicable in your case); career preparation and development strategies; leadership skills; communication and relationship-building skills; critical and creative thinking skills, time/stress/conflict management skills; and execution effectiveness. We help you choose and optimize rigorous yet balanced course loads year to year, enhance your GPA, plan for test prep, and select majors (and minors) that complement your personal interests and career aspirations.

We encourage and guide you to apply to meaningful and often highly selective internships (for which we may provide choices or connections, if appropriate, and certainly guidance), perform well in them, contribute in relevant extracurricular/community activities, build great relationships with your “ecosystem constituents,” build up impressive work and leadership experiences and employable skills, and develop powerful and authentic storylines. As a result, you will be better positioned for a thriving career or a successful, competitive college/university transfer or graduate school applications season.

Planning For and Applying as a Transfer Student to Upper-Tier U.S. Colleges and Universities

If you are planning to apply as a transfer student to other US or UK colleges and universities, please view “Planning For and Applying to Top-Tier US or UK Colleges and Universities” for freshman applicants as the application process is somewhat similar but with nuanced differences for transfers. We delight in helping our students optimize decisions and maximize their wins and success by inspiring and guiding them through this timelined and complex process.

Planning For and Applying to Graduate Schools, Including MBA Programs

Top graduate and professional schools, including MBA programs, look for mature individuals with demonstrated academic achievement, leadership potential, likable personal qualities, and impactful contributions. The elite schools, a subset, look for standouts from these high achievers. Top MBA programs typically require several years of impressive work experience.

Our strategic and pragmatic guidance helps current college/university students and young professionals like you to plan ahead smartly, realize your authentic best and full potential, present highly compelling applications, and maximize chances for admission to your dream and best-fit graduate or professional schools, while minimizing opportunity costs and subsequent pain, and maximizing chances for admission.

Given enough time, we help you positively stand out — necessary as highly competitive applicants to top-tier graduate and professional schools. We inspire and guide you in:

  • Optimizing your mindset, vision, goals, strategies, and activities
  • Planning for rigorous but balanced course loads
  • Learning how to earn stronger or better grades
  • Planning when and how best to prepare for the GMAT or GRE
  • Selecting a manageable list of reach, probable, and solid (best-fit) schools
  • Crafting convincing applications, resumes and essays (especially on brainstorming and editing of DOZENS of personal essays and short answers)
  • Securing strong academic and professional recommendations and references
  • Applying for merit-based scholarships (if deemed fit)
  • Preparing effectively for in-person, phone, and Skype/online interviews
  • Making certain all required application components are complete
  • Deciding the optimal graduate or professional program to matriculate in

We specialize in applying to elite MBA programs and top-flight MA/MS programs in the United States. We positively transform young adults like you in the process and prepare you for a lifetime of success and leadership. Take advantage of the distinctively effective and high-powered guidance from ThreeEQ. Start earlier; stress less.

Preparing to Succeed and Rise In a Meaningful Career

We are committed to helping you choose and prepare for success in a meaningful career or in a major family business that will help you become a leader of your industry in Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe/MIddle East/Africa, or globally.

We help working professionals like you define powerful visions, set short-term and long-term career goals, develop strategic and tactical plans to achieve your goals, transform creative ideas into concrete business proposals, and become more consistently effective in execution. Moreover, we help you effectively develop and sustain a positively strong mindset; connect professionally and socially; strengthen international-grade decision-making, communication, and presentation skills; prepare for job interviews; plan for family succession (if applicable), and thrive in a career or in a major family business. We help you powerfully hone your pragmatic emotional, social, and leadership intelligence (3EQ), which often matters more than just decent IQ.


The bottomline, or what really matters, relates to the quality of the preparation, communication, and execution of your authentic character, story, and production — like a movie being made and released in which you are both the movie star and the movie! Sort of like your own A+ movie director (e.g. think Steven Spielberg or Zhang Yimou!), along with your parent(s) as the supportive executive producer, we are gratefully recognized as the best in the industry who can help you optimize and maximize your qualities, success, and growth.

With Mr. Ma leading the charge, we can positively transform you in the process and help prepare you for a successful career or graduate school and a lifetime of leadership. We pride ourselves in delivering truly high quality and making a significant difference to your results. Take advantage of the distinctively effective and inspiring guidance from ThreeEQ.

At ThreeEQ, we work only with a highly select and exclusive set of Private Clients at a time.


If you desire to immediately explore becoming a coveted Private Client student of ours, please skip the rest of this NEXT STEP section, grab your parent(s) if needed, and apply

The following is a “baby step” or “test drive” option. To get started in maximizing your positive outcomes, we recommend that you (get your parent to) enroll (you) in the following personalized (one-on-one), deep-dive, introductory success strategy coaching session with Jason L. Ma in person or via Skype or Zoom. The session is organized by IfOnly, a well-backed marketplace that offers one-of-a-kind experiences with the A-list and luminaries, including Mr. Ma. We donate 5% of the revenue to charity. IfOnly is free for you to join.

After this initial session, which includes a strategic and tactical assessment, we can decide together whether it makes sense for you to become and benefit as a coveted ThreeEQ Private Client student. Our client students include motivated millennials and our client parents are sophisticated HNWIs, who want to minimize opportunity costs/pain and to maximize gains/success. They enjoy the exclusivity, certainty, and pleasure in working with Mr. Ma and ThreeEQ as the world’s very best.

And Sign up for Jason L. Ma’s complimentary advanced insights, tips, and updates. Meanwhile, please enjoy a few of Mr. Ma’s videos that may enlighten and inspire you and your parent(s):



The following video shows the interview of Jason L. Ma and his college junior daughter and Young Leaders 3.0 contributor Sabrina Ma about Why Practical EQ Development & Wise Mentorship Are Important, with China’s Joy Talk Host Joy Chen, who spoke Mandarin 中文. The Ma’s responded in English and the subtitle shows both English and Chinese, so inclusively all can enjoy.


Sabrina and Jason Ma on Why Practical EQ Development & Wise Mentorship Are Important (4-minute video after a few seconds of ad)


The following 2 videos show Jason L. Ma’s interviews on (1) Young Adult Leadership and (2) Adult Work-Life Integration with Ding Ding TV, the leading Chinese American Internet TV program in Silicon Valley. Host Joy Chen spoke mainly Mandarin 中文 and Mr. Ma’s response was in English, so inclusively all can enjoy.

Jason Ma on Young Adult Leadership (Shown also on WeChat)

Jason Ma on Adult Work-Life Integration (Shown also on WeChat)


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