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The world of work and talent today and tomorrow is one in which change is not only constant but also accelerating. The future of work has arrived.

Worldwide, the growing impact of technologies (especially AI), digital transformation, globalization, demographic changes, as well as the changing nature of careers and the “gig economy,” are raising people’s and companies’ productivity and connectivity. But these factors, geopolitical turbulence, educational system issues, and other causes are also increasing anxiety, stress, fear, and already intense competition. Recently, the UK even appointed a Minister for Loneliness to tackle the “sad reality of modern life.”

And who gets affected the most from these trends? The next generation. You!

Today, young people are faced with more online/smartphone distractions, choices, uncertainty, and angst than ever before—while still trying to develop their passions, talents, and direction. College and university students, in-between young adults, Millennials in the workforce, and Gen Z’ers entering it face the challenge of an evolving and demanding job market. Good companies want to hire, keep, and develop employees with employable skill sets and mindsets—but the skills gap is widening in many parts of the world.

Layering these struggles with the unavoidable and daunting emotional and social challenges common in their life stage, twentysomethings and late teens feel that preparing for and tackling adult life and career responsibilities has never been more difficult. A large portion of students and adults are over-stressed, lonely, depressed, or lost. Parents are concerned about, if not terrified for, their children’s future. Employers are evermore selective in hires, even though job openings in some functions are aplenty.

How can young people clarify their direction and create the necessary mindset, experiences, and skill sets essential for today’s hires? How can college students build better relationships and thrive in school, in the community, and at work with positivity rather than mental issues? How can they strengthen and not lose purpose and motivation? How can they prepare to become highly competitive, productive, and happy leaders as adults?

To what extent does the above resonate with you?

Our Solution: The Best Outcomes For You

Testimonials LoveEnter ThreeEQ, led by Founder, CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma.

At ThreeEQ, we inspire and guide select Gen Z and Millennial high achievers to get admitted to elite/Ivy League universities, to transform into skillful and solid leaders, and to pave successful career paths so that their wealth, health, and happiness will be above the fold among their driven peers. Testimonials abound.

We are here to strategically and pragmatically help you to achieve, grow, succeed, and enhance your significance at next levels like never before. Our personalized, 1-on-1 mentoring is designed not only to help you achieve key next-level goals and rise as a successful leader in the work world or in school, but also to transform you into the best version of yourself and help you reach sustainable joy in your life.

As a foremost, compassionate expert and mentor blessed with an uncanny ability to motivate, inspire, and help young people, Mr. Ma will lead our tight-knit team with focus and passion in helping you achieve great outcomes. We have personally and successfully guided 1-on-1 and transformed the lives of numerous college/university students and young professionals/entrepreneurs through the years. Our former students can be found working at renowned enterprises, nonprofits, and startups, working in government, and attending top schools.

Testimonials abound.

We are grateful that our students include Mr. Ma’s own two high-achieving, compassionate daughters, Sabrina and Lydia, who graduated college and high school, respectively in 2018. Their next chapters? Sabrina begins full-time work as a Web Solutions Engineer at Google headquarters back in Silicon Valley. Lydia is a freshman at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. They both have long-term aspirations to the C-suite.

Our unusually effective mentoring process for you integrates Mr. Ma’s extensively proven and pragmatic framework of emotional, social, and leadership intelligence (“3EQ“) and genuine story, (emotional) state of mind, strategies, skill sets, and visionary direction (“4S“). Decent IQ matters, but practical “3EQ” is necessary for stars. Our holistic service works especially well for high achievers who desire a stronger competitive edge or clearer direction.

Watch Jason Ma’s inspiring mini-masterclass on “Preparing for Middle/High School, College, Career, and Personal Success” at a special event just for Mr. Ma in front of caring, successful parents. This event was enthusiastically sponsored and organized by the Harvard Business School (HBS) Association of Northern California and co-sponsored by the
Harvard Club of San Francisco
– Harvard Club of Silicon Valley
– Stanford GSB Alumni
– UC Berkeley Haas Alumni Network Silicon Valley Chapter
Wharton Club of Northern California


Watch some of the student testimonials for Jason Ma


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Maintaining or Enhancing Purpose and Motivation

Our mission includes unleashing the full potential of and empowering next-generation leaders in our clientele worldwide. Our life and career success coaching and mentoring ensure that you stay focused during your prime. We bolster the development of your discipline and drive while inspiring you to reach for greater heights. Ultimately, we help you become even better as a genuinely interesting, thoughtful, and highly engaged leader who will make a positive difference in the world.

For college and university students, we focus on strengthening your vision; key goals; contribution and growth mindset; study and social habits; university transfer application preparation strategies and tactics (if applicable); career preparation and development strategies; leadership skills; communication and relationship-building skills; critical and creative thinking skills, time/stress/conflict management skills; and execution effectiveness. We help you choose and optimize rigorous yet balanced course loads year to year, enhance your GPA, plan for test prep, and select majors (and minors) that complement your personal interests and career aspirations.

We encourage and guide you to apply to meaningful and often highly selective internships (for which we may provide choices or connections, if appropriate, and certainly guidance), perform well in them, and build up impressive work and leadership experiences and employable skills. We also train you in maximizing your contribution to relevant extracurricular/community activities, building great relationships with your “ecosystem constituents,” and developing powerful and authentic storylines. As a result, you will be better positioned for a thriving career or a competitive university transfer application season.

Planning For and Applying as a Transfer Student to Top-Tier U.S. Universities

If you are planning to apply as a transfer student to other US (or UK) colleges and universities, please view “Planning For and Applying to Top-Tier US (or UK) Colleges and Universities” for freshman applicants as the application process is somewhat similar but with nuanced differences for transfers. We delight in helping our students optimize decisions and maximize their wins by steering them through this timelined and complex process.

Preparing to Succeed and Rise In a Meaningful Career

We are committed to helping you choose and prepare for success in a meaningful career or in a major family business that will help you become a leader of your industry in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe/Middle East, or globally.

We help working professionals like you define powerful visions, set short-term and long-term career goals, develop strategic and tactical plans to achieve your goals, transform creative ideas into concrete business proposals, and become more consistently effective in execution. Moreover, we help you effectively develop and sustain a positively strong mindset, connect professionally and socially, strengthen international-grade decision-making, communication, and presentation skills, prepare for job interviews, plan for family succession (if applicable), and thrive in a career or in a major family business. We guide you in powerfully honing your pragmatic emotional, social, and leadership intelligence (“3EQ”), which often matters more than just decent IQ.


IN SUM, our Private Client students and parents enjoy minimizing opportunity costs and pain, maximizing success and gains, and getting the peace of mind and certainty by taking advantage of our preeminent mentorship. With our guidance, you will set clearer direction, achieve great results in career positioning or in university transfer admissions, and transform into the best version of yourself.



At ThreeEQ, because we dedicate our time and attention to only a high-end clientele, please be aware that our defined and holistic acceptance process for new Private Clients is highly selective. If you desire to be a coveted ThreeEQ Private Client student, please work with your parent(s) and submit a simple APPLICATION!