Mentoring Young Leaders


Jason L. Ma 馬良傑
Founder, CEO and Chief Mentor
ThreeEQ, Inc.


Chief Mentor of Next-Gen Leaders (for Succcess in Elite College Admissions, Meaningful College Life, Internships, Accelerated Career & Business Growth, & Personal Fulfillment) at Select Wealthy Families

  • Acclaimed Author, Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers
  • Former Forbes Contributor on College Admissions, Leadership, & Entrepreneurship (1.4M views)
  • Named “Industry Men of 2020” for “Leadership 3.0 Intelligence” in Clientele Luxury Magazine
  • Named “Preeminent Mentor for Next-Gen Leaders” in Black Tie Magazine (also in Chinese )

Board/CEO Advisor, Global Business Rainmaker, and Executive Coach at Select Tech Companies, Enterprises, & Family Offices

  • Member, Future of Work and Education Task Force, The B20 with The G20
  • Member, Global Advisory Council, and Speaker, World Chinese Economic Summit
  • Member, Steering Committee, and Speaker, Family Office Conferences by DC Finance
  • Charter Member, Family Office Club
  • Delegate, Forbes Global CEO Conference (eight years since 2005)

Keynote Speaker & Masterclass Leader at Companies, Associations, Universities, & Summits

  • Professional Speaker for All American Entertainment, A-Speakers, Champions After Dinner Speakers, Executive Speakers Bureau, Harry Walker Agency, London Speaker Bureau, & MFL Global
  • Guest Speaker, Harvard Business School Association of Northern California
  • Guest Speaker, Stanford University
  • Guest Lecturer, UC Berkeley


As a foremost mentor, rainmaker, and speaker, Jason Ma is Founder, CEO, and Chief Mentor of ThreeEQ, a premier global business and education advisory firm to select high net worth families, family offices, tech companies, and enterprises worldwide. ThreeEQ helps clients achieve great outcomes in what are important to them—with pragmatic emotional, social, and leadership intelligence (3EQ).


Select wealthy families secure and add to their children’s bright future with ThreeEQ and Jason Ma’s personalized guidance as their trusted Chief Mentor. As a father and tech CEO twelve years ago, Ma had started noticing that most young people had yet to unleash their full potential. He decided to dedicate his second career to transforming young achievers and preparing them to gain admission to great universities, thrive in impactful careers, and cultivate powerful mindsets and soft skills.

Through the years, Ma has demonstrated a distinctive track record in successfully guiding 1-on-1 hundreds of Gen Zers and Millennials while being a trusted advisor to the younger students’ parents. Their great outcomes achieved include:

High School Students College/University Students Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Admission to their share of the Ivy League universities (Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn/Wharton, Princeton, and Yale), Stanford, MIT, Caltech, Duke, UChicago, Northwestern, Georgetown, UC Berkeley, USC, and all other tier-one colleges Rewarding internships, first jobs, and career pathways at Google, Apple, and various notable companies.

More optimized academic curriculum, school-year and summer activities, social life, and well-being as a competitive college student.

Impactful, rewarding jobs and careers at notable tech companies, enterprises, venture capital/private equity firms, investment banks, and family enterprises.

More optimized career and business strategies, activities, social life, and well-being as a rising leader at work.

Happier lives in high school—without as much stress and anxiety common in so many competitive high schoolers and college applicants.

Deeper relationships with and appreciation for parents, teachers, peer leaders, counselors, employers, and other influencers

Happier lives in college and in the real world—without as much stress and anxiety common in so many students.

Deeper relationships with and appreciation for parents, professors, employers, significant other, peer leaders, mentors, and other influencers.

Happier lives at work, socially, digitally, and at home—without as much stress and anxiety common in so many young people.

Deeper relationships with and appreciation for family, significant other, bosses, staff, peers, mentors, and other influencers.

More positive, powerful mindsets, direction, strategies and execution, and soft skills More positive, powerful mindsets, direction, strategies and execution, and employable soft skills More positive, powerful mindsets, direction, strategies & execution, and career-advancing soft skills


Jason Ma is the acclaimed author of Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers. Ma is the former Forbes contributor on Mentoring Young Leaders for elite college admissions, unconventional higher education, next-gen leadership, and entrepreneurship success with 1.4 million views and counting. He also authored Gen Z: Understanding Tomorrow’s Digital Workers in an eBook.

Black Tie Magazine has named Jason Ma Preeminent Mentor For Next-Gen Leaders. Clientele Luxury Magazine has featured him as one of eight Industry Men of 2020 for his Leadership 3.0 Intelligence. Ma’s been featured also in Business Rockstars, Fast Company, CNBC Asia (Managing Asia and Squawk Box), Channel NewsAsia, WealthBriefingAsia, JustLuxe, iHeartRadio, IndiaWest, Teen Kids News, and other media.

In his own family (playfully, the “MAfia”), Ma values unconditional love, humor, and high standards on what matters. He and his wife are blessed with two happy, compassionate Gen Z daughters—a Google software engineer and a Wharton sophomore—both with tech industry leadership aspirations.


Select tech companies, enterprises, and family offices find Jason Ma’s strategic and pragmatic advice and high-level connections around the world for global business and private equity dealmaking invaluable in adding to their ROI, growth in revenue, profit, and portfolio value, and rewarding exits. He’s currently advising select tech startup to unicorn companies in B2B software, B2B and mobile blockchain payment solution, B2B social network platform, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft, edtech, and education services.

Additionally, Ma privately advises chosen C-suite/senior executives in taking their own business and personal successes and fulfillment to next levels.

Jason Ma is a leading member of the Future of Work and Education Task Force at the Business 20 (B20) with the G20. He also observes Digital Transformation and Trade & Investment at the B20. As the private sector’s voice of the G20 community, the B20 recommends policies to the G20 Leaders and governments and fosters dialogue between the public and private sectors, representing the global business community across all G20 member states and all economic sectors. Through the G20 and B20 presided by Australia, Turkey, China, Germany, Argentina, and Saudi Arabia in 2020, Ma is one of only a few hundred private sector leaders worldwide perennially handpicked to engage and contribute as B20 members.

Ma is a member of the Global Advisory Council at the World Chinese Economic Summit, member of the Steering Committee for family office events by DC Finance, and charter member of the Family Office Club. He was a Pacific Basin Economic Council member, Kairos Society mentor, and Thiel Fellowship mentor. For eight years, Ma was a delegate to the Forbes Global CEO Conference. 

Ma is one of “The World’s Top Experts” (fellow Experts include Tom Peters, Mark Thompson, Seth Godin, Heidi Roizen, Vinod Khosla, Guy Kawasaki) and an investor at Audvisor, a leading corporate communication and learning app. Ma is also a luminary-expert for IfOnly, which provides clients with unique experiences with luminaries. 

Ma’s perspective is enhanced by 35 years of seasoned industry operating experience in innovative technology, education, and other industries, and over 2 million miles of world travel across Asia Pacific/China, Americas, Europe, and Middle East ever since he earned his UC Berkeley engineering degree. As a senior tech business executive earlier in his career, Ma successfully sold big-ticket systems and services internationally to various major mobile operators, Internet service providers, and enterprises. He co-built leading tech companies and teams (subsequent IPO or M&A), and co-founded, invested in, and exited astutely from a few U.S. and Asian TMT, edtech, and education services companies. Along the way, he has amassed a high-level global network.


Event planners invite Jason Ma as a Speaker or Masterclass Leader to inspire and enlighten their audiences worldwide, including:

  • Billionaires and Tycoons
  • CEOs, Board Members, Executives, Managers, and Staff
  • Government Leaders
  • Parents and Educators
  • Boomer, Gen X, Millennial, and Gen Z Professionals and Entrepreneurs
  • College/University and Graduate (Gen Z and Millennial) Students
  • High School (Gen Z) Students

Ma’s speaking topics include:

Global/G20/U.S./Asia/China Business Trends and Strategies

  • Global, Asia, and China Business Growth Strategies and Roadmaps in Turbulent Times
  • The Future of Work and Education: What You Need to Know and How to Advance
  • AI/Machine Learning and Digital Transformation Trends in G20 Economies
  • Technology Industry Growth Trends and Insights: West (Silicon Valley) Meets East (Asia/China)
  • Diversity and Inclusion Mindsets and Intergenerational Shifts across the West and the East
  • Perspective on Global Geopolitics and Socioeconomics with the Trump Administration

Leadership 3.0

  • How to Mentor and Transform Multigenerational, Diverse, and Multicultural Teams Worldwide
  • How to Become the Boss or Older Colleague That Millennials and Gen Zers Love to Work With
  • How to Become the Millennial or Gen Z Employee Companies Love to Keep and Develop
  • How to Hone Your Pragmatic Emotional, Social, and Leadership Intelligence (“3EQ”) For Success
  • How to Be Entrepreneurial and Innovative When Change Is Accelerating—Silicon Valley Style
  • Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers

High-Net-Worth Family, Career, and Education Success

  • Secret Weapon to Ultra High Net Worth Family Succession Planning and Execution Success
  • Preparing Your Teens and Young Adults for Success with Well-Being (Without the Usual Stress and Anxiety)
  • What They Don’t Teach You at Ivy League Universities
  • Hypercompetitive U.S. Elite College Admissions: How Your Teens Can Advance
  • Western vs. Asian/Chinese Parenting Styles and Family Success Strategies
  • Why to Start Preparing for College in Sixth Grade

Ma has spoken at various global business conferences, tech industry events, B20 forums for the G20, enterprises, family office conferences, high-net-worth parent private events, education summits, Stanford, UC Berkeley, INSEAD, Los Angeles Unified School District, special events co-sponsored by the Harvard Business School Association and alumni clubs from Stanford GSB, Harvard, Wharton, and Berkeley Haas in Northern California, and other influential events.

Ma is represented by various leading speakers bureaus worldwide.


Jason Ma works with select non-profit organizations, including the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, to give to causes that assist the disadvantaged. ThreeEQ donates pro bono services to select charity and associations as well.

Ma earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from UC Berkeley College of Engineering. He is a Golden Bears Life Member at Cal. He also attended the evening MBA program at Santa Clara University Leavey Graduate School of Business for a few years but ultimately chose real international business over graduate school. Ma has also invested 6-figure USDs in learning from various high-quality, post-college educational programs.


  • Co-Founder, Interim CEO and Senior College Counselor, IvyMax Inc. 飛達學院 (2007-2011)
  • Co-Founder and CEO of an Education SaaS startup (2006-2007; successfully executed an international merger)
  • Co-Founder, Interim Executive VP and Chief Strategy Officer, YeePay Inc. 易宝支付 (2002-2003; successfully exited at Series D)
  • Founder and CEO, Congruent Partners LLC (2002-11)
  • Acting CEO, CMO, VP of Business Development, Advisor, or Board Director for a few tech companies (2002-2005)
  • Leader, Education & Tech/Media/Telecom (TMT) Sectors, GLG Council (2006-2014)
  • Senior Advisor, Silicon Valley-China Wireless Technology Association (2001-2011)
  • Founding Chair, Charter Members Committee, Asia-Silicon Valley Connection (ASVC)
  • Managing Director of Asia Pacific and Japan, iPass Inc. (went public)
  • Managing Director of Asia Pacific, Celcore Inc. (acquired)
  • Managing Director of Asia Pacific, Peninsula Wireless Communications (went public)
  • Regional Director of Pacific Rim, Cylink Corporation (went public)
  • Area Sales Manager of Asia Pacific, Digital Microwave Corporation (public)
  • Network Assurance Manager, Private Networks Division, Fujitsu America
  • Network Systems Analyst, Network Analysis and Design; and Network Operations Analyst, Management Sciences, Tymnet (1984-7)


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Please enjoy Ma’s testimonials from students, parents, C-suite leaders, and others, endorsements by high-powered business and education leaders for his acclaimed book Young Leaders 3.0, and global private sector accolades (including the B20 with the G20).



The compassionate and pragmatic ThreeEQ Team rejoices when our Clients win, grow, and succeed. Our highly trained and seasoned team in Success Coaching and Mentoring, Editing, Enrollment, Online Solution, Business Development, and Finance & Administration shares our founder Jason Ma’s vision and values, which include high standards on what matters. We are blessed with best-in-class, proprietary methods and processes, as well as global connections. We are focused and passionate in helping our Clients achieve great outcomes with purpose and well-being.



Alfred Chuang
Founder & Former Chairman & CEO, BEA Systems (Acquired by Oracle for $8.5 billion in 2008)
The CEO’s CEO by Ben Horowitz, Co-Founder & General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Don Levy
President and Cultivator, Smith Brook Farm
Visiting Scholar & Consultant, USC, and Faculty, Boston University
Former Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Sony Pictures

Mark Minevich
To learn about Mr. Minevich, please view his website above.

Martin Roll
Business & Brand Strategist, Martin Roll Company
Senior Advisor, McKinsey & Company
Best-selling author of Asian Brand Strategy
Global Keynote Speaker, Conference Moderator, C-Level Advisor/Mentor

Paul Bradley
CEO, Caprica International
Asian Advisory Board Member, Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne
Advisory Board Member, S.P. Jain School of Global Management
Recognized Global Thought Leader in Supply Chain Management
Selected as One of the 40 New Asian Leaders by the World Economic Forum in 2004



Another of Jason Ma’s project team comprised 30 people, including 23 exemplary 17-to-24-year-old Gen Z and Millennial contributors, and support cast. We are grateful for their help in the creation and production of Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers, an inspiring and acclaimed book published in December 2014.




Having earned the privilege to attend or speak at some of the world’s most influential business gatherings, Jason L. Ma has met some of the G20 world leaders, billionaires/tycoons, global 1000 CEOs, and fellow business and education influencers. As mementos of these great meetings, Ma has garnered many photos with these renowned achievers.



ThreeEQ is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma also contributes as a sustaining member for the Western Association for College Admission Counseling (WACAC).