Mentoring Young Leaders

“Jason Ma has proven to be an extremely astute
builder and a respected global business
Alfred Chuang, Founder & former Chairman and
CEO of BEA Systems (acquired by Oracle for $8.5B)
and The CEO’s CEO by Ben Horowitz, Co-Founder
and General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Tech companies, enterprises, and family offices worldwide work with ThreeEQ CEO Jason Ma as a well-connected, incisive, and inspiring CEO/Board Advisor, Global Business/Private Equity Rainmaker, Executive Coach, Event Speaker, and/or Masterclass Leader to help them succeed at next levels.



Adding to ROI, Human Capital Quality, and Growth of Top & Bottom Lines

Today, the global geopolitical climate is turbulent and the world of work and talent is one in which change is constant, if not accelerating. The future of work has arrived. Worldwide, the growing impact of technologies (especially AI and machine learning), digital transformation, globalization, demographic changes, as well as the changing nature of careers and the “gig economy,” are not only raising people’s, companies’, and educational institutions’ productivity and connectivity but also increasing anxiety, fear, and already intense competition. Only the strong will survive and the strongest will thrive.

How can CEOs and C-Suite executives best manage their business in the modern day? How can organizations best problem-solve everyday or long-term obstacles? What are the top- or bottom-line growth issues in corporations? Major client acquisition or relationship issues? Strategic alliances? International M&A or strategic investment targets?

How can companies attract quality top talent and get them to quickly learn, adapt, and consistently perform? How effectively can companies retain talent? How can the quality of interactions and relationships between the company’s leaders and the Boomer, Gen X, Millennial, and Gen Z employees be enhanced? Any people and business issues across complex international cultures in Asia Pacific, EMEA, North America, and Latin America? Any succession planning issues? How can companies and company leaders grow and thrive to the best of their abilities?

As the quality of people and culture is paramount to corporate growth and success, many companies around the world continuously attempt to improve and hone their executives’ and employees’ mindsets and skill sets. Yet, much of the hundreds of billions of USDs that corporate America spends yearly on education/training and lifelong learning is ineffective. The same is true all over the world (minus a very few markets).

Enter ThreeEQ, led by Founder, CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma.

From your standpoint as the CEO or a C-suite leader at your company, we would like to suggest three options, depending on your vision, key goals, and needs and wants:

Option 1. Pragmatically take advantage of our G20 worldview, business acumen, global decision-makers network, and high-level sales and mentorship capabilities to significantly add to your enterprise’s ROI, human capital quality, competitive advantage, and/or growth of the top and bottom lines. We help your company make better strategic decisions, win large-revenue customers, form JVs and strategic partnerships, target M&A and strategic investments, and/or enhance organizational mindsets, soft skills, and productivity.

Option 2. Invite Jason Ma to speak, lead a masterclass or two, provide group coaching, or provide individual executive coaching. Ma consistently captivates, educates, and inspires corporate and business audiences worldwide to reflect and act towards increasing their ROI and positive transformation, if not transcendence. He is sought after as an insightful and inspiring keynote speaker, masterclass leader, panelist, and moderator in the world theater. Please refer to the speaking TOPICS and invitation instructions on Ma’s professional speaker page.

Option 3. Gift Jason Ma’s highly acclaimed and inspiring book Young Leaders 3.0Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers to the constituents of some of your company’s target clients/customers for PR purposes and to your employees as an HR benefit. For bulk purchases with special discounts, please skip our Amazon shop and directly contact us. .

Depending on your organization, Ma can serve as a

  • CEO/Board Advisor
  • Global High-Level Rainmaking Consultant
  • Executive Coach 
  • Event Speaker/Masterclass Leader



Adding to ROI, Growth of Top and Bottom Lines, and Success of the Next Generation

We believe that much of our Signature Services for Enterprises stated above may apply for Family Offices and Businesses.

In addition, Jason Ma can personally lead in helping your next generation—Millennials and Gen Z—grow and succeed like never before and in succession planning. Please take a closer look at what ThreeEQ does for high-end Private Client families with motivated Millennials and Gen Z/iGen’ers, and why this work is important, here.

We work pragmatically and holistically with you as parents or heads of your family office, making certain to align with your values and vision, but we won’t hesitate to offer new or better ideas as we deem fit. We emphasize family well-being in the context of healthy relationships and business growth.

Because dedicated time and attention do matter, Ma and his tight-knit team work only with a limited number of select Enterprise and Private Clients at a time. Please connect with us via email and let’s explore if and how we can best help.

Depending on your family or family office, Ma can serve as a

  • Board/CEO Strategic Advisor
  • Chief Mentor of Next-Gen Leaders or Executive Coach and Confidant
  • Event Speaker/Masterclass Leader 



Achieving, Growing, and Succeeding at Next Levels In Business and In Family

We are aware that mature CEOs/C-suite leaders are often “lonely at the top” but don’t “raise their hands.” Jason Ma will personally dedicate time and attention as a trusted strategic advisor, executive success coach, and confidant to help select C-level/senior executives and entrepreneurs, both Western and Asian, take their business success and personal/family fulfillment to the next levels.

Because dedicated time and attention do matter, Ma and his tight-knit team work only with a limited number of select Enterprise and Private Clients at a time. Please connect with us via email and let’s explore if and how we can best help.

Depending on your goals and circumstances, Ma can serve as a

  • CEO/Board Strategic Advisor
  • Executive Coach 



Adding to ROI, Capital, Growth of Top & Bottom Lines, and Rise in Market Value

Typically, a venture capital- and/or (super) angel-financed SME or startup succeeds because of great people and culture, well-timed target growing or new market(s), innovative and value-added products or services, a sound business model, effective execution, and a scalable vision. These companies know how to manage change and ecosystem relationships in an unstable world.

On the flip side, a common reason that private SMEs and well-backed startups fail or struggle is not because of a lack of intellect or intellectual properties, but because of practical EQ issues with people. This includes a subpar ability to execute and to attract, develop, and grow strong and sustainable working relationships with key employees, customers, partners, (follow-on) investors, or board members. In other words, these companies’ leaders have room for improvement when it comes to the “operating systems” and “apps” in their minds and souls.

Seasoned in transforming people and recognizing patterns, Jason Ma, with his support cast at ThreeEQ, offers strategic and pragmatic success consulting services for highly select, well-financed, and reputable SMEs and startups as Enterprise Clients. Ma will inspire, guide, and add value by helping you and your team enhance or optimize your strategies and execution, and, if appropriate, with some targeted global, high-level rainmaking as well. Refer to the Signature Services for Enterprises above.

Because dedicated time and attention do matter, Ma and his tight-knit team work only with a limited number of select Enterprise and Private Clients at a time. Please connect with us via email and let’s explore if and how we can best help.

PLEASE NOTE: Our economic incentives from SME and Startup Company Clients are in cash upside on the backend with or without a retainer, plus perhaps private company warrants. We avoid nonstatutory stock options (NSOs).

Depending on your company, Ma can serve as a

  • CEO/Board Advisor 
  • Global Rainmaking Consultant
  • CEO/Executive Coach 
  • Independent Board Member (most selective)



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