Mentoring Young Leaders


    1. Moderator and Advisory Council Member
    2. Show Guest, Logic Talks – For Her Series
    World Logic Forum in United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) 2024
    New York, NY, early September 2024

    1. Workshop Leader: Preparing Your Children for High School, College Admissions, Life, & Career Success
    2. Moderator: The Future of Work and Education
    TYE Globals (TiE Young Entrepreneurs) 2024
    Las Positas College, Livermore, CA, 19-20 June 2024

    Speaker: Engaging the Next Generation
    Legacy Builders Conference (invite-only for Family Offices and UHNWIs)
    Hayes Mansion San Jose, CA, 15 May 2024

    Show Guest
    N@ked Short Club with Dr. Stu on London’s Resonance FM
    Virtual, date tbd in Q2, 2024

    Jets & Capital Dallas (Hosted by Jordan Hutchinson)
    Dallas Executive Airport-RBD, 12 April 2024

    Dunhill Ventures Family Office Sky Retreat in Aspen
    Aspen, CO, 4-6 April 2024


  • 6 April 2024 — Mrs. Fields
    Debbi Fields and Jason Ma: A Serendipitous Flight Encounter

    On a recent flight from Aspen to SFO, ThreeEQ’s Jason Ma found himself seated next to Debbi Fields, the esteemed founder of Mrs. Fields. Their engaging and extensive conversation covered a myriad of subjects. Debbi, who is a mother to five daughters, excels not only as an exceptional baker but also as an accomplished entrepreneur, business leader, and philanthropist. Among Jason’s personal favorite are her dark chocolate chip cookies. It was indeed a fun trip and memorable encounter! 🙂

  • 21 March 2024 — The American Dreams Show, GROCO
    The American Dreams Show: “A Journey with Jason Ma: From Tech Innovator to Mentor of Future Leaders” with Host Alan Olsen

    In an episode of The American Dreams Show with host Alan Olsen, Managing Partner at GROCO, Jason Ma narrates his transformative journey from technology engineering and international sales to entrepreneurship and mentorship. The dialogue deepens as it explores Jason’s evolution into a mentor and coach, highlighting his commitment to nurturing the next generation through ThreeEQ, his family business. Jason emphasizes the critical importance of soft skills, strategic thinking, and emotional, social, and leadership intelligence (“3EQ”), aligning with his core values of faith, family, and service. The episode enlightens on the essence of authentic leadership and the indispensable role of mentorship in equipping teens and young adults for future challenges. Jason’s tailored coaching approach for each family, particularly those in the UHNW bracket, focuses on helping students prepare superbly well and achieve great outcomes with well-being and on instilling visionary direction, critical thinking, curiosity, communication, and collaboration skills, as well as resilience, adaptability, audacity, and compassion into emerging leaders. Jason is also honored to be invited as the speaker on “Engaging the Next Generation” at their invite-only Legacy Builders Conference in Silicon Valley on May 15, 2024.  Watch the episode here.

  • 14 March 2024 — Family Office List MasterClass
    Jason Ma Leads MasterClass on Preparing Next-Gen Leaders for Greatness and Enhancing Family Legacies

    Danielle Patterson, CEO of Family Office List, extends a heartfelt thank you to all participants of the “Preparing Next-Gen Leaders for Greatness and Enhancing Family Legacies” MasterClass hosted by her and led by Jason Ma. Mr. Ma provided invaluable insights on guiding leaders across life stages, from Gen Z to Gen X, and creating enduring family legacies, receiving an overwhelmingly positive response. The MasterClass covered the following and can be viewed via the link above:
    1. Risks of short-sighted thinking
    2. Benefits of strategic, long-term planning
    3. Nurturing soft skills, mindset, and direction in next-gen leaders
    4. Definition of the powerful “4S and 3EQ” mentorship framework
    5. Role of mentorship in preparing and achieving vital life-stage goals — from Gen Z to Gen X
    6. Strategies for elite college admissions, high-end career advancement, and joyful work-life integration
    7. Leadership, succession planning, and UHNW family & CEO legacy enhancement.

  • 5 March 2024 — JABOY Productions
    Jason Ma Keynotes on “Global Geopolitical Turbulence and Implications” at the Elite Global Leaders Conference by JABOY Productions in Savannah, GA

    “I thoroughly enjoyed your talk in Savannah on the current global and geopolitical climate we all find ourselves in. It was so insightful and informative, especially from such an informed perspective as yours.” Doug McKnight, President of RREAF Holdings, wrote to ThreeEQ CEO Jason Ma. “We all need to be more aware of what is going on in this crazy world of ours.” Mr. Ma had the privilege of contributing as a keynote speaker on “Global Geopolitical Turbulence and Implications” at the above-mentioned major event last week. This updated version of his January talk in Dallas received enthusiastic applause, and many attendees approached him afterward, inspired. Our sincere thanks to everyone in the audience.

  • 4 March 2024 — Family Business Audiocast
    ThreeEQ Private Client Parent Michelle Bross and Jason Ma Enlighten on the Family Business Audiocast with Host R. Adam Smith

    We are thrilled to share an enriching dialogue from the Family Business Audiocast, where Michelle Bross—a distinguished Private Client Parent at ThreeEQ and the principal of her Single Family Office—and ThreeEQ’s Jason Ma engaged as show guests in a dynamic discussion hosted by R. Adam Smith. It’s worth noting that Ms. Bross is also an esteemed investor in Mr. Ma’s high-impact tech venture (currently in semi-stealth mode). The conversation spanned from cutting-edge family business and family office strategies to impact investing and philanthropy. They explored the nuanced art of mentoring and pathways to great outcomes, holistic success, and well-being for Next Gens — from Gen Z students to Gen X leaders — within UHNW families. They further discussed actionable strategies aimed at enriching family bonds and instilling a sense of joy and peace of mind, thereby reinforcing a resilient family legacy and facilitating succession planning. Please enjoy the episode via the link above.

  • 10 February 2024 — Penn Wharton, Salesforce Slack, ThreeEQ
    A Short Story on Lydia Ma, ThreeEQ Founder Jason Ma’s Younger Daughter and Teammate, Celebrating Lunar New Year of the Dragon

    ThreeEQ’s Jason Ma writes, “Happy Lunar New Year of the Dragon! Congratulations to all my (former) students, their parents, and friends born in the Year of the Dragon. This includes my younger daughter Lydia. As a loving dad first and mentor second, and despite inevitable ups and downs as human beings, I’ve seen my Lil Girl’s feisty spirit grow in the best ways…” Lydia was an activity top leader in both high school and in Penn Wharton, where she graduated summa cum laude in 2022. Today, she inspires as a top performer recognized for knowing how to add to the culture at Salesforce Slack. Mr. Ma adds, “She is on a trajectory to become an influential leader in the tech industry, and I can see her being a great mom in the future…” Please enjoy Mr. Ma’s reflective post via the link above.

  • 27-29 January and 1 February, 2024 — 361Firm and 60 Million Congress
    Jason Ma Inspires by Speaking on the “Impact, Philanthropy, and Next Gens” and  “Emerging Industries” Panels at 361Firm’s Naples and Miami Investment Conferences, as well as the “US Investments in Polish, Polish American, and East European Companies” Panel at the 60 Million Congress in Miami

    ThreeEQ CEO Jason Ma inspired and enlightened an audience of family offices, investors, and CEOs at 361Firm’s Naples and Miami Investment Conferences 2024 in Florida headed by Mark Sanor by moderating once again the “Impact, Philanthropy, and Next Gens” panel and roundtable, and speaking on the combined “Emerging Industries (AI, Quantum, and Energy) and Philanthropy/Impact/Next Gens” panel in Miami. Additionally, Jason was an invited speaker on the “US investments in Polish, Polish American, and East European start-ups and companies” panel moderated by Mark Sanor at the 60 Million Congress—Global Polonia Summit in Miami.

  • 19-20 January 2024 — Intergen.Family and World Logic Day
    Jason Ma Inspires by Speaking at the Intergen Experience (Family Office Ecosystem) during World Logic Day 2024 in Austin

    ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma contributed and inspired as a speaker on “The Logic of Collaboration in the Family Office Space,” listening and sharing in “The Future of the Family Office Space” collaborative session, and conversing with wonderful souls through the event, private dinners, and afterparties. Jason reflects, “I liked the unusually interactive format of the event. With gratitude as Chief Mentor of Next-Gen Leaders, I cherish driven young people (Gen Z and Millennials).”

  • 18 January 2024 — JABOY Productions
    Jason Ma Keynotes on “Global Geopolitical Turbulence and Implications” at the Elite RIA and Family Office Investment Opportunities Summit by JABOY Productions

    ThreeEQ CEO Jason Ma delivered a keynote on “Global Geopolitical Turbulence and Implications” at the Elite RIA & Family Office Investment Opportunities Summit in Dallas, organized by JABOY Productions CEO Neil Greene. “Fantastic presentation,” said organizer Neil Greene. Post-talk, many inspired attendees approached Jason. Tackling a broad array of complex topics in 20+ minutes was no small feat. In a rapid fire fashion, Jason condensed and communicated key facts, insights, opinions, and predictions.” For a detailed recap, click the link above. Following this Dallas event, Jason accepted Neil’s invitation to once again keynote on this popular topic at the Elite Global Leaders Conference in Savannah, Georgia, on March 3-6.

  • 14 December 2023 — Georgetown, Google, ThreeEQ
    Celebrating Sabrina Ma, Senior Software Engineer at Google, “Senior” Gen Z, and ThreeEQ Teammate

    ThreeEQ’s Jason Ma writes, ” ‘Daddie, I’m a Big Girl now!’ Sabbie’s face lit up standing on a chair in front of me when she was six. My heart melted. Today, my Big Girl is a top-performing senior software engineer and a recognized young leader at Google, where she’s worked for over 5 years since graduating from Georgetown University. She’s a “senior” Gen Zer. :-)…”  Please enjoy this heartfelt, reflective post about Sabrina Ma, elder daughter of ThreeEQ Chief Mentor Jason Ma, via the link above.

  • 29 November to 14 December 2023 — 361Firm, LinkBridge Investors, DC Finance, and IvyFON
    Jason Ma Engages at Premier Family Office Conferences in NYC and Miami
    ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma delivered an inspirational talk at 361Firm’s flagship Global Conference 2023 in NYC, marking another year of meaningful contributions. Alongside this, Jason attended a series of esteemed Family Office conferences and private social events in NYC and Miami organized by LinkBridge Investors, DC Finance, and IvyFON, engaging with industry peers and thought leaders in insightful discussions and collaborations.

  • 7 November 2023 — KSI Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific
    Jason Ma Speaks at the 2023 Global Chinese Economic & Technology Summit
    Celebrating a decade of participation, ThreeEQ CEO Jason Ma once again contributed his expertise by speaking (virtually) at the Global Chinese Economic & Technology Summit (formerly known as the World Chinese Economic Summit). This prestigious event annually brings together eminent leaders from China, Southeast Asia, the global Chinese diaspora, and the West. As a distinguished Chinese American figure in business and education, Jason shared insights and strategies on the “Entrepreneurship and Startups – Lessons, Strategies, Opportunities” panel, inspiring attendees with his wealth of experience and knowledge.

  • 15 September 2023 — ThreeEQ
    It’s Heartwarming to Watch Our Former Students and Mentees Flourish as Next-Gen Leaders
    We are thrilled to share stories of our mentees’ remarkable achievements. ThreeEQ CEO Jason Ma recently caught up in person with a few standouts he mentored during their high school and college years. Discover the journeys of Youyang Gu, a “Covid-19 Data Superstar” featured in Bloomberg, Christopher Lau, a Y Combinator startup co-founder, and Ivy Xing, a Wealthfront Staff Engineer. Mr. Ma also takes a moment to acknowledge his two Gen Z daughters, now successful professionals at Google and Salesforce/Slack, happy and compassionate young leaders, and former mentees. For more inspiring success stories, visit our Testimonials.

  • 25-27 August & 9-10 September 2023 — The B20 / G20
    Jason Ma Reflects on the B20 Summit India as a Significant Precursor to the G20 Summit 2023
    The G20 Summit, featuring the Presidents and Prime Ministers of the top 20 economies and some +1s, is set to take place in New Delhi on 9-10 September.  Longstanding B20 member and ThreeEQ CEO Jason Ma reflected on his experience at the spectacular B20 Summit India held in Delhi from 25-27 August. During this summit, B20 India delivered its Communique of private sector policy recommendations to the G20, which is presided by India and chaired by Prime Minister Modi in 2023. Additionally, the B20 baton was handed from India to Brazil for 2024.

  • 29 August 2023 — The Measure Success Podcast
    Jason Ma Inspires as a Guest on The Measure Success Podcast
    ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma was honored to contribute as a guest on the Measure Success Podcast hosted by Carl J. Cox. In their conversation, Ma shared insights on maintaining motivation and realizing one’s full potential. The podcast features Cox interviewing top leaders, delving into effective strategies that drive success. Guests include CEOs, entrepreneurs, authors, and extraordinary achievers. Notably, the Measure Success Podcast ranks in the Top 3% of all global podcasts.

  • 29 August 2023 — Singapore Airlines
    Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew Sings “Happy Birthday” to Mr. Ma at 40,000 Feet!
    ThreeEQ CEO Jason Ma says, “Thank you all for the warm birthday wishes. I honestly feel more creative and energetic, with greater wisdom and efficiency, than ever before. Also, it was sweet of the Singapore Airlines cabin crew on flight SQ 32 from SIN to SFO (8/28-29) to sing “Happy Birthday” to me while 40,000 feet in the air! I appreciate their lovely handwritten card, the teddy bear gift, and the short video here!”

  • 17 August 2023 — Salesforce Slack
    Salesforce Slack Software Engineer Lydia Ma, a ThreeEQ Teammate, and Colleagues Offer Tips for College Interns
    “Fortune favors the bold.” Building confidence is paramount for the Next Generation. This sentiment is underscored by a heartfelt message from a loving UHNW parent of a ThreeEQ Private Client family, encouraging her college junior daughter, whom ThreeEQ Chief Mentor Jason Ma is mentoring personally. Mr. Ma reflects, “The journeys of my high-achieving (former) students, including my two Gen Z daughters, can serve as a beacon for many. My youngest, a summa cum laude graduate of Penn Wharton just last year, chose a career path less traveled among Wharton peers.” Recently promoted as a software engineer and lauded as a “culture add” at Salesforce Slack, Lydia, along with her colleagues share insights and tips for college interns. In this video, their points include cultivating confidence and tackling imposter syndrome.

  • 30 July 2023 — The B20 / G20
    Leading B20 Member and ThreeEQ CEO Jason Ma Shares a Few Thoughts on Behalf of B20 India
    Jason Ma is honored to share a few thoughts on behalf of B20 India prior to the B20 Summit India in New Delhi in this short video. The B20 is the official G20 forum for the global business community. Indian Prime Minister Modi chairs the G20 presidency in 2023. Mr. Ma has been a dedicated member of the Future of Work, Skilling, and Education Task Force at the B20, serving through nine G20 presidencies since 2014.

  • 10 July 2023 — 361Firm
    Chief Mentor and Investor Jason Ma Inspires by Speaking on the “Impact and NextGen” Panel and Co-Leading a Roundtable at the 361Firm Newport Conference
    At the conference panel, ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma shared valuable insights on the B20/G20 and aligning impact as leaders with the future of work, skills, and mobility—themes he recently addressed in a short video for B20 India. Indian Prime Minister Modi chairs the G20 this year.

  • 30 June 2023 — ThreeEQ
    Chief Mentor Jason Ma Illuminates the Path to Nurturing Teenage Next Gens towards Greatness while Enhancing Family Legacies on the Zandbergen Report Podcast
    In a stimulating conversation with Zandbergen Report Host Letitia Berbaum, ThreeEQ CEO and globally renowned Chief Mentor Jason Ma outlined our unique approach to guiding Next Gens towards success. Jason emphasized how we pave the way for students’ greatness, foster remarkable outcomes, and strengthen family legacies, underscoring the importance of starting early to prepare children for harmoniously integrated college admissions success and well-being.

  • 29 June 2023 — ThreeEQ
    Empowering Next-Gen Leaders: Navigating the Journey from College Prep and Admissions to Lifelong Success and Well-Being
    In this enlightening post, fellow parent and Chief Mentor of Next-Gen Leaders, Jason Ma, offers an insightful reflection and guidance on the enriching journey of motivated high school students and their supportive parents. Enjoy a thought-provoking read. Happy 4th of July!

  • 18 June 2023 — ThreeEQ
    Fatherhood: The Linchpin for the Prosperity of Our Next Generation and Family Legacies
    In his new article, ThreeEQ’s Jason Ma explores how addressing the crisis of fatherlessness can help shape a future marked by robust relationships, compassion, and success. Happy Father’s Day! Let’s celebrate and elevate the role of fathers for our next generations and family legacies!

  • 13 June 2023 — LinkBridge Investors
    ThreeEQ CEO Jason Ma Once Again Participates in the Global Investors Annual Meeting by LinkBridge Investors in NYC
    Jason Ma, CEO of ThreeEQ,
    joined Daniel D’Aniello, Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus of The Carlyle Group, and fellow participants at the Global Investors Annual Meeting 2023 in NYC on Tuesday, June 13. Over the years, Jason has praised the quality of events organized by LinkBridge Investors CEO Pablo Patrick and his adept team. Pablo articulates: “Our Investors Annual Meetings bring together a community of Family Offices, HNWIs, Pension Funds, Endowments, Foundations, Wealth Managers, and a few Asset Managers, fostering learning and valuable peer connections.”

  • 27 May 2023 — ThreeEQ
    ThreeEQ Founder Lauds Younger Daughter and Teammate’s Graduation from Penn Wharton and Early Career at Salesforce Slack
    ThreeEQ founder Jason Ma reflects, “Five years ago, my Lil Girl topped her high school class. Fast forward, last year, she graduated summa cum laude from Penn Wharton, making her mark as a dynamic leader (e.g., served as co-president of Wharton Undergrad Finance & Tech Group, among her activities). After a well-deserved summer break, she’s excelling as a software engineer—a path less traveled by Wharton grads—at Salesforce Slack and proving to be a vibrant ‘culture add’.” As Lydia gains experience and grows wiser, tech leadership could be in her aspirations. Stay tuned for more on her journey!

  • 15 May 2023 — NFL
    Jason Ma’s Transformative Tech Company’s Leaders Meet NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Leadership Team
    It was an honor and privilege for Jason Ma and his Leadership colleagues at a remarkable tech company to meet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Leadership Team at the NFL headquarters in NYC. In addition to his role as CEO and Chief Mentor at ThreeEQ, Mr. Ma serves as Chief Business Officer and an investor at this tech company, which is doing something big. Exciting developments are on the horizon!

  • 8 May 2023 — ThreeEQ
    ThreeEQ’s Teammate and Older Daughter of Our Founder Recognized by Google’s Top Management for Outstanding Contributions
    Sabrina Ma, our teammate and the older daughter of our founder Jason Ma at ThreeEQ, has achieved incredible success as a senior software engineer at Google, now into her fifth year as a Googler. Sabrina’s remarkable resilience, adaptability, determination, and big heart, along with her quick learning of deep technical skills and exceptional project leadership and collaboration skills, have helped her overcome challenges and achieve success with well-being. ThreeEQ, a family business, is proud to share the news of our teammate Sabrina’s accomplishments and hopes her story inspires others to embrace these key traits for their own success with well-being.

  • 1 May 2023 — ThreeEQ
    Unlock Your Potential: ThreeEQ’s Updated High School Student Webpage
    We are thrilled to announce our updated webpage for High School Students. At ThreeEQ, we believe that early, thoughtful preparation with our guidance is key to unlocking your full potential. Our Elite College Consulting and Next-Gen Leadership, Life, and High-End Career Coaching services aim to help you achieve greater results while reducing stress and anxiety. With ThreeEQ as your trusted mentor, you’ll be empowered to actualize your best self and achieve great outcomes in college admissions and in life. Visit our webpage today to learn more and start your journey towards success with well-being!

  • 2 April 2023 — Indica News (updated from Forbes)
    How to Handle College Admission Rejections
    The current college admissions season is coming to a close, and the decisions started arriving for Class of 2027 freshman applicants. Congratulations to those who have been admitted. We hope that Jason Ma’s latest article here provides some words of comfort or wisdom for applicants who experience their share of college acceptances and denials. This is based on Mr. Ma’s original Forbes article “How to Handle College Admissions Rejections” published in 2014, and is updated for relevance today.

  • 1 February 2023 — The Capital Club Podcast
    Jason Ma Speaks about Generation Wealth: Money, Mentorship, and Meaningful Connections on The Capital Club Podcast
    This episode is brought to you by Excelsior Capital and hosted by Founder and President Brian C. Adams. It is available on Apple Podcasts (above), Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

  • 13 January 2023 — Tiger 21
    Jason Ma Speaks at Tiger 21 about Gen Z as Employees and as Inheritors
    ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma contributes as a guest speaker at Tiger 21 (an exclusive peer group of (U)HNW entrepreneurs, investors, and executives) on Gen Z as employees and as inheritors. Jason enlightened and addressed a barrage of questions from the audience on these important topics for employers and UHNW families, respectively.

  • 30 December 2022 — The B20 in the G20
    Jason Ma Appointed as a Member of the B20 in the G20 Presided by India in 2023
    It’s an honor for ThreeEQ CEO Jason Ma to be appointed once again as a member of the B20, the official G20 dialogue forum with the global business community (private sector), serving on the Future of Work, Skilling, and Mobility Task Force. India presides the G20 and B20 in 2023. Since 2014, Jason has served on the B20 Future of Work (Employment) & Education Task Force through the G20 and B20 Presidencies of Australia, Turkey, China, Germany, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Italy, and Indonesia. He is privileged to be one of a handful of Americans who get appointed year after year to the B20, and looks forward to contributing and inspiring as part of B20 India.

  • 15 December 2022 — Impact Wealth Magazine
    “Preparing Your Children for Elite College Admissions, Life, and Career Success with Well-Being,” Jason Ma’s latest Impact Wealth Magazine article
    Please enjoy Jason Ma’s 5th article in Impact Wealth Magazine, which is catered for UHNW families and family offices. See the magazine’s Winter 2023 Issue pages 76-79 via the link above. 

  • 16 November 2022 — Wells Fargo
    Jason Ma Inspires and Enlightens Wells Fargo via a Virtual Fireside Chat
    It was an honor for ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma to inspire and contribute to hundreds of Wells Fargo executives, managers, and staff actionable insights and tips on technology trends, the future of work, and leading increasingly intergenerational, multicultural, diverse, and inclusive teams worldwide. Jason did this talk, which was arranged by a speaker bureau, the morning after he arrived back from the B20 Summit commencing the G20 Leaders Summit presided by Indonesia, in Bali. Besides coaching and mentoring ThreeEQ client students, young and elder 1-on-1 in-depth, Jason enjoys group coaching by speaking purposefully in person or virtually in front of groups, large and small.

  • 12-14 November 2022 — The B20 in The G20
    B20 Member Jason Ma Participates in the B20 Summit Commencing the G20 Leaders Summit in Bali, Indonesia
    The B20 is the official G20 arm that represents the global business community (private sector). ThreeEQ’s Jason Ma says, “Grateful and inspired as a B20 member these past 8 years, I think Indonesia did a terrific job presiding the G20 chaired by Indonesian President Widodo and the B20 chaired by Ibu Shinta Kamdani, in 2022. In Bali, we at the B20 celebrated, handed our actionable policy recommendations to the G20 Chair for all G20 Leaders and their governments, and handed off the B20 from Indonesia to India for 2023.” Indian Prime Minister Modi will chair G20 India. For a brief on the B20/G20 and Jason’s involvement there, view https://lnkd.in/gdFYJGPM. Please enjoy an updated B20/G20-related gallery

  • 4 November 2022 — St. Jude/ALSAC
    Congratulations to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital/ALSAC for Having Raised 7 Figures from Generous Donors at Its 60th Anniversary Gala Celebration themed “Miracles on the Bay”
    As a St. Jude/ALSAC Council member in NorCal, ThreeEQ’s Jason Ma cherishs that Danny Thomas opened the doors of St. Jude 60 years ago. St. Jude is the first integrated children’s hospital where everyone walked through the same doors during a tumultuous time of segregation. Today, St. Jude is filled with heartwarming stories from patient kids/families and its efforts in curing cancer and saving kids worldwide. ALSAC is St. Jude’s fundraising and awareness arm and is America’s largest healthcare-related charity. The Gala gave a peak into St. Jude’s life-saving mission. Please enjoy Jason’s reflective post above.

  • 19-21 October 2022 — Fashion 4 Development (F4D) in partnership with the UN General Assembly (UNGA)
    Jason Ma Inducted as Chief Mentor of Next-Gen Leaders into Fashion 4 Development’s League of Gentlemen at F4D’s 2nd Annual Sustainable Goals Banquet during the 77th Session of the UNGA
    The spectacular Banquet was MCed by F4D Founder and President Evie Evangelou and co-MCed by Jason Ma in the presence of Heads of UN Delegations, First Ladies, Ambassadors, and private sector honorees and VIPs. “Incredible energy and buzz of the attendees during and after the event,” Jason reflects. “I am in awe of Evie and F4D’s work in impacting positive socioeconomic changes and growth in the intersection of sustainability, climate, and the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries. Because of F4D and the honorees’ work, I admittedly started paying more attention to this area in our (turbulent) world.” In NYC during the UNGA 2022 week, Jason also attended as a guest to F4D’s 10th Annual Official First Ladies Luncheon, and he was asked and MCed the Humankind Institute and F4D’s Film Series Premiere at MoMA as well.

  • 6 October 2022 — Money Talk Viewpoint
    “Get Admitted to Ivy League & Elite Universities with Well-Being,” a virtual fireside chat with Jason Ma
    Please enjoy this heartfelt, dynamic conversation between Money Talk Viewpoint co-hosts and Jason Ma. In addition to this vital topic for families with teens, the talk addresses various topical issues often in people’s hearts and minds. Habits, choices, humility, college admissions myopia, mindset, strategies, soft and employable skills, the real world, relationships, stress and anxiety, peace of mind, impact, travels, Jason’s “4S and 3EQ” personalized mentorship framework… and even the B20 in the G20.

  • 19 September 2022 — Opalesque’s Horizons: Family Office & Investor Magazine
    “Preparing Your Children for College Admissions, Life, Career, & Personal Success,” Jason Ma’s latest article
    If you are blessed with children, you may find ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma’s reflections on this article exceptionally helpful. You can directly access it via the link above, or read pages 12-16 in the magazine’s 19 Sep 2022 issue.

  • August 2022 — ThreeEQ
    Family Business ThreeEQ’s Lydia Ma Graduated Wharton Summa Cum Laude and Started Work at Salesforce Slack, and Sabrina Ma Completed Her 4th Year as a Googler
    Please enjoy a short, reflective post via the link above. With much gratitude, the Ma Family.

  • July 2022 — The Vine
    Fireside chat with Jason Ma on “Mentoring Next-Gen Leaders for Success with Pragmatic “3EQ”
    In late 2021, former BBC journalist and producer Laura Hearn graciously hosted a virtual conversation with Jason Ma, which was co-moderated by Wharton then-senior Lydia Ma and organized by philanthropist and upcoming author of The Vine Adria Dunn. We’ve touched on issues that we all care about as parents, CEOs/senior leaders, family office executives, and young people. 

  • 14-16 July 2022 — Elite Global Leaders Conference by JABOY Productions
    Jason Ma Speaks about “Grooming Next-Gen Leaders for Success with Well-Being and for Succession Planning” at the Elite Global Leaders Conference in London
    ThreeEQ’s Jason Ma was once again invited as a featured speaker to the Elite Global Leaders Conference, this time in London. He inspired and enlightened the room of Family Office principals and executives, RIAs, UHNWIs, and Sponsors by speaking about “Grooming Next-Gen Leaders for Success with Well-Being and for Succession Planning.” This is a topic that touches the hearts and minds of Leading Gens and Next Gens, as Jason knows well as a trusted, 3rd-party “secret weapon” profoundly coaching some of these Families and Family Offices.

  • 15 May 2022 — ThreeEQ
    ThreeEQ’s Own Gen Z Teammate Lydia Ma Graduates Summa Cum Laude from Penn/Wharton
    Please enjoy an inspiring post by family business ThreeEQ’s patriarch and founder Jason Ma reflecting on his daughter and ThreeEQ teammate Lydia Ma’s undergraduate graduation
    from Penn/Wharton and what’s ahead for her.

  • 11 April 2022 — ThreeEQ
    Jason Ma on Grooming High Schoolers for Ivy League and Elite College Admissions While Honing Their Pragmatic Emotional, Social, and Leadership Intelligence (“3EQ”) for Greater Life-Cycle Impact and Happiness
    Please enjoy a reflective post by ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma via the link above. We are so inspired and proud of our coachable, committed, and resourceful high-achieving High School and College Students, and are very happy and grateful for their Parents as well!

  • 31 March 2022 — Family Office Magazine and Impact Wealth Magazine
    Both Family Office Magazine and Impact Wealth Magazine publish Jason Ma’s article, “The Art of Mentoring the Next Gen and Succession Planning,” in their Spring 2022 Issues
    This article by ThreeEQ CEO/Chief Mentor Jason Ma is a follow-up to his recent contribution and inspiration as a Featured Speaker on this very topic at both the Family Office Magazine Conference and the Elite Global Leaders Conference.

  • 28 February 2022 — Family Office Conference hosted by Family Office Magazine
    Jason Ma Moderates “The Art of Mentoring the Next Gen and Succession Planning” Panel at the Family Office Conference 2022
    ThreeEQ CEO/Chief Mentor Jason Ma put together and moderated “The Art of Mentoring the Next Gen and Succession Planning” Panel with the following 3 luminary panelists at the Family Office Conference 2022 (FAMCON22) hosted by Family Office Magazine. View from 02:23:00 to 03:04:21 (41 mins) in the Morning Session of the conference via the link above.

    – Scott Peppet, President, Chai Trust Company (Billionaire Sam Zell single family office)
    – Wendy Craft, Chief of Staff, Fulcrum Equities (Mogul Kent Swig single family office)
    – Vish Mishra, Silicon Valley tech leader, investor, co-founder of TiE

  • January 10, 2021 — The B20 with The G20, Indonesia
    Jason Ma Is Appointed Once Again as a Member of The B20, the official G20 Dialogue Forum with the Global Business Community
    ThreeEQ CEO/Chief Mentor Jason Ma says: “Honored to be appointed once again. Given the ever-changing, turbulent times in our world, this year seems especially interesting in which to contribute.” Jason has contributed and inspired as Silicon Valley’s leading member on the B20 Future of Work and Education Task Force since 2014 – through the B20 and G20 Presidencies of Australia, Turkey, China, Germany, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Italy, and Indonesia (2022). Jason’s B20/G20 gallery is a memento.

  • 13 December 2021 — Washington Elite
    Washington Elite Interviews ThreeEQ’s Jason Ma
    Washington Elite interviews ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma about about pragmatic “3EQ” and part of what Jason does.

  • 6 November 2021 — St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital/ALSAC & Inspiration4
    St. Jude/ALSAC Raised $2.1M at the St. Jude Inspiration4 Napa Celebration Charity Event
    Congrats to St. Jude for having raised $2.1M from generous donors at this wonderful charity event! St. Jude/ALSAC Advisory Council member and ThreeEQ CEO Jason Ma says: “I really enjoyed the magical and unforgettable evening, especially the people met, conversations, heartwarming stories… SpaceX was involved in Inspiration4’s mission.” St. Jude is leading the way the world understands, treats, and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. “A cause that touches my own heart,” Jason reflects. St. Jude plans to invest $11.5 billion targeting childhood catastrophic diseases globally.

  • 23 August 2021 — Working with Family Offices Club on Clubhouse
    Family Office Coffee Clutch with Guest Jason Ma
    Moderators Desiree Patno and Marty Dutch interview Jason Ma, CEO of ThreeEQ, Next Gen Leaders special guest, catching up on some of the latest opportunities, news, and more on this subject within the Family Office realm.

  • 8 August 2021 — Christ Community Church of Milpitas
    Jason Ma’s Testimony About Jesus When He Was On Earth
    Watch Jason Ma’s testimony on what he loves about Jesus when He was on earth, including His leadership traits of wisdom, compassion, humility, and tough love when needed, and what he would say to Jesus 1:1 — 40:53 – 43:03 in his church CCCM’s Sunday service video on August 8, 2021.

  • 15 June 2021 — Impact Wealth Magazine
    How To Get Your Kids Into Elite Colleges—Without Scandals
    ThreeEQ CEO/Chief Mentor Jason Ma says: “I am sure you became aware of the college admissions scandal led by ringleader Rick Singer. Mr. Singer and a number of wealthy parents are now in jail. While parents do want the best for their kids, there is a fine line between preparing your kids well vs. being grossly unethical.” Please enjoy the read and reflect a bit…

  • 4 April 2021 — Christ Community Church of Milpitas (CCCM)
    Jason Ma’s Baptism
    Jason Ma’s baptism by senior pastor Tim Fearer on Easter Sunday 2021. Watch 1:11:27 – 1:15:00 in his church CCCM’s video, which includes the tail-end boomer’s testimony. Jason reflects: “Didn’t expect to burst into tears of love and joy.”

  • 28 March 2021 — Education Club on Clubhouse
    How to Get Your Kids Into Elite Colleges
    Clubhouse fireside chat with Jason Ma, acclaimed author of Young Leaders 3.0, former Forbes contributor on elite college admissions & leadership (1.6M+ views), Chief Mentor at ThreeEQ, & top college counselor. Getting admitted is just part of journey. Moderators: Keith Koo and Peggy Liu

  • 7 March 2021 — Education Club on Clubhouse
    Future of Educating Young Leaders in Turbulent Times
    Please join ThreeEQ CEO/Chief Mentor Jason Ma and a few speakers in this live event on Clubhouse on Sunday 3/7
    at 6p PT/9p ET.

  • 24 & 22 February 2021 — Impact Wealth Magazine and NxtGen Nexus
    Succession Planning Lesson from President Washington

    George Washington, Chief Succession Planner
    ThreeEQ CEO/Chief Mentor Jason Ma presents a thoughtful recap on General and President George Washington’s extraordinary accomplishments and leadership, and how his career and legacy relate to both the leading gen and the rising gen in families and family offices.

  • 1 February to 31 March 2021 — Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE)
    Jason Ma Gives Talk, “Why to Start Preparing for College in 6th Grade,” for High School and Middle School Students and Their Parents
    ThreeEQ CEO/Chief Mentor Jason Ma inspires and enlightens public high school and middle school students and their parents across Santa Clara County in Silicon Valley with actionable insights and tips by giving pro bono a workshop for Santa Clara County Office of Education. It is now publicly available to watch (click the link above).

  • 21 December 2020 — Agreus (for Family Offices)
    Intergenerational Leadership in Family Offices: Agreus’ Interview with The Mentor, Jason Ma
    Agreus, a leading Family Office-focused recruitment firm, writes: “Jason talks here about why wealth is just one factor impacting Families’ well-being and legacy, what generational differences can teach us about the Family Office environment, and why lifelong learning and continuous honing of pragmatic ‘3EQ’ (emotional, social, and leadership intelligence), mindset, and soft skills are critical success factors for Family Offices moving forward in our turbulent, ever-changing world.”

  • 21 December 2020 — World Chinese Economic Summit
    Jason Ma Speaks at the World Chinese Economic Summit 2020
    It was ThreeEQ CEO/Chief Mentor Jason Ma’s honor to speak once again at the prestigious annual World Chinese Economic Summit—this time on the panel “The Digital Silk Road: New Opportunities from Digitalisation, AI, and Blockchain in the New Economy.” Jason briefly interconnected digital transformation, Gen Z, reverse-mentoring, and pragmatic “3EQ.”

  • 24 November 2020 — ThreeEQ
    Congratulations to President-elect Biden and VP-elect Harris
    ThreeEQ congratulates President-elect Joe Biden and VP-elect Kamala Harris and looks forward to working together inclusively and equitably in the public and private sectors for our next generation’s success with well-being.

  • 23 November 2020 — Family Office Association
    Family Office Association Chairman Interviews ThreeEQ’s Jason Ma on “Behind the Curtain of Elite College Admissions, University Life, and Beyond”
    FOA Chairman Angelo Robles conversed with ThreeEQ CEO/Chief Mentor Jason Ma about the above topic, which was broadcast live to their members-only audience. This episode is now publically available on their YouTube (link above) and will be on the Angelo Robles Podcast in due course. Stay tuned!

  • 6 November 2020 — Impact Wealth Magazine
    Next-Gen Leadership In Turbulent Times
    Please enjoy ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma’s latest inspiring, pragmatic article on next-generation leadership in our turbulent, ever-changing world for Impact Wealth Magazine and the Impact Wealth Community!

  • 2 September 2020 — Family Office Association
    Family Office Association Interviews Jason Ma on Global (U.S. and China) Geopolitical Turbulence, Implications, and Strategic Business Roadmaps
    Family Office Association Chairman Angelo Robles interviewed live ThreeEQ’s Jason Ma once again as a special guest for their members-only audience. This time, the topic was on the global China and U.S. geopolitical turbulence, implications, and part of what we can do strategically. Jason also touched on Hong Kong and Taiwan in Greater China, India, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, South Korea, and Japan. This was held 6 days after Jason’s left shoulder rotator cuff surgery. “In pain and drowsy from medication, I wasn’t 100% crisp but was in good spirits!” Jason says. Watch on YouTube.

  • 7 July 2020 — Family Office Association
    Family Office Association’s Interview with Jason Ma titled “Chief Mentor of Next-Gen Leaders: Foremost Mentor for College Admissions, Leadership, (Career,) and Life Success”
    Family Office Association CEO Angelo Robles writes: “Jason Ma, Founder & CEO of ThreeEQ, has profound experience working with Gen Z, Millennial, and Gen X next-generation achievers, matriarchs and patriarchs, and family office executives to relay the importance of “pragmatic 3EQ” (emotional, social, and leadership intelligence) for lifelong success and impact. During this time where uncertainties and opportunities surrounding remote work, employment, college admissions, and education are paramount, it is increasingly important for parents, executives, and younger generations to think deeply about their mindset, character, and cross-cultural/generational communication systems. Jason covers all these topic areas and many more in this episode of The Angelo Robles Podcast.” Listen on Apple PodcastsSticher, Spotify, or iHeartRadio. Or, watch on YouTube.

  • 29 June 2020 — Silicon Valley Insider Show
    Silicon Valley Insider Interviews ThreeEQ’s Jason Ma as Chief Mentor of Next-Gen Leaders
    It was an honor for ThreeEQ’s Jason Ma to contribute and inspire as a special guest on the Silicon Valley Insider Show with Host Keith Koo. In the ever-changing, hypercompetitive “New Normal,” what’s important to Gen X leaders and parents? Millennials? Gen Z? Jason shares actionable insights on how to adapt, win, and grow, as well as what “college admissions myopia” and “raising your delta” mean. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or via this link.

  • 19 July 2020 — Speakers Bureaus & ThreeEQ
    Speaker Booking Agency Is the Latest Speakers Bureau to Represent Jason Ma
    As an inspiring and captivating keynote/fireside/panel speaker, moderator, and masterclass leader, ThreeEQ’s Jason Ma is honored and grateful to be represented by even more leading speakers bureaus despite these challenging times. These bureaus include
     All American Entertainment, A-Speakers, Champions Speakers, Executive Speakers, Harry Walker Agency, London Speaker Bureau, MFL Global, Motivational Speakers, and Speaker Booking Agency.

  • 18 May 2020 — ThreeEQ
    What Makes ThreeEQ Different for Families?
    There is so much noise, distortion, and shortsighted thinking out there, including what we call “college admissions myopia.” A wealth of factors make ThreeEQ different, including a 100% success rate (defined by outcomes that clients are happy about) with coachable, committed, high-achieving students in our selected private client families. Please see what makes ThreeEQ different for families via the link above.

  • 14 April 2020 — The B20/G20
    B20 Saudi Arabia’s Statement on Finance and Trade for G20 Finance Ministers and the Central Bank Governors
    As part of the efforts to address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the B20 has proposed short, medium, and long-term recommendations to the G20. The B20 is the official voice of the private sector to the G20 heads of state and governments. The G20 and B20 are presided by Saudi Arabia in 2020. Today, B20 Saudi Arabia published the following statement on Finance and Trade (click the link above) prior to the upcoming G20 Finance Ministers and the Central Bank Governors meeting scheduled on 15th April. In the U.S., the Department of the Treasury is the finance ministry and the Fed(eral Reserve) is the central bank. “Your support is welcomed in amplifying our message,” says B20 appointed member and ThreeEQ CEO Jason Ma.

  • 28 March 2020 — ThreeEQ
    Congratulations to Our High School Senior/College Applicant Students for Excellent College Admissions Results!
    Our client families and we at ThreeEQ are grateful for our beloved students’ great results in the current college admissions cycle. This includes their share of admits to Ivy League universities and other elite private and public schools. ThreeEQ takes on only a handful of selected families because we want to fully apply our foremost, 1-on-1 mentorship expertise to help their loved ones achieve great outcomes with well-being. Families who join our program early typically get the best results and long-term benefits beyond just college admissions.

  • 23 March 2020 — The B20, ICC, and WHO
    Need for Coordinated Action by G20 Leaders in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic – an Unprecedented Health and Economic Crisis
    As a longtime member of the B20, the official voice of the private sector/business to the G20 presided by Saudi Arabia in 2020, ThreeEQ CEO Jason Ma shares this joint open letter from the B20 Saudi Arabia, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and the World Health Organization (WHO) to the G20 leaders (heads of state). Click the link above. Please email B20@ThreeEQ.com if you have any pragmatic ideas to help solve this global health and economic crisis.

  • 3 January 2020 — ThreeEQ
    Preparing Your High-Achieving Child for Elite College Admissions, Leadership, Career, & Life Success
    Join us for a free video masterclass in which ThreeEQ Chief Mentor Jason Ma pulls back the curtain and reveals how ThreeEQ Private Client families prepare their driven high schoolers, college students, and early professionals to really succeed with well-being, without the usual stress, anxiety, or sleep deprivation. This masterclass is designed for coachable and committed families.

  • 13 December 2019 — Black Tie Magazine
    Black Tie Magazine Names Jason Ma Preeminent Mentor For Next-Gen Leaders
    Black Tie Magazine publisher Gerard McKeon writes: “As parents and grandparents, we live in an age in which our world and economy are changing dramatically with new industries and innovation surging forward. The older we get, the more we realize how much we need to groom the next generation and to keep learning. This is why we are especially excited about Jason Ma and what he brings to both families and businesses…” We are honored. Please enjoy the coverage via the link above.

  • 6 December 2019 — Clientele Luxury Global Magazine
    Clientele Luxury Global Magazine Features ThreeEQ’s Jason Ma as One of the Industry Men of 2020
    ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma is honored to be profiled for his foremost expertise in “Leadership 3.0 Intelligence: Transforming Next-Gen Leaders”, as one of the eight Industry Men of 2020 in an all new release of Clientele Luxury Global Magazine. This high-end magazine showcases ultra luxury homes and exotic travel content.

  • 17 November 2019 — Berkeley Haas Alumni Network, TiE Silicon Valley/TiE Angels, Strawberry Creek Ventures, and ThreeEQ
    Jason Ma Gives Masterclass on “Preparing Your Teens & Young Adults For Success With Joy & Well-Being”
    In a masterclass held in Palo Alto for parents and students, ThreeEQ’s Jason Ma shared stories, insights, and tips on how teens and young adults can achieve important life-stage goals (college admissions and career success) while enhancing growth and contribution mindsets, soft skills, strategies, and living fulfilling lives—without being pressured anymore than they have to. Mr. Ma advised on what it takes for kids to succeed with integrity—and happiness—as (high-achieving) high schoolers, college applicants, college students, or young professionals or entrepreneurs. This is especially relevant in today’s hypercompetitive world, in which much stress or anxiety among young people and parents, are common.

  • 25 September 2019 — Forbes & ThreeEQ
    Applying To Top U.S. Colleges Early Decision or Early Action
    This is ThreeEQ Chief Mentor Jason Ma’s fairly evergreen Forbes article “Advice On Applying to Top U.S. Colleges Via Early Decision Or Early Action“ with a topical commentary. Driven high school seniors who will apply to college Early Decision or Early Action may find this useful as it will soon be down to the wire for them. Motivated, younger high schoolers and their parents may find this article useful for college planning purposes.

  • 12 September 2019 — Forbes & ThreeEQ
    When To Say No To Harvard
    As high school seniors and transfer applicants began their college application process, ThreeEQ Chief Mentor Jason Ma reflects on his previous Forbes article “When To Say No To Harvard” and includes two recent examples on what “fit” means in college search and enrollment.

  • 22 August 2019 — Forbes & ThreeEQ
    College Admissions Scandal Is A Learning Moment For Families
    Jason Ma’s latest article begins as follows: 
    I am sure that the recent news about the U.S. college admissions scandal led by criminal mastermind Rick Singer has caught your attention. The news didn’t come as a surprise to me. During a recent call, a potential client-parent and member of my selective Parents of Driven Students Facebook Group, asked for a ‘guarantee’ of her high school student’s success with my firm ThreeEQ’s help. That was a red flag…” Read on here.

  • 5 August 2019 — Champions After Dinner Speakers
    Champions After Dinner Speakers Is the Latest Speakers Bureau to Represent Jason Ma as Keynote Speaker and Masterclass Leader
    It is our honor that ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma, a sought-after keynote speaker and masterclass leader, is now represented by the following speakers bureaus:
    – All American Entertainment
    – A-Speakers International
    – Champions After Dinner Speakers
    – Executive Speakers Bureau
    – Harry Walker Agency
    – London Speaker Bureau
    – MFL Global

  • 1 April 2019 — ThreeEQ
    Congratulations to Our Students for Outstanding College Admissions Results!
    Through the years, we are very grateful and thrilled to have helped nearly 100% of our high-achieving high school and college transfer students authentically get admitted to Ivy League schools (Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn/Wharton, Princeton, and Yale), Stanford, MIT, UChicago, Duke, and other top best-fit colleges, while, just as importantly, transform them and unleash their full potential as wholehearted rising leaders and happy people! Our magic is reflected here.

  • 15 March 2019 — ThreeEQ
    ThreeEQ’s Comments on the Recent College Admissions Scandal
    By now you’ve probably read about the massive college admissions scandals in the U.S. this week. It’s very unfortunate how dark these guilty people’s hearts and minds are. We at ThreeEQ feel for all good-hearted students and parents. At ThreeEQ, we want to say that on top of our own value system, integrity always comes first. Without integrity, nothing matters. We expect integrity in both our team and our client families. Let’s work and live with high standards. Period.

  • 23 February 2019 — ThreeEQ
    ThreeEQ’s Masterclass “The 5-Step Strategy Our Client Families Use to Prepare Their Children for Elite College Admissions and Rewarding Careers”
    ThreeEQ’s free masterclass for parents, “The 5-Step Strategy Our Client Families Use to Prepare Their Children for Elite College Admissions and Rewarding Careers (Without the Usual Stress, Anxiety, and Sleep Deprivation!)” Version 3 is now available. This may be a most important presentation (3/4 hour) your family will ever have attended for your child’s future… 

  • 24 January 2019 — NAWRB
    Jason Ma Publishes Article “Leading Increasingly Intergenerational & Diverse Teams” in NAWRB Magazine
    Women in the Housing & Real Estate Ecosystem (NAWRB) is a leading voice for women. With the assistance of their Women’s Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council (NDILC), NAWRB is raising the utilization of women-owned businesses and providing women the tools and opportunities for economic expansion and growth.

  • 4 December 2018 — DC Finance
    Jason Ma Moderates “The Future of Work and Education” Fireside Chat at the Florida Family Office Conference 2018
    At the Florida Family Office and High Net Worth Annual Conference 2018, Jason Ma moderated “The Future of Work and Education” fireside chat with legendary education entrepreneur and Founder and former Chairman and CEO of both The Princeton Review and 2U John Katzman. The pair covered some disconnects between market demands and outdated elements in the complex K-20 education systems, impact investing as related to the future of work and education, and serious wellness issues in competitive universities and high schools. This is the second time Ma spoke at this prestigious conference.

  • 9-10 November 2018 — World Chinese Economic Forum
    Jason Ma Speaks Once Again at the World Chinese Economic Forum
    At the high-powered World Chinese Economic Forum 2018, Ma spoke on the “Shaping the Digital Economy—Building an Ecosystem for Innovation and Entrepreneurship” plenary panel and also moderated the “Social and Youth Entrepreneurship—Impact Investment” panel. Ma has spoken at this prestigious forum 5 years in a row. The world leaders who spoke included the venerable 93-year-old Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir, as well as some tycoons and fellow business leaders.

  • 12 October 2018 — The Harry Walker Agency
    The Harry Walker Agency, the World’s #1 Speakers Bureau, Represents Jason Ma as Keynote Speaker and Masterclass Leader
    Besides his own speaking platform, Jason Ma is privileged to be represented by top speakers bureaus worldwide. “Mentoring, rainmaking, and speaking are my 3 interconnected pragmatic passions!” says Mr. Ma. “It’s a special honor being represented by the world’s #1, The Harry Walker Agency.” HWA’s exclusive speakers include President Barack Obama, President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Al Gore, Dick Cheney, John Boehner, Steve Forbes, Henry Kissinger, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ban Ki-moon, Kofi Annan, Shaq O’Neal, Bono, and other top leaders in business, politics, and entertainment. Mr. Ma covers (the future of) global business, work, human capital, family, education, technology, Asia…among other topics.

  • 8 October 2018 — National Radio Show by Dr. Diane Hamilton
    “Fostering Young Leaders For A Successful Future With Jason Ma”
    ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma was honored to be the guest on Dr. Diane Hamilton’s nationally syndicated radio show broadcast today. The topic, “Fostering Young Leaders for a Successful Future with Jason Ma,” resonates with both parents and the corporate world, from Gen Zers/Millennials to grey-haired C-suite/senior executives. Dr. Hamilton’s past interviewees include Steve Forbes and other great leaders. LISTEN to Ma’s interview by clicking the link above and then the podcast button. The written transcript (with a few errors from their translation software) is also on this webpage.

  • 4-5 October 2018 — The B20 for The G20
    Leading B20 Member Jason Ma Attends the B20 Summit (with a Front Row Seat) in Advance of the G20 Leaders Summit in 2018
    Silicon Valley’s leading B20 Member and ThreeEQ CEO/Chief Mentor Jason Ma was honored to have a front row seat watching the G20 Chair, Argentine President Macri, and the B20 Chair Daniel Funes de Rioja’s handoff of the G20 business community’s policy recommendations to the G20 governments for 2018. The B20 is the private sector’s voice of the G20, presided by Argentina this year. During the summit in Buenos Aires, Mr. Ma engaged in insightful conversations with fellow B20 Members and with the WTO Director-General Roberto Azevedo.

  • 5 October 2018 — The B20 with The G20
    Leading B20 Member Jason Ma Featured In the B20 Summit Introductory Video
    ThreeEQ CEO Jason Ma was honored to be featured in the B20 Summit introductory video in advance of the G20 Leaders Summit in Buenos Aires later 2018.

  • 1 October 2018 — ThreeEQ
    Actionable Message for Parents of Driven Students
    “What does it take for our children to truly stand out, achieve, grow, and succeed (in college admissions and careers) with happiness and passion?” Fellow caring, affluent parents with driven college/university, high school, and middle school students often ask us this type of questions. ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma has published an actionable perspective that addresses this. In our common pursuit (and preservation) of sustainable happiness, health, and wealth, our children are most precious. Never be ignorant or in denial. Reflect and act wisely, getting high-quality 3rd-party mentorship early on.

  • 24 September 2018 — ThreeEQ and Top Speakers Bureaus
    ThreeEQ Launches Masterclass “Leadership 3.0: Mentoring and Transforming Teams For Success” by Jason Ma
    Moving forward, corporate “Leadership 3.0” is about honing not only your own but also your team’s outcome-focused and purpose-driven strategy and emotional, social, and leadership intelligence. As you guide increasingly multigenerational and diverse teams to strengthen team culture, enhance growth mindset, and deliver strong outcomes, high-quality mentorship will set you apart. Trusted success coach/mentor, C-suite strategic advisor, and masterclass leader Jason Ma will inspire and enlighten corporate audiences worldwide on the why’s, what’s, and how’s.

  • 19 September 2018 — ThreeEQ
    ThreeEQ Launches Facebook Group “Parents of Driven Students”
    Jason Ma and the ThreeEQ Team have created a new Facebook closed group for caring parents of driven college/university, high school, and middle school students. Join this community to engage in valuable conversations about preparing our children for both success and well-being. You may learn more by being here than listening to many who claim to be in the know. 

  • 30 August 2018 — PGi
    Jason Ma Speaks About Gen Z in the 2018 Future of Business Collaboration Webinar: Communication for the Intelligent Enterprise
    Now that Millennials and Gen X’ers are coming into and holding leadership positions, how will they deal with the next wave of ultra-digitally savvy Gen Z’ers (born around 1995 or later), hitting the workforce for the first time? ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma, who recently authored the chapter “Gen Z: Tomorrow’s Digital Workers” in the new ebook by PGi, enlightened corporate audiences worldwide. PGi is a worldwide leading dedicated provider of collaboration software and services.

  • 23 August 2018 — The Ma Family
    Graduations and Kids Off to College!
    “Sneak me into Adam Grant’s class!” ThreeEQ founder and loving parent Jason Ma jokes with his own younger daughter Lydia, a Penn/Wharton freshman. Kids off to college… It’s certainly an exciting and emotional experience for not only our children but also us parents. Please enjoy a few Ma family photos via the link above!

  • 16 August 2018 — San Francisco Association of Realtors
    Jason Ma Moderates Seminar on Tariffs and International Trade Wars for Realtors
    ThreeEQ Founder, CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma inspired and entertained a packed room of realtors by moderating a lively panel on Tariffs and Trade Wars—The Effect on Realtors. The event was graciously organized by the San Francisco Association of Realtors (SFAR), sponsored by First Republic, and held at the San Francisco Italian Athletic Club, California.

  • 26 July 2018 — NASSCOM
    Jason Ma Gives Keynote Address and Leads Masterclass at HR Summit in India
    ThreeEQ Founder, CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma enlightened hundreds of C-suite executives and HR managers by giving the keynote address on “Next-Level Human Capital Leadership” and inspired a packed ballroom by leading the mini-masterclass on “Leadership 3.0” at a major HR conference in India.

  • 18 June 2018 — Executive Speakers Bureau
    Executive Speakers Bureau Represents Jason Ma as a Speaker
    Jason Ma is honored to be a new speaker for Executive Speakers Bureau, a global speaker’s bureau and a quality addition to six other top speakers bureaus that represent Ma as a sought-after keynote speaker and masterclass leader worldwide.

  • 30 May 2018 — OECD Forum
    Jason Ma Meets U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross
    It was useful for ThreeEQ CEO and B20 member Jason Ma to learn (from a front row seat) the motivations and thought process on international trade of the Trump Administration directly from U.S. Department of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, at the OECD Forum 2018 in Paris. Right after the panel, Ma chatted and exchanged business cards with Secretary Ross (privileged as the only person from the audience to do so) before his entourage of Secret Service and Chief of Staff scooped Sec. Ross away. With obviously a tight schedule, Secretary Ross didn’t talk at all with the mass media reporters physically following him. The day after, the U.S. imposed new tariffs on the European Union. Historic moments indeed. View Ma’s related post on his Facebook page.

  • 30 May 2018 — The B20 and OECD
    Jason Ma Contributes at the B20 Joint Task Force Meeting at OECD in Paris
    The B20 Argentina Team, including Jason Ma, conducted a highly productive B20 Joint Task Force Meeting as part of the G20 process this year. This was recently held at OECD headquarters in Paris. The B20 looks forward to completing quality policy recommendations representing the entire G20 private sector (businesses) to the G20 Leaders and governments this year. As a leading member of the B20 through the G20 and B20 presided by Australia, Turkey, China, Germany, and currently Argentina, Ma serves on the foremost Employment and Education Task Force. View a related post on Ma’s Facebook page and a photo gallery.

  • 29 May 2018 — PGi
    Jason Ma Authors “Gen Z: Understanding Tomorrow’s Digital Workers” in New Business Collaboration eBook
    Jason Ma authored the chapter “Gen Z: Understanding Tomorrow’s Digital Workers” in the “2018 Future of Business Collaboration” eBook by PGi. Ma’s chapter discusses the phenomenon of Gen Z (around age 23 and younger) in and entering the world of work, what this means, and part of how enterprises—bosses and more senior colleagues—can advance working with young achievers and flourishing together.

  • 25 May 2018 — ThreeEQ
    Jason Ma’s Own Children Just Graduated College & High School, Respectively!
    ThreeEQ founder Jason Ma says: “As a parent, it hasn’t fully sunk in yet that both my daughters just graduated from college and high school, respectively, and are onto the next chapters of their lives. . . My elder daughter will start as a web solutions engineer at Google HQ this summer. My younger daughter will attend Wharton as a freshman this fall and get a U.S. East Coast experience, having been a Silicon Valley girl for 17 years!” Longer term, both girls aspire to become and rise as impactful tech C-suite leaders in their own pathways. “But first, celebrations Ma family (“MAfia”) style locally in SF Bay Area and internationally (my elder now in Asia)!” Please enjoy Ma’s related post on his Facebook page.

  • 7 April 2018 — ThreeEQ
    Congratulations to Our Awesome Students Graduating High School!
    High school graduates, congratulations on your very impressive college admissions results and on your contributions and growth as rising leaders, students, and human beings through the years. The youngest members of ThreeEQ’s high-achieving students (mentees) are high schoolers and highly select middle schoolers. As Mr. Ma would love to say: “Keep rockin’!”

  • 12 January 2018 — ThreeEQ
    Children: Words of Gratitude from ThreeEQ’s Jason Ma
    “It’s a privilege and delight to see my students, including my own children, grow and contribute meaningfully as achievers and human beings through the years. Much gratitude that my younger daughter, a high school senior, got admitted Early Decision to Wharton at UPenn. She’s decided to go! And my elder daughter, a college senior, received Google headquarters’ sweet offer to be an engineer back in Silicon Valley, her dream post-graduation job and company. She’s accepted the offer! Beyond great Christmas gifts. Blessings and happy 2018, everyone!”

  • 3 December 2017 — Harvard Business School Association of Northern California
    Jason Ma Speaks on Preparing Your Children For School, College, Career, & Personal Success at the HBS Association of Northern California
    It was Jason Ma’s honor to inspire and enlighten a packed audience of high-achieving parents and C-suite/senior leaders by speaking about preparing young people for success. This special event was enthusiastically sponsored and organized by the HBS Association of Northern California and co-sponsored by Harvard Club of San Francisco, Harvard Club of Silicon Valley, Stanford GSB Alumni, UC Berkeley Haas Alumni Silicon Valley Chapter, and Wharton Club of Northern California. The Churchill Club and Ends and Means at the Pacific-Union Club were kind to promote this event as well. You can watch the host’s intro, Ma’s entire speech, and Q&A here.

  • 14 November 2017 — Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI)
    Jason Ma Speaks Once Again at the World Chinese Economic Summit 2017
    ThreeEQ CEO/Chief Mentor and Young Leaders 3.0 author Jason Ma was honored to be a speaker for fourth consecutive year at the World Chinese Economic Summit (WCES) 世界华人经济峰会. The theme of the summit this year was “Managing Global Uncertainty: Exploring New Opportunities.” Ma spoke on the “Young Entrepreneurs Roundtable.” As mementos, photos with fellow speakers Hong Kong Chief Executive Mrs. Carrie Lam, HKTDC Chairman Vincent Lo, WCES Chairman and ASLI CEO Michael Yeoh, and other (former) World Leaders, tycoons, and business leaders are shown here.

  • 8 November 2017 — DC Finance
    Jason Ma Moderates the Edtech Panel at the Tech Family Office Forum 2017
    ThreeEQ Founder and CEO Jason Ma orchestrated the Edtech Panel with Codecademy CEO Zach Sims, Bloomz CEO Chaks Appalabattula, Voxy CEO Paul Gollash, and Yup CEO Nag Sawiris as panelists in this premier tech-focused family office forum. The panel enlightened family offices and ultra HNWIs interested in tech and science investments.

  • 24 October 2017 — DC Finance
    Jason Ma Moderates the Direct Investing Panel at the East Coast Family Office Conference 2017
    ThreeEQ CEO Jason Ma orchestrated the Direct Investing Panel with Draper Associates partner Billy Draper, Triple Five Group manager director Ira Perlmuter, and Four Peaks Partners manager partner Mauricio Rauld as panelists. Orit Rabin, CEO of the conference organizer DC Finance, says: “Thank you, Jason, for leading this panel so smartly and with lots of humor! The audience (of family offices and very high net worth individuals) was so inspired and delighted by you and the panelists!” View a short video clip.

  • 13 October 2017 — The IMF
    Jason Ma Attends the IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings 2017
    To help prepare contribution as a member of the B20 for the G20 to be hosted by Argentina in 2018 and kindly invited by B20 Germany, ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma is attended the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank Group Annual Meetings 2017 in Washington, DC.

  • 10 October 2017 — Harry Walker Agency
    The Harry Walker Agency Represents Jason Ma as a Speaker
    Jason Ma is honored to be a new speaker for the Harry Walker Agency, the world’s #1 speakers agency whose exclusive speakers include President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Dick Cheney, John Boehner, Steve Forbes, Henry Kissinger, Ban Ki-moon, Kofi Annan, Shaq O’Neal, Bono, and other top leaders in business, politics, and entertainment. President Obama and Michelle Obama are also represented by the Harry Walker Agency.

  • 19 September 2017 — A-Speakers (in Europe)
    A-Speakers Represents Jason Ma as a Speaker
    Jason Ma is honored to be a new keynote, after-dinner, and motivational speaker for A-Speakers, a leading international speakers bureau based in Europe.

  • 18 September 2017 — London Speaker Bureau
    London Speaker Bureau Represents Jason Ma as a Speaker
    Jason Ma is honored to be a new keynote speaker at London Speaker Bureau, a leading global speaker bureau headquartered in the UK.

  • 15 September 2017 — Keynote Speakers
    Keynote Speakers Represents Jason Ma as a Speaker
    Jason Ma is honored to be a new keynote speaker at Keynote Speakers, Silicon Valley’s top speakers bureau for corporate events.

  • 1 September 2017 — All American Speakers Bureau
    All American Speakers Bureau Represents Jason Ma as a Speaker
    Jason Ma is honored to be a new keynote and motivational speaker at the All American Speakers Bureau, a division of All American Entertainment, one of the premier celebrity booking agencies.

  • 18 May 2017 — Bright Scholar
    Bright Scholar (NYSE: BEDU) Celebrates Their IPO
    Bright Scholar Education Group 博实乐教育, China’s largest operator of international and bilingual K-12 schools with a global vision, has debuted its IPO on 5/18 (NYSE: BEDU). Its elder sister company is Country Garden 碧桂园 (HKEx: 2007), one of Asia’s top 3 real estate developers. We at ThreeEQ are honored to have Bright Scholar, whose gracious chairman is Asia’s wealthiest woman and a loving mom, as an Organizational Client for whom ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma serves as a strategic advisor on key high-level education and business initiatives.

  • 6 May 2017 — Spark Program
    Jason Ma Featured at the Special “Afternoon Tea” Fundraiser for Spark Program
    ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor and Young Leaders 3.0 author Jason Ma enlightened and inspired an audience of philanthropists, including parents, as the fireside chat speaker for this fundraiser event for charity. Ma spoke about “Preparing Your Children For K-12, College, and Personal Life Success.”

  • 3 May 2017 — The B20 and the G20
    B20 Member Jason Ma Attends the B20 Germany Summit (Policy Recommendations Hand-off) to the G20 Leaders
    At the B20 Summit held in Berlin in 2017, the Business 20 (B20) has officially handed its 2017 Policy Recommendations to the current G20 Chair and Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel. As the G20’s global business advisory council, the B20 is integral to the G20 process. ThreeEQ Founder and CEO Jason Ma is honored to have contributed as a leading B20 member through the G20 and B20 hosted by Australia, Turkey, China, and currently Germany, serving on the foremost B20 Employment and Education Taskforce through the years and on B20 Germany’s SMEs Cross-thematic Group. View our B20 photo gallery.

  • 1 April 2017 — Blue Ocean Student Entrepreneurs Corp.
    Jason Ma Speaks at the Blue Ocean Entrepreneurship Competition
    ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor and Young Leaders 3.0 author Jason Ma empowered and inspired the audience of high-achieving, entrepreneurial high school students with his keynote address about “Stories & Tips for College-Prepping Entrepreneurial Achievers.”

  • 28 March 2017 — DC Finance
    Jason Ma Moderates the New Technologies Panel at the NYC Family Office Conference 2017: Investments in Innovative Technologies
    ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma inspired the audience of family offices and (ultra) high net worth individuals by moderating the New Technologies Panel with Taboola Founder and CEO Adam Singolda and Morgan Stanley Business Technology Officer and Managing Director Tsvi Gal as the panelists.

  • 13 March (Online) & 1 April (Print) 2017 — Clientele Luxury Magazine
    Clientele Luxury Magazine Features ThreeEQ & Jason Ma
    It’s an honor being featured in Clientele Luxury Magazine Global Spring 2017 Edition. On page 40, the article is titled: “Jason L. Ma: Next Generation 3.0, Global Advisor to Top CEOs & Our Next Generation.”

  • 22 February 2017 — JustLuxe Online Magazine
    JustLuxe Features Jason Ma In Its Inaugural Around The World Interview Exclusive
    Luxury online magazine JustLuxe features ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor and Young Leaders 3.0 author Jason Ma in its inaugural Around The World Interview Exclusive. Please enjoy Ma’s lighthearted response on travel style, favorite destination, necessary luxury and travel items, guilty pleasures, favorite travel story, meaning of luxury travel, tips, and more!

  • 23 January 2017 — Channel NewsAsia
    Channel NewsAsia Interviews Jason Ma on Shaping Young Leaders for Its “C-Suite” Show
    Channel NewsAsia Hong Kong Bureau Chief Roland Lim interviews ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor and Young Leaders 3.0 author Jason Ma on shaping young leaders for success, broadcast on its “C-Suite” show.

  • 18-19 January 2017 — Association of Family Offices in Asia & Association of Private Bankers in Greater China Region
    Jason Ma Featured Twice at the Family Office Solutions Showcase 2017
    Jason Ma captivated audiences as both the fireside speaker on “Cultivating Young Leaders” and a panelist on why impact investing is important and actionable takeaways. Ma recently also inspired audiences as a guest speaker at both the East Coast Family Office Conference and the Florida Family Office Conference in the U.S. late 2016.

  • 13 January 2017 — Asian American Business Development Center
    Jason Ma Moderates the Multicultural Millennial Panel at the Asian American Business Roundtable 2017
    ThreeEQ CEO Jason Ma orchestrated the Empowering and Influencing Multicultural Millennial Panel with Boxed CEO Chieh Huang, Enplug CEO Nanxi Liu, FiscalNote CEO Tim Hwang, and BeVisible CEO Andrea Guendelman. The panel inspired and captivated the diverse audience of CEOs and business professionals at this influential annual event.

  • December 12, 2016
    Jason Ma Speaks In a Private Evening with Billionaires and Business Leaders
    ThreeEQ CEO Jason Ma enlightened and inspired billionaires and industry titans as the invited speaker on “Asia and China Strategic Business Roadmaps In Turbulent Times” at a by-invitation private event in the U.S. East Coast.

  • November 29, 2016 — DC Finance
    Jason Ma Speaks on the Impact Investing Panel at the Florida Family Office & Wealth Management Conference  2016
    As a panelist on the Impact Investing Panel, Jason Ma inspired and enlightened the audience of family offices and (ultra) high net worth individuals, giving a human and multifaceted perspective, at this leading event for family offices. One of the memorable photos is shown here.

  • November 17, 2016 — Star Media Group in Asia
    The Star Online (TV) Interviews Jason Ma on Chinese Investments Overseas
    This interview took place right after Ma’s speaking engagements at the World Chinese Economic Summit 2016.

  • November 16, 2016 — World Chinese Economic Summit
    Jason Ma Featured Twice at the World Chinese Economic Summit 2016
    Jason Ma once again contributed and inspired by speaking on the Young Entrepreneurs Roundtable and on the Asian Family Business and Corporate Philanthropy Panel at this influential summit, alongside fellow speakers who are current and former world leaders and top business leaders. The theme this year is “China-ASEAN: Realising Opportunities, Strengthening Partnerships.” We hope you’ll enjoy a related gallery.

  • November 16, 2016 — CollegeWeekLive
    Jason Ma Speaks about How to Wisely Prepare & Succeed as an International Student at CollegeWeekLive’s International Students Day 2016
    ThreeEQ Chief Mentor and Young Leaders 3.0 author Jason Ma inspired as the keynote and fireside chat speaker online on “How to Wisely Prepare & Succeed as an International Student.” For this, Ma temporarily stepped out of the World Chinese Economic Summit 2016 in Malaysia where he was a featured speaker as well.

  • November 4-6, 2016 — Teen Kids News
    Teen Kids News Interviews Jason Ma on Why to Start Preparing for College Early
    Teen Kids News (TKN), an Emmy Award-winning TV show, interviews ThreeEQ chief mentor and Young Leaders 3.0 author Jason Ma on why to start preparing for college early (6 min.). The host is Amelia, a teen!

  • October 22-23, 2016 — Teen Kids News
    Teen Kids News Interviews Jason Ma for College Apps Advice
    Teen Kids News (TKN), an Emmy Award-winning TV show, interviews ThreeEQ chief mentor and Young Leaders 3.0 author Jason Ma for college apps advice (5 1/2 min.). The host is Alexandra, a teen!

  • October 14, 2016 — The B20 with the G20
    Jason Ma Inducted as Member of B20 Employment & Education Taskforce and also B20 SMEs Cross-thematic Group for 2017
    As an integral part of the G20 process, the B20 leads engagement with and recommends policies to the G20 on behalf of the global business community. The B20 taskforces are chaired by relevant industry tycoons. China hosted the G20/B20 in 2016 and Germany hosts the G20/B20 for 2017. Jason Ma has served as a B20 taskforce member since 2014. View some photos.

  • October 6, 2016 — San Jose Public Library & Silicon Valley Community Foundation
    ThreeEQ Foundation Contributes to Silicon Valley Community Foundation Campaign That Replaces 9,000 Books and Restores Library Accounts for 4,500 San Jose Youth
    Success coach and mentor Jason Ma and the ThreeEQ Foundation worked with the Silicon Valley Community Foundation to allow thousands of kids to find the doors of the San Jose Public Library open to them again. View SVCF’s Press Release.

  • October 2, 2016 — India West
    Jason Ma Delivers Keynote Speech “How to Prepare for Elite College Admissions and Life and Leadership Success” at the India West Education Expo 2016
    View India West’s resulting article, “India-West’s 4th Annual Education Expo Draws Nearly 1,000 Aspiring Students, Parents.”

  • September 17-18, 2016 — Teen Kids News
    Teen Kids News Features Jason Ma on Leadership
    Teen Kids News (TKN), an Emmy Award-winning TV show, interviews ThreeEQ chief mentor and Young Leaders 3.0 author Jason Ma for advice on leadership (5 minutes). The host is Amelia, a teen!

  • September 2-4, 2016 — The B20 with G20 Leaders
    Jason Ma Attends the B20 Summit with G20 Leaders in China
    As a B20 Employment Taskforce member, Jason Ma participated in the 2016 B20 Summit with G20 Leaders in Hangzhou, China. We were honored that Chinese President Xi Jinping took the time to deliver an uplifting 40-min. keynote speech at the B20 Summit: http://bit.ly/2cvQC3R. View a gallery on https://threeeq.com/photo/jason-ma-b20-for-g20-2014-present/.

  • August 26, 2016 — IfOnly
    Jason Ma Selected as Luminary-Expert for IfOnly
    IfOnly is a well-backed marketplace that offers one-of-a-kind experiences with the A-list and luminaries, including Jason L. Ma. As an IfOnly luminary expert and speaker, Mr. Ma provides unusually inspiring and helpful custom experiences for individuals and groups. He donates 5% of the revenue to charity. Catered to high-end customers, IfOnly is free for you to join.

  • July 24 to August 22, 2016 — Ding Ding TV
    Jason Ma Gives Perspective as Featured Guest on 4 Ding Ding TV Shows
    Ding Ding TV (丁丁電視), the leading Chinese American Internet TV program, produces 4 shows with Jason Ma, broadcast online and on WeChat (ID: guigudingding) and in Chinese (中文) and English:

    1. Why to Prepare for College Early (Also on WeChat)
    2. The College Applications Process (Also on WeChat)
    3. Next-Generation Leadership (Also on WeChat)
    4. Integrated CEO/Parent Work-Life Success (Also on WeChat)

  • June 20-21, 2016 — The New York Times
    Jason Ma Attends as Delegate to the NYTimes Higher Ed Leaders Forum
    Jason Ma engaged and contributed as a delegate and working group participant at the by-invitation The New York Times Higher Ed Leaders Forum 2016, consisting of primarily college and university presidents, provosts, and chancellors. We would like to share with you the resulting New York Times for the Education Innovation special section (PDF).

  • June 7, 2016 — UC Berkeley, World Chinese Economic Summit, The Pacific-Union Club, Leading TV Programs
    Upcoming Speaking Engagements & TV Appearances
    It’s Jason Ma’s gratitude to contribute as a featured speaker at influential live events and via mass media, including leading (inter)national TV programs. If your organization is interested to invite Mr. Ma to speak or conduct a private seminar, please refer to his online Speaker One-Sheet and then contact us.

  • May 18, 2016 — CEO Club of Marin
    Unleashing the Full Potential of Millennial Leaders – Jason Ma Fireside Chat at the CEO Club of Marin
    Jason Ma contributed and engaged as the guest speaker with an audience of CEOs in an intimate, private setting at the CEO Club of Marin on May 10th. View his blog post.

  • Apr 15-17, 2016 — The B20, the IMF, & the World Bank
    Jason Ma Attends B20 Joint Taskforce Meeting, & International Monetary Fund & World Bank Group Spring Meetings
    With fellow B20 Employment Taskforce members, Jason Ma contributed at the 2016 B20 Joint Taskforce Meeting by B20 China at the IMF headquarters in Washington, DC. The B20 taskforces are working towards the 2016 G20 Leaders Summit and the B20 Summit to be held in Hangzhou, China, this autumn. Mr. Ma was also honored participating as a by-invitation Guest at the 2016 IMF and World Bank Spring Meetings. View Mr. Ma’s blog post.

  • Apr 7, 2016 — ThreeEQ
    Congratulations, College Applications Students, for Achieving Great Admissions Results!
    We are very proud of you, College Applicant Students of ThreeEQ, for having achieved great results in top-tier college admissions and just as important, for having strengthened your mindset, skill set, pragmatic EQ, and direction! Your admits to elite universities were awesome. Celebrate! Keep giving, learning, and growing. Mr. Ma would also like to take a moment to share his related blog post, “Congratulate College Applicants Admitted to Good Schools, Console Those Rejected,” with all.

  • Feb 23, 2016 — ThreeEQ
    The Blog of Jason L. Ma
    The Blog of Jason Ma: Musings on Work, Learning, and Play has just been updated. His posts give a wealth of interesting updates, insights, and tips, with photos and videos.

  • Jan 29, 2016 — AABR
    Speaking at the Asian American Business Roundtable
    Jason Ma contributed as a panelist on business innovation, risk-taking, and game changer case studies at the Asian American Business Roundtable and its inaugural Summit in Las Vegas. View his blog post.

  • Jan 26, 2016 — B20 China
    B20 Employment Taskforce (for the G20) & B20 China Kickoff
    B20 member Jason Ma returned from the B20 China Kickoff Meeting in Beijing and reflected via a blog post. The B20 leads engagement with the G20 on behalf of the international business community. The G20 is the premier forum for international economic cooperation, led by the Presidents and Prime Ministers of the world’s 20 largest economies.

  • Jan 5, 2016 — Pencil
    12 Business & Entertainment Writers to Watch in 2016
    Jason Ma is featured along with 11 awesome millennial achievers.

  • Dec 9, 2015 & Jan 20, 2016 — LAUSD
    Keynote Speeches at LAUSD K-12 School Principals Meetings
    Jason Ma gave keynote speeches with audience Q&A about Young Leaders 3.0 as a mentor text for students. Over 300 K-12 school principals, the superintendents, and administrators of two LAUSD Local Districts were present. LAUSD is the second largest of 13,500 school districts in the United States. View his blog posts with video snippets here and here.

  • Nov 14-15, 2015 — The G20 and the B20
    The B20 Summit with G20 Leaders
    Jason Ma participated as a special invitee to the 2015 B20 Summit with the G20 Leaders Summit in Turkey. The G20 leaders are the Presidents and Prime Ministers of the world’s 20 largest economies. View his blog post.

  • Nov 10, 2015 — World Chinese Economic Summit
    Speaking at World Chinese Economic Summit 2015
    Jason Ma once again spoke at this globally influential summit about China and the Overseas Chinese business world—this time on the Young Entrepreneurs Roundtable co-chaired by the youngest Lord at the House of Lords in the UK Parliament. View his blog post.

  • Oct 29, 2015 — CollegeWeekLive
    CollegeWeekLive Keynote Presentation on College Apps & Admissions
    Jason Ma delivered online the live keynote presentation with audience Q&A: “College Apps & Admissions: Practical Insights & Tips” for high schoolers and college transfer applicants. View his blog post.

  • Oct 16, 2015 — Business Rockstars
    Business Rockstars Interviews Jason Ma about Mentoring and Life Coaching for Millennials and Teens and about Young Leaders 3.0
    >> VIDEO: Watch the Interview (19 minutes)
    >> RADIO: Listen on iHeartRadio (10:00 to 30:00 in This Episode)

  • Sep 7-11 & Oct 13, 2015 — Kairos Society
    Kairos Global Summit 2015
    Kairos Society Israel and Kairos Society Netherlands at DLD Tel Aviv 2015
    Kairos mentor Jason Ma celebrated with K50, Kairos Fellows, and fellow Kairos mentors/influencers. View his blog post.

  • Sep 3, 2015 — ThreeEQ
    Young Leaders 3.0 for School Districts
    We are honored and excited to see that K-12 school districts have begun showing a strong interest to procure in bulk and distribute to their students Jason Ma’s book Young Leaders 3.0. View his blog post.

  • Aug 13, 2015 — Forbes
    How Mentors Shape Moguls, CEOs, Celebrities, and the Next Generation of Leaders
    Jason Ma publishes his twelth Forbes article.

  • July 20, 2015 — Various publications
    Jason Ma’s Perspectives Quoted in a Variety of Articles
    To learn about Jason Ma’s perspective in the following articles recently published by other authors from May 2015 to date, please read Ma’s corresponding blog posts on https://jasonlma.com/blog/.

    – Six Habits of Ambitious People (Fast Company)
    – 7 Reasons People Who Travel A Lot Are More Likely to Be Successful (YourTango)
    – Teen Spirit (Protein Journal Magazine based in London)
    – 8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Judge a Slacker Mom (P&G Everyday)
    – Reading: You’re Doing It Wrong (CollegeXpress)
    – The Platinum Rule: 4 International Business Tips (Lionbridge)
    – 8 Tips for Raising Confident, Independent Kids (P&G Everyday)

  • July 9, 2015 — Stanford University
    Stanford University Lecture on How to Hone the “OS & Apps” of Your Entrepreneurial Mind and Soul
    Jason Ma contributed as a guest lecturer with audience Q&A at a popular Stanford tech entrepreneurship course that imparts real-world insights and skills. View his blog post.

  • June 12, 2015 — Various media outlets
    Recognition of Young Leaders 3.0 for Its Societal Benefits
    Over two hundred fifty (250) media outlets and sites, ranging from prestigious, global and national brands to regional and local media properties, have published introductory articles about Young Leaders 3.0 by Jason Ma. View his blog post.

  • Jun 7, 2015 — ThreeEQ
    New Infographic of Young Leaders 3.0
    The Young Leaders 3.0 book team publishes a new infographic.

  • May 15, 2015 — Forbes
    How Unconventional, Experiential Learning Is Reshaping Higher Education
    Jason Ma publishes his eleventh Forbes article.

  • May 8, 2015 — Stanford University
    Stanford BASES Challenge Finale
    Jason Ma contributed once again as a judge at an annual startup competition that awards funding to aspiring Stanford entrepreneurs. It was a pleasure working alongside the few fellow judges, including Roelof Botha, general partner of Sequoia Capital and former CFO of PayPal.

  • May 1, 2015 — ThreeEQ
    New Website and Blog: JasonLMa.com
    To more broadly share his passion about empowering young leaders and advancing competitive businesses, Jason Ma rolled out today a new website https://JasonLMa.com, which describes his work, and a new blog, https://JasonLMa.com/blog, which shares some of his articles, insights, tips, events, news, and other musings. These new resources complement his existing websites: Young Leaders 3.0 (book), ThreeEQ (high-end coaching, consulting, and speaking services), and Forbes.com column.

  • Apr 30, 2015 — Young Dreamer Network
    Young Dreamer Network’s Fireside Chat with Jason Ma
    YDN executive director Brian Buntz hosted a fireside chat with Jason Ma about Young Leaders 3.0 in a packed room of high school students in April 2015. View Mr. Ma’s blog post including a video.

  • Apr 22, 2015 — marcus evans
    Fireside Chat about Empowering the Next Generation at the APAC Investments Summit
    Former CNBC News Anchor Lisa Oake interviewed Jason Ma as the featured speaker at a premier event for parents, CEOs, and executives of institutional investment firms and family offices. View his blog post with a video.

  • Apr 3, 2015 — ThreeEQ
    Congratulations, College Applications Students, for Achieving Great Admissions Results!
    We are very proud of you, Students, for having achieved great results in top-tier college admissions and just as important, for having strengthened your mindset, skill set, and direction — pragmatic EQ and street smarts!! Your admits to elite universities were awesome. Keep achieving, learning, and rising!

  • Mar 10, 2015 — Audvisor
    Audvisor Adds Jason Ma as One of the World’s Leading Experts
    Audvisor has teamed up with some of the world’s top experts and thought leaders, including Tom Peters, Seth Godin, Vinod Khosla, Guy Kawasaki, and Jason Ma to bring its listeners some of the most valued and respected advice — in their own voices. Its experts represent best-selling authors, award-winning speakers, and world-class business leaders with audiences reaching millions. Download the Audvisor app on your iOS or Android device.

  • Feb 24, 2015 — Forbes
    Twelve of Today’s Most Impressive Young Entrepreneurs
    Jason Ma publishes his tenth Forbes article, “Twelve Of Today’s Most Impressive Young Entrepreneurs.”

  • Dec 15, 2014 — Forbes
    How to Handle College Admissions Rejections
    Jason Ma publishes his ninth Forbes article. His previous eight Forbes articles are

  • Dec 4-5, 2014 — WCEF and Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute
    World Chinese Economic Forum 2014, Chongqing, China
    Jason Ma spoke on and contributed to the panel “Growing Global and Regional Business–Key Success Factors for Business and Entrepreneurial Success” at the premier event focusing on the emergence of Chinese global economic power, which stems not only from China but also from the Chinese Diaspora. View a VIDEO snippet here.

  • Nov 14-16, 2014 — The Thiel Foundation & The Downtown Project
    Thiel Foundation Summit, Las Vegas, NV
    A “model UN for tech geeks,” the Thiel Foundation Summit drew some of the most creative, self-directed, and motivated young people in their teens and early twenties from around the world. Thiel Fellowship mentor Jason Ma held office hours and inspired various young leaders there.

  • Nov 8-10, 2014 — APEC
    APEC CEO Summit 2014, Beijing, China
    Jason Ma participated as a new delegate in Asia Pacific’s most influential high-level business event of the year.

  • Oct 17-19, 2014 — The Kairos Society
    Kairos Global Summit, Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel, CA
    Since 2013, Kairos Society ventures have raised over $40 million in venture funding. The 2014 Kairos Global Summit brought together 350 hand-picked student entrepreneurs from over 50 countries; the Kairos 50; 100 industry leaders and influencers; and CNN, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Bloomberg, and Inc. Jason Ma engaged and contributed there as a new Kairos mentor.

  • Oct 13-14, 2014 — Horasis.org
    Global China Business Meeting 2013, Lake Como, Italy
    As a perennially invited guest speaker to this premier global China business event since 2006, ThreeEQ founder & CEO Jason Ma spoke and contributed on “Education and Employment—Reading the China Equation,” a Boardroom Dialogue Session. View the Meeting Report (page 16).

  • July 2014 — The B20
    The B20 Human Capital Policy Recommendations to the G20
    “In addition to relevant government officials in the G20, whose members are our planet’s top 19 countries by GDP and the EU, anyone interested to learn are welcomed to read about the B20 Priorities and Policy Recommendations to the G20 from the B20’s Taskforces–Financing Growth, Human Capital, Infrastructure and Investment, and Trade,” says B20 Human Capital taskforce member and ThreeEQ CEO Jason Ma.

  • Jun 22-23, 2014 — Horasis.org
    Global India Business Meeting 2014, Liverpool, UK
    ThreeEQ CEO Jason Ma contributed as a panelist on “Riding the Next Wave of Higher Education,” a Boardroom Dialogue Session, and as a thought leadership interviewee on Indian youth and education system (VIDEO) and on Global Indian International Schools (VIDEO). Here are some highlights of this event (VIDEO).

  • Jun 7-8, 2014 — The Thiel Foundation
    Thiel Foundation Summit, San Francisco, CA
    Over 300 young visionaries from all over the world are anticipated to collaborate with, learn from, and inspire one another at the exciting, invite-only Thiel Foundation Summit in SF. Called a “model UN for tech geeks” and a “cross between a scientific conference and homecoming party,” this summit draws some of the most creative, self-directed, and motivated teens and early twenties worldwide. Along with fellow mentors, Jason Ma offered office hours to young leaders.

  • May 6-7, 2014 — The B20
    B20 Engages International Business Community at OECD Forum
    The B20’s four policy recommendation areas for the G20 are Financing Growth, Human Capital, Infrastructure and Investment, and Trade — each overseen by a taskforce. “Enhance tolerance for (entrepreneurial) failure and losing face…” B20 Human Capital Taskforce member and ThreeEQ CEO Jason Ma suggests at the meeting.

  • Apr 23, 2014 — Core of Education, American ED TV, & ASU+GSV Summit
    Core of Education & American ED TV’s Dr. Rod Berger Interviews ThreeEQ’s Jason Ma on Mentoring the Next Generation at the ASU+GSV Education Innovation Summit (VIDEO)
    Innovators and leaders of American education talk on camera with Core of Education & American ED TV’s Dr. Rod Berger at the premier education innovation event, ASU+GSV Education Innovation Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona, April 2014.

  • Apr 15, 2014 — China Silicon Valley and ThreeEQ
    ThreeEQ Selected as a Business Partner for China Silicon Valley
    China Silicon Valley is a California non-profit organization committed to promoting investment and business cooperation between China and Silicon Valley. It works with Silicon Valley city governments to drive increased investment and job growth by facilitating talent, technology, and business exchange and investment with cities and companies in China. China SV’s board members includes mayors of Silicon Valley cities.

  • Apr 6-7, 2014 — Horasis.org
    Global Russia Business Meeting 2014, Valencia, Spain
    ThreeEQ CEO Jason Ma contributed as a guest speaker on “Purposeful Education–Pursuing Talent-based Growth,” a Boardroom Dialogue Session, connected with fellow speakers, and enhanced understanding of Russian business and geopolitical dynamics and trends. View the Meeting Report (page 18).

  • Apr 2, 2014 — ThreeEQ
    Congratulations, College Applications Students, for Achieving Fantastic Results in College Admissions!
    We are very proud of you, Students, for having achieved your well deserved share of great results in top college admissions! Your admits to Ivy League universities and other elite private and public schools aren’t bad at all . . . 🙂 Keep achieving, learning, and rising!

  • Mar 27, 2014 — The B20 and PBEC
    ThreeEQ CEO Jason Ma Appointed as a Member of the B20 Human Capital Taskforce
    The B20 leads engagement with G20 governments on behalf of the international business community. In 2014, the B20 focuses on developing a set of clear, actionable recommendations that drive global economic growth and create jobs, including human capital development. The G20 comprises Argentina, Australia (the 2014 host country), Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, and European Union.

  • Mar 11, 2014 — PBEC and ThreeEQ
    ThreeEQ Joins the Pacific Basin Economic Council as a Corporate Member
    As senior business leaders engaged and committed to expanding trade and investment in Asia Pacific, PBEC members forge relationships and address emerging issues most likely to affect the development of our globalized economies. Corporate CEOs and heads of governments have been drawn by the frank discussions and lasting friendships at PBEC. ThreeEQ leader Jason Ma, a Silicon Valley-based immigrant Chinese American, looks forward to contributing perspectives in international business, entrepreneurship, and human capital development.

  • Mar 7, 2014 — Singapore
    Career & Education 2014
    By invitation, ThreeEQ CEO and chief mentor Jason Ma once again moderated the Youth-to-Youth Forum (view Track 1: Student Program, 1:00-2:00pm) in Singapore’s annual education, career, and training exhibition, which attracted over 100,000 attendees. In addition, Mr. Ma delivered a speech on “Combining Asian Discipline and Cultures with American Creativity and Lateral Thinking” (view Track 3: 21st Century Competencies).

  • Jan 31, 2014 — The Thiel Foundation
    Jason Ma Joins the Thiel Fellowship as a Mentor
    “With gratitude, since October 2013, I’ve been privileged to learn from and mentor Thiel Fellows, who are extraordinary teenage and early-20-something leaders and entrepreneurs,” says ThreeEQ founder & chief mentor Jason Ma. “These young outliers awe me with their brilliance, drive, and relatively mature belief systems.”

  • Nov 10-11, 2013 — Horasis.org
    Global China Business Meeting 2013, The Hague, Netherlands
    ThreeEQ founder & CEO Jason Ma contributed as a guest speaker on “Educating the Next Generation of Business Leaders,” a Boardroom Dialogue Session. View the Meeting Report (pages 17-18). “Education is a very hot topic here,” said Mr. Ma. “Everybody wants to get the best education offered on the market. Costs are rising. And new institutions are emerging. I am observing a real boom.”

  • Oct 14-16, 2013 — Israel
    DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival
    ThreeEQ founder Jason Ma participated by invitation in Israel’s largest international hi-tech gathering which featured leading tech talents, startups, VCs, angel investors and multinationals.

  • Sep 18, 2013 — Stanford-supported StartX | Sep 22, 2013 — UC Berkeley
    StartX Media Day | Startup Weekend Berkeley
    ThreeEQ founder Jason Ma participated at the first-ever StartX Media Day (StartX is the accelerator for Stanford-affiliated entrepreneurs) and contributed as a coach at UC Berkeley’s first Startup Weekend.

  • Sep 3-5, 2013 — Forbes
    Forbes Global CEO Conference 2013, Bali, Indonesia
    As a Delegate informally representing global Silicon Valley, ThreeEQ founder and CEO Jason Ma once again joined Steve Forbes and 400 global CEOs, tycoons, entrepreneurs, up-and-comers, capitalists and thought leaders, in this powerful by-invitation summit.

  • July 2013 — HYSTA and ThreeEQ
    ThreeEQ contributes generously to HYSTA by becoming a Sponsor
    “HYSTA is a reputable, enduring group, to whom we are delighted to contribute,” says ThreeEQ founder Jason Ma. HYSTA 华源 is the leading professional association that promotes entrepreneurship and career development for Chinese entrepreneurs and executives across Silicon Valley and China.

  • June 2013 — Julius Baer
    Julius Baer Wealth Report: Asia 2013
    Jason Ma is cited on how students can strive for educational success in the annual Asian Wealth Report (view pages 51-53) by Julius Baer, a leading global wealth management firm.

  • Jun 24, 2013 — Horasis.org
    Global India Business Meeting 2013, Belfast, UK
    ThreeEQ founder Jason Ma contributed as a guest speaker on “Education and Skills Development,” a Boardroom Dialogue Session. View the Meeting Report (pages 22 and 23). Mr. Ma says: “Every woman has entrepreneurial qualities and values. We have to empower women.”

  • May 23, 2013 — ThreeEQ
    NEW VIDEO: Student Testimonials (15 min.)
    “Guiding my students and seeing them achieve, grow and transform are deeply meaningful and gratifying. I am grateful to have been a mentor,” says Jason Ma

  • May 14, 2013 — Forbes
    Student Entrepreneurship Is Humming at Elite Universities
    Jason Ma authored his 7th Forbes article–this time for students with an entrepreneurial spirit and their surrounding ecosystem constituents. Since publication, this article has gone viral at Stanford University and UC Berkeley, and has been widely shared worldwide. Mr. Ma’s previous articles on his Forbes site were primarily for high school students, college students and their parents.

  • May 1, 2013 — UC Berkeley’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (CET)
    Berkeley Venture Lab Competition at SkyDeck
    ThreeEQ’s Jason Ma contributed as a judge in a pitch contest of startups from UC Berkeley and the Tsinghua-Berkeley Global Technology Entrepreneurship Program (GTE)

  • Apr 29, 2013 — China-US Business Summit
    Education Forum: How to Get Admitted to Elite US Universities
    Jason Ma delivered a keynote on this hearty kids-related topic to a private group of parental CEOs and executives

  • Apr 15-17, 2013 — GSV
    Education Innovation Summit 2013
    Jason Ma says: “This is the world’s premier event on education innovation. Its high-quality speakers and program humbled and delighted me.” Mr. Ma actively listened and learned, contributed ideas and connected there.

  • Apr 3, 2013 — ThreeEQ
    Congratulations, College Applications Students, for Achieving Very Impressive Results in College Admissions!
    We are so proud of you, Students, for having achieved great results in top college admissions! It is delightful and heartwarming to have learned about your admits to elite private and public schools. 🙂 Keep achieving, learning, and rising!

  • Mar 20, 2013 — ThreeEQ
    ThreeEQ launches Services for Multinational Corporations, UHNW Family Businesses & VC-Backed Startups
    In addition to mentoring high-achieving middle school, high school and college/graduate students, we help CEOs, Boards and senior executives of client companies succeed.

  • Mar 3, 2013 — ThreeEQ
    ThreeEQ launches Chinese 中文 website
    Making it easier for Chinese parents and executives

  • Mar 1 & 3, 2013 — Singapore
    Career & Education 2013
    Jason Ma chaired the Youth-to-Youth Forum and conducted the Career Guidance Seminar: “Preparing for University & Developing as Young Leaders”

  • Feb 20, 2013 — Silicon Dragon Ventures
    Silicon Dragon London 2013: Strategies for Tapping the Chinese Market (see photos)
    Jason Ma contributed as a featured speaker in “Tech Chats with Leading Entrepreneurs Doing Business in China”

  • Feb 15, 2013 — Stanford University
    Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students (BASES) 150k Challenge
    Jason Ma contributed as a judge on which next-gen entrepreneurial students will receive funding

  • Feb 7, 2013 — Stanford University
    StartX Demo Day
    Jason Ma once again participated in this key event at StartX, an organization which accelerates developing Stanford’s top entrepreneurs.

  • Feb 5, 2013 — Hanhai “Startup University”
    Leadership: Time, Stress & Conflict Management
    As a mentor to this leading US-China incubator, Jason Ma taught this class in Silicon Valley

  • Dec 11-12, 2012 — AlwaysOn
    Venture Summit Silicon Valley
    Jason Ma participated in Global Silicon Valley’s premier event bringing together top VCs, corporate strategic partners and CEOs of up-and-coming tech companies

  • Nov 30, 2012 — University of Pennsylvania
    Communicating and Networking Effectively as a Leader
    After connecting with the heads of the Lauder Institute and Wharton Entrepreneurship, Jason Ma delivered a speech to Penn students and fielded questions from these young leaders

  • Nov 25-26, 2012 — Horasis.org
    Global China Business Meeting 2012, Riga/Latvia
    Jason Ma chaired “Education: The Next Step Forward,” a Boardroom Dialogue Session. View the Meeting Report PDF (pages 13 and 14) and the Reception with the President of Latvia (video).

  • Oct and Nov, 2012 — AlwaysOn, major service providers and UC Berkeley College of Engineering
    OnHollywood, a Securities and Capital Markets Conference, a Wealth Management Conference, Global Technology Leaders Conference and Silicon Valley technology conferences
    Continuously contributing in both business and academia, Jason Ma connected with decision makers in entertainment ventures, capital markets, wealth management and technology businesses

  • Oct 26-28, 2012 — Stanford University
    Startup Weekend at Stanford presented by StartX, STVP and the GSB E-Club
    After attending StartX Demo Day, Jason Ma partook in Stanford’s premier campus event for the next generation of exciting startups combining ambitious engineers, business people and mentors

  • Oct 12, 2012 — ThreeEQ
    ThreeEQ launches new website
    We are entering a new phase of growth. In addition, we plan to launch a Chinese 中文 website.

  • Aug 28, 2012 — ThreeEQ
    ThreeEQ signs up first Brazilian client family
    We are methodically expanding our client base in Americas and Asia

  • Jun 24-25, 2012 — Horasis.org
    Global India Business Meeting 2012, Antwerp, Belgium
    Jason Ma co-chaired this global summit and spoke on “Education: Spearheading the Future” and on “Plenary: India’s New Breed of Multinationals.” View the Meeting Report PDF (see pages 3 and 10, and the back cover).

  • Apr 26, 2012 — WealthBriefing
    Three-Quarters of Expat Parents Underestimate Schooling Costs – deVere Group
    Jason Ma cited for his parenting advice

  • Apr 2, 2012 — Insight Indonesia/Jakarta Globe, BeritaSatu TV
    Mentoring Top Students
    Jason Ma interviewed on elite US university prep

  • Mar 31, 2012 — A Major Asian Company
    Seminar: “How to Prepare My Kids for Elite US Universities Like Harvard?”
    Jason Ma delivered the keynote speech in this invitation-only event for students and parents

  • Feb 17, 2012 — A Major Asian Company
    Special Function: “How to Get Into Top US Universities”
    Jason Ma delivered the keynote speech in this invitation-only event for CEOs and senior executives

  • Feb 12, 2012 — Hong Kong
    Career and Education Expo 2012
    Jason Ma delivered the keynote speech in the US Education Seminar: “How Do I Get Into My Dream US University?”

  • Dec 15, 2011 — WealthBriefing Asia & WealthBriefing
    How to Hook China’s Billionaires (And It’s Not Through Portfolio Management)
    Jason Ma explained a critical qualifier for tier-one US university admissions

  • Nov 7-8, 2011 — Horasis.org
    Global China Business Meeting 2011, Valencia, Spain
    Jason Ma spoke on “Education, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.” View the Meeting Report PDF (page 9).

  • A few of Jason Ma’s past essays
    Essay: Shared Values and Friendship–A Salute to Stanford University Former Provost William F. Miller
    Essay: Leadership–Afterglow of the Forbes Global CEO Conference 2010