Mentoring Young Leaders



Simply said, we know that high-achieving college/university students and working adults need high-quality, third-party guidance to help unleash their full potential, actualize their best selves, and achieve the greatest outcomes. ThreeEQ CEO/Chief Mentor Jason Ma and Team ThreeEQ masterfully inspire and guide our students (mentees) to prepare well and succeed in achieving great outcomes in leadership, high-end career, and life’s challenges, while building strong, pragmatic, emotional, social, and leadership intelligence “3EQ” for a more sustainable competitive advantage and a higher, more impactful and rewarding, long-term success trajectory.

As a core part of our highly personalized, superbly effective, 1-on-1 success mentoring, we’ll help you strengthen your visionary growth and contribution mindset, strategies and execution, desirable and employable soft skills, and “3EQ.” Given our strategic, empowering, and pragmatic guidance, you will achieve great results and also position yourself as a rising, impactful, next-gen leader who will thrive with less stress and anxiety, and more ease and happiness, through your university life and out in the real world.

Often both students and parents
don’t realize how powerful our 1-on-1 mentorship is until they start working with us. Given our guidance, our client students/families achieve great outcomes, gain peace of mind, enrich relationships, and mitigate risk of opportunity loss—all with sound family values.

Testimonials from some (former) students of Jason Ma and his teams


Exceptional Student Outcomes


Over these past thirteen years, Mr. Ma and his teams have successfully coached 1-on-1 and transformed hundreds of achievers, including college/university students and working young adults. Today, Mr. Ma and Team ThreeEQ are proud to maintain a 100% success rate with coachable, committed, high-achieving students in our selected client families. Please enjoy

The great outcomes that Mr. Ma’s students have achieved through his career include

College/University Students
Professionals & Entrepreneurs
Rewarding internships, first jobs, and career pathways at Google, Apple, and various notable companies.

More optimized academic curriculum, school-year and summer activities, social life, and well-being as a competitive college student.

Impactful, rewarding jobs and careers at notable tech companies, enterprises, venture capital/private equity firms, investment banks, and family enterprises.

More optimized career and business strategies, activities, social life, and well-being as a rising leader at work.

Happier lives in college and in the real world—without as much stress and anxiety so common in many students.

Deeper relationships with and appreciation for parents, professors, employers, significant others, peer leaders, mentors, and other influencers.

Happier lives at work, socially, digitally, and at home—without as much stress and anxiety so common in many young people.

Deeper relationships with and appreciation for family, significant others, bosses, staff, peers, mentors, and other influencers.

More positive, powerful mindsets, direction, strategies and execution, and employable soft skills More positive, powerful mindsets, direction, strategies & execution, and career-advancing soft skills


So, the question you need to ask yourself is “Do I want to achieve great results, unleash my full potential, be happy, and secure my bright future—starting now?”


Mr. Ma guest lecturing “How to Hone the ‘OS and Apps’ of Your Entrepreneurial Mind and Soul” to graduate and undergraduate students at Stanford University.


Right Now, You Are Probably a Bit Stuck

Situation 1

As a COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY STUDENT, you want to grow, achieve, and live happily in college and beyond, do well in academics, research, and extracurriculars, obtain great internships, hone employable, soft, and hard skills, build meaningful connections, get a great job after graduation or go to a quality graduate school first, and pave an impactful, rewarding career path—but are unsure how BEST to do so.

Situation 2

As an ADULT/LEADER AT WORK OR IN BETWEEN, you want to grow, achieve, and live happily, hone employable, soft, and hard skills, build meaningful connections, do well in your current job or get a great next job, and pave or rise in an impactful, rewarding career path—but are unsure how BEST to do so.

All the while, the best companies continue to hire and develop only the very best for their coveted internships and jobs. For example, the hiring rate at Google is 0.25% (1 hire out of 400 applications). “It’s 25X more competitive than the undergraduate admit rate of Harvard (which is now under 5%),” said Laszlo Bock, Google’s former SVP of People Operations.

So, which of the above two situations sounds more like you?

The good news? Whichever situation you are in, we can show you a plan that will help you make notable success a reality. Consider this: The above are the kinds of results we help our students authentically achieve. If we can do it for them, why can’t we do it for you?



Our Top-Notch, Strategic 1-on-1 Mentorship



Given your coachability and commitment and our guidance, you can achieve great results in key goals in your life stage, build a powerful mindset and soft skills, make greater impact, live with more fulfillment, and potentially make a fortune through your career and adult life.

It’s been extensively proven that the secret to great success for high achievers is having truly top-notch, personalized, third-party mentorship early on, at least starting nowThreeEQ’s time-tested, 1-on-1 success mentoring will help you optimize your goals and maximize your achievements, unlocking your authentic, best self.

Our career and leadership 3.0 success mentoring ensures that you stay focused during your prime. We bolster the development of your discipline and drive while inspiring you to reach for greater heights. Ultimately, we help you become even better as a genuinely thoughtful and highly engaged leader who will make a positive difference in the world.

Depending on your own life stage, if you like to learn even more about how we may help you, look under the following tabs:

Enhancing Purpose and Thriving as a University Student

We help you choose and optimize rigorous yet balanced course loads year to year, enhance your GPA, plan for test prep, and select majors (and minors) that complement your personal interests and career aspirations.

We encourage and guide you to apply to meaningful and often highly selective internships (for which we may provide choices or connections, if appropriate, and certainly guidance) in order to build up impressive work and leadership experiences and desirable skills. We also train you to maximize your contribution to relevant extracurricular/community activities and to build great relationships with your “ecosystem constituents.” As a result, you will be better positioned for a thriving career or a competitive university transfer application season.

Planning For and Applying as a Transfer to Competitive Universities or to Graduate Schools

If you are planning to apply as a transfer student to other competitive U.S. (or UK) colleges and universities, please view the bottom half of Personalized Mentorship For High School Students because the planning and application process is similar but has nuanced, significant differences for university transfer students and for graduate school applicants (to MS, MA, MD, MBA, and PhD programs). We delight in helping our students optimize their game plan and maximize their success by steering them through this complex process.

Preparing to Succeed and Thrive in Your Career and the World of Work

We are committed to helping you become a leader of your industry in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe/Middle East, or globally.

We help you define powerful visions, set and successfully achieve short-term and long-term career goals, transform creative ideas into concrete business proposals, and become more consistently effective in execution. Moreover, we help you enhance and sustain international-grade decision-making, communication, and people skills, prepare for job interviews, plan for and navigate family succession (if applicable), and thrive in a career or in a major family business.


IN SUM, our ambitious students enjoy maximizing wins and success, minimizing pain and opportunity losses, and getting certainty and peace of mind by taking advantage of ThreeEQ’s foremost, compassionate, 1-on-1 mentorship. With our guidance, you will set a clearer direction, prepare wisely and achieve greater results, and cultivate stronger, next-generation leadership skills—while transforming powerfully upward and unleashing your full potential.

Start early, reduce stress, achieve greater success, and live more happily!




The question you need to ask yourself is: “Do I want to achieve great results, unleash my full potential, be happy, and secure my bright future—starting now?”

If the answer is yes, then we’ll happily set aside 45-60 minutes for a complimentary strategy call with you and your parents, if they’ll sponsor you. The call will discuss your past, present, and hopeful future, and see how we can best help you make your dreams a reality. Trust that this call will be the most meaningful time you will have ever spent preparing for your future. The call will be by phone or in our online Zoom room, where we all can be physically present yet in different locations worldwide.

To schedule a complimentary strategy call, please go to ThreeEQ.com/apply. There, you’ll see our calendar of available time slots. Pick a time that works for you and your parents, if they’ll sponsor you. We require that ALL decision makers be TOGETHER in the call. Then, submit the follow-on simple form to mutually prepare for the call—and let’s talk!



Some Resources

  • Watch ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma’s inspiring masterclass “Preparing for School, College, Career, and Personal Success” for a packed audience of high-achieving parents (C-suite/senior executives, entrepreneurs, and investors) and some students. This private event, which featured Mr. Ma as the sole speaker, was enthusiastically co-sponsored by
  • Read Mr. Ma’s Forbes articles on next-gen leadership, innovative higher education, and entrepreneurship (1.4+ million views and counting) that are relevant to you.
  • Get Mr. Ma’s highly acclaimed book Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers.
  • Tell your parents they are welcome to join our Parents of Driven Students private group on FB.