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– Remarkable Outcomes of Our Students/Mentees
– Right Now, You Are Probably a Bit Stuck
– Powerful 1-on-1 Mentorship: Your Journey to Greater Success with Well-Being
– Here’s The Next Step


Most driven young adults care about thriving in amazing careers and living fulfilling lives. We at ThreeEQ would also say that building up your “personal operating system,” soft skills, and direction early on is just as important.

“You’re our secret weapon!” Private Clients would whisper to us. Having guided holistically, strategically, and successfully 1-on-1 hundreds of mainly high-achieving young people (including his own two happy, compassionate Gen Z young adults and rising leaders), ThreeEQ’s award-winning Chief Mentor Jason Ma and Team ThreeEQ celebrate all of the worthy outcomes coveted by many. That said, they are not easy to achieve without high-quality preparation with trusted, top-notch guidance.

These days, most young people, especially high achievers, often feel over-stressed or anxiety-ridden. Given the pressure to succeed and a plethora of digital and other distractions, various young adults can struggle a bit in finding their way in today’s highly competitive landscape in our turbulent, ever-changing world.



Remarkable Outcomes of Our Students/Mentees


ThreeEQ’s expertise is unparalleled in the industry. We measure our success by the satisfaction and remarkable outcomes of our Private Client Families and Individuals. We warmly invite you and your family to explore and be inspired by the Testimonials and Success Stories of our Students’ Successes. We at ThreeEQ are inspired by our nearly 100% success rate with coachable, committed, and decisive Private Client families with Next-Gen achievers.



The following are some of the great outcomes that our students have achieved:

College/University Students
Professionals & Entrepreneurs
Rewarding internships, first jobs, and career pathways at Google, Apple, and various notable companies.

More optimized academic curriculum, school-year and summer activities, social lives, and well-being as competitive college students.

Impactful, rewarding jobs and careers at notable tech companies, enterprises, venture capital/private equity firms, investment banks, and family enterprises.

More optimized career and business strategies, activities, social life, and well-being as rising leaders at work.

Happier lives in college and the real world, without the high stress and anxiety many students experience.

Deeper relationships with and appreciation for parents, professors, employers, significant others, peer leaders, mentors, and other influencers.

Happier lives at work and socially without the high stress and anxiety many young adults experience.

Deeper relationships with and appreciation for family, significant others, bosses, staff, peers, mentors, and other influencers.

More positive, powerful mindsets, direction, strategies and execution, and employable soft skills. More positive, powerful mindsets, direction, strategies and execution, and career-advancing soft skills. More succession-ready as inheritors in UHNW families.



Jason Ma guest lecturing on “How to Hone the ‘OS and Apps’ of Your Entrepreneurial Mind and Soul,” inspiring and educating graduate and undergraduate students at Stanford University.



Right Now, You Are Probably a Bit Stuck

Situation 1

As a COLLEGE OR GRADUATE STUDENT, you want to achieve, grow, live happily, do well in academics, research, and extracurriculars, hone powerful soft and hard skills, build meaningful connections, get great internship and job offers, and thrive in an impactful, rewarding career path or family business—but are unsure how BEST to do so.

Actually, many students at Ivy League and elite colleges face high stress and anxiety—or even depression. (Read Penn ranked highest out of the Ivy League for mental health—with a D+. Also, view The myth of the Ivy League.) 

Back in high school, most of these students and their parents shortsightedly worried about college admissions. However, they didn’t build strong enough emotional, social, and leadership intelligence (“3EQ”) with high-quality, third-party guidance. Now these students face incessant competition and feel lingering “imposter syndrome.”

We believe that college or grad school ISN’T your destination but is PART of your journey. It is essential to think longer-term THROUGH college, NOT shortsightedly just AT college/grad school! College or grad school is a stepping stone to your greater career and personal success and growth for decades to come!

All the while, the best companies hire and develop only the very best candidates for their coveted internships and jobs. For example, Google’s hiring rate has been 0.25% (1 hire out of 400 applications). “It’s 20 times harder to get into Google than to get into Harvard,” said Laszlo Bock, Google’s former SVP of People Operations. Don’t be surprised to see hiring rates ranging from less than 1% to 3% for coveted jobs at top companies in consulting, i-banking, and some other sectors.


ThreeEQ Chief Mentor Jason Ma and his younger daughter Lydia, who was co-president of the Wharton Undergraduate Finance and Technology Group at the time, enjoying time with Penn students from Wharton, Engineering, and the College in San Francisco.


Situation 2

As a YOUNG ADULT AT WORK, you want to grow, achieve, and live happily, hone powerful soft and hard skills, build meaningful connections, do well in your current job or get a great next job in a company or your family business, pave an impactful, rewarding career path, and be more succession-ready as inheritors in UHNW families—but are unsure how BEST to do so.

Please review the last 2 paragraphs in Situation 1 above. We would think that your own circumstances would have some uniqueness.

The good news? Regardless of your situation, we can help and guide you to achieve success with GREATER life-cycle impact and gains, better relationships, and peace of mind, and without the usual stress and anxiety.




Powerful 1-on-1 Mentorship: Your Personalized Journey to Greater Success with Well-Being


A secret to success for Next Gens is having trusted, third-party, top-notch mentorship by their side, preferably early on. Our uniquely powerful, deeply
personalized, 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching can help you optimize your goals and maximize your achievements with well-being, unlocking your full potential and realizing your best self.

We help ensure that you stay focused during your prime. We bolster the development of your discipline and drive, while inspiring you to reach for greater heights. Ultimately, we help you become even better as a genuinely thoughtful and highly engaged leader who will contribute, grow, and connect with positive and significant impact and wealth.


Jason Ma as the featured speaker in a private CEO roundtable.


The ThreeEQ “4S and 3EQ” Mentorship Framework

Our uniquely powerful, robust, structured, and personalized “4S and 3EQ” 1-on-1 mentorship methodology helps you establish a (much) stronger foundation and pathway for greater long-term success and well-being. Along the way, we meticulously cultivate your pragmatic Emotional, Social, and Leadership Intelligence (“3EQ”) that helps produce greater results and rise higher.

  • Visionary Story (narrative), including empowering beliefs and character,
  • Emotional and mental States that support peak performance,
  • Interconnected Strategies for maximum effectiveness,
  • Powerful Soft skills that help you positively stand out.

Imagine achieving greater life-cycle impact, stronger relationships, and better happiness and peace of mind with family and friends, while mitigating risks of opportunity losses in our turbulent, ever-changing real world.

In our experience, personalized 1-on-1 coaching significantly surpasses group coaching and “mass-market” webinar or product training in its impact and depth. For UHNW families, our work also enhances legacy and succession planning—rooted in solid family values and free from the usual stress, anxiety, and sleep deprivation.




To learn more about how we can help you, depending on your life stage, take a look at the following:

Enhancing Purpose and Thriving as a College/University Student

We help you choose and optimize rigorous yet balanced course loads year to year, enhance your GPA, plan for test prep, and select a major (and any minors). We encourage and guide you in applying for meaningful and often highly selective internships (for which we may provide choices or connections, if appropriate, and certainly guidance) to obtain impressive work and leadership experiences and desirable skills. We also guide you to maximize your contribution, growth, and connectivity in relevant extracurricular/community activities and to build great relationships with your ecosystem peers, elders, and other constituents. This will better position you for a thriving career or a competitive university transfer application season.

Planning for and Applying to Graduate Schools or as a Transfer to Highly Competitive Colleges/Universities 

For graduate school applicants (to MS, MA, MD, MBA, PhD, and other graduate programs) and for college/university transfer applicants, the planning, application, and admissions process is similar to the 3 phases and 24 line items (success ingredients) towards the bottom of this page but has nuanced, significant differences. We delight in helping our students optimize their game plan and maximize their success with well-being and greater long-term advantage by steering and inspiring them through this complex process.

Preparing to Succeed and Thrive in Your Career or Family Business as a Working Adult

We are committed to helping you become a leader of your industry in the Americas, Indo Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, or globally.

We help you define powerful visions, set and achieve short-term and long-term key goals, transform creative ideas into concrete business proposals, and become more consistently effective in execution. Moreover, we help you enhance and sustain international-grade decision-making, communication, critical thinking, resilience, adaptability, and collaboration/people skills, prepare for job interviews, plan for and navigate family succession planning and execution (if applicable), and thrive in a lucrative career or family business.


IN SUM, by taking advantage of ThreeEQ’s preeminent, personalized, 1-on-1 mentorship, our ambitious 1:1 students/mentees maximize their wins and successes, minimize their pain and opportunity losses, and gain clarity and greater joy, relationships, and peace of mind. With our guidance, you will set a clearer direction, prepare wisely, achieve sound outcomes, and cultivate stronger, more succession-ready, next-gen leadership mindset and soft skills—while transforming powerfully upward and unleashing your own full potential.


Here’s The Next Step


Are you ready to achieve great results, unleash your full potential, be happy, and secure your bright future?” If the answer is yes, we would be delighted to set up a (complimentary) initial strategy meeting (30 to 45 minutes) between you and ThreeEQ Chief Mentor Jason Ma.

During this meeting, we will explore your past, present, and future aspirations, address any confusion and questions, and discuss how we can help you make your dreams a reality. We will ascertain whether our services align with our shared values, your aspirations, and your investment mindset, including our fees. Kindly note that ThreeEQ maintains a highly selective process when considering new Private Clients.

Remember, thorough preparation is essential for success in any coveted and competitive pursuit, and we aim to make the most of our time together. Before our meeting, please do read a few of Mr. Ma’s articles and watch 1-2 relevant videos. It is vital that all decision-makers are present during our session.

To schedule a meeting, please visit ThreeEQ.com/apply to select a time that suits both you (and your parents if they are co-decision makers). Following that, please complete the follow-on form at ThreeEQ.com/application, allowing us to gain a preliminary understanding before our discussion. We look forward to our upcoming conversation!