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1. As a foremost
college admissions, career, leadership, and life coach and mentor, ThreeEQ inspires and guides driven teens and young adults (Gen Z’ers) in select high-end families worldwide not only to achieve great outcomes authentically with well-being but also to cultivate powerful mindsets, soft skills, and connections for lifelong success. Led by Founder, CEO and Chief Mentor Jason L. Ma 馬良傑, ThreeEQ maintains a 100% SUCCESS RATE with coachable and committed high achievers. Mr. Ma is the acclaimed author of the groundbreaking book Young Leaders 3.0. He is the former Forbes Contributor on Mentoring Young Leaders (for elite college admissions, leadership, and entrepreneurship success) with over 1 million views.

2. As a globally connected, incisive (tech) CEO/Board advisor and rainmaker, and as a sought-after keynote speaker and masterclass leader (represented by top speakers bureaus) and executive coach, ThreeEQ CEO Jason Ma personally adds real value to select enterprises and institutions worldwide. He brings 35 years of seasoned industry operating experience and decision-maker connections. Mr. Ma was a Forbes Global CEO Conference delegate for 8 years. He is a Steering Committee member for DC Finance’s Family Office events. As a member of the B20 with the G20 through the G20/B20 Presidences of Australia, Turkey, China, Germany, and Argentina, Mr. Ma has helped shape the private sector’s employment/human capital and education policy recommendations for the G20 Leaders and governments. ThreeEQ pays particular attention to the future of work/talent/education, impact of AI/ML, and digital economy/transformation.


Success Stories

Mr. Ma inspired a room full of overachieving Stanford students and instructors with a relatable and actionable presentation. His talk included colorful personal anecdotes and a good sense of humor. We were very grateful for his contribution.

Rebeca Hwang, Lecturer, Stanford University, & Managing Partner, Rivet Ventures

My son was feeling great when he finished the call with you last evening. You have a gift in the way you work with these kids. I get it.

Don Levy, former SVP of Marketing & Communications, Sony Pictures

Mr. Ma is extremely knowledgeable about the college admissions process and offers valuable insight and wisdom. He was able to identify my unique strengths and talents early on and continues to provide me with valuable advice for me as a college student. He is a trusted mentor and coach and know that I will seek his professional advice for my career path.

Carolyn Yang, Princeton University student

Jason Ma and his book Young Leaders 3.0 serve to get the synapses firing between young professionals/entrepreneurs and seasoned leaders. and act as a catalyst for a new generation of leadership.

Jonathan Rosenberg, former SVP of Products, Google & author of “How Google Works”

Your discussion regarding impact investments were eye-opening as well as intriguing. Your participation brought along a wealth of knowledge and depth, setting a new standard for all our conferences. I look forward to our future events.

Denny Chared, Founder & Managing Director, DC Finance

It was truly a pleasure to host Jason Ma as an honorary speaker, where he addressed top family offices and institutional investors with excellent insights on empowering the next generation for a sustainable future. Jason is a highly engaging speaker and a fantastic collaborator.

Maya Filadska, Senior Executive Producer, APAC Investments Summit

Our entire team of administrators greatly appreciated your motivating and thought-provoking presentation. As we work to ensure that every student graduates college and career ready, your advice on how to engage students is valued.

Christopher Downing, Superintendent, Local District South, Los Angeles Unified School District

On behalf of Business Rockstars, we wanted to personally thank you for your great guest appearance on the show. Your segment was both insightful and entertaining!

Brittany Lehman, Producer, Business Rockstars

Jason Ma’s book Young Leaders 3.0 is a tour de force. This book is not only extremely helpful in guiding young people but also advantageous for parents and all adults. A classic in the making.

Narayana Murthy, Founder, Infosys & Listed as one of “The 12 Greatest Entrepreneurs of Our Time” by Fortune Magazine

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Upcoming Speeches

The following are some of sought-after speaker, masterclass leader, and boardroom advisor Jason Ma’s recent speaking engagements. To inquire about booking Ma for a speaking engagement, please go to his speaking page.


Featured Speaker
Preparing Your Children For Middle/High School, College, Career, & Personal Success
(Sponsored by the Haas Alumni Network & Cal Alumni Club of New York)
Pepper Hamilton LLP, New York, 6 Dec 2018

Moderator: The Future of Work & Education
The Florida Family Office & High Net Worth Annual Conference 2018
W South Beach, Miami, Florida, 4 Dec 2018

1) Panelist: Shaping the Digital Economy—Building an Ecosystem for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
2) Moderator: Social and Youth Entrepreneurship—Impact Investment
World Chinese Economic Forum (WCEF) 2018

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 9-10 Nov 2018

B20 Employment & Education Task Force Leading Member Participant
The B20 Summit (in preparation for the G20 Leaders Summit 2018)
Buenos Aires, Argentina, 4-5 Oct 2018

Speaker: Gen Z—Tomorrow’s Digital Workers
2018 Future of Business Collaboration Webinar: Communication for the Intelligent Enterprise
Online, 30 August 2018

Moderator: Tariffs and Trade Wars—The Effect on Realtors
San Francisco Association of Realtors (SFAR) Seminar on Tariffs and International Trade
San Francisco Italian Athletic Club, California, 16 August 2018

Keynote Speaker: Next-Generation Human Capital Leadership
Deep-Dive Workshop Leader: Leadership 3.0

NASSCOM HR Summit 2018
ITC Grand Chola, Chennai, India, 26 Jul 2018

Jason Ma 馬良傑 is a renowned international speaker on preparing for elite US university admissions, forward-looking education and global business leadership.


Jason Ma is the acclaimed author of Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers and the former Forbes contributor on Mentoring Young Leaders (for college admissions, next-generation leadership, and entrepreneurship success) with over 1 million views. His Forbes articles are as follows:

College Apps: Stanford, Anyone?

How Mentors Shape Moguls, CEOs, and the Next Generation of Leaders

Why to Start Preparing for College in Sixth Grade

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Events & News

To inquire about booking Jason Ma for a speaking engagement, please go to ThreeEQ.com/speaking/.

19 July 2019 — ThreeEQ
ThreeEQ on a Mission to Helping Clients Achieve Great Outcomes with Well-Being
With dual passions for mentoring and rainmaking, ThreeEQ’s core mission is to transform chosen young people into next-generation leaders and to help shape the G20 education and business world. We delight in helping our Private Clients (select families with driven Gen Z’ers and mature individuals) and Enterprise Clients (select tech startup to unicorn companies) worldwide achieve great outcomes authentically with well-being. We are grateful that our client success stories abound. And protecting our clients’ privacy is our responsibility. Onward!

18 June 2019 — Black Tie Magazine
Black Tie Magazine Features ThreeEQ as the Foremost Gen Z Success Mentor
ThreeEQ is honored to be featured as the foremost Gen Z success mentor in Black Tie International Magazine, a leading high-end publication for philanthropists. Click “Gen Z Mentoring” or the Ma family photo on the upper right of http://blacktiemagazine.com/
 or directly view the in-depth coverage here. Black Tie plans to publish a Chinese 中文 version late July 2019.

1 April 2019 — ThreeEQ
Congratulations to Our Students for Outstanding College Admissions Results!
Through the years, we are very grateful and thrilled to have helped nearly 100% of our high-achieving high school and college transfer students authentically get admitted to Ivy League schools (Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn/Wharton, Princeton, and Yale), Stanford, MIT, UChicago, Duke, and other top best-fit colleges, while, just as importantly, transform them and unleash their full potential as wholehearted rising leaders and happy people! Our magic is reflected here.

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