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Recognizing that high-achieving high school students need high-quality, third-party guidance to unleash their full potential,
ThreeEQ Chief Mentor Jason Ma and Team ThreeEQ specialize in inspiring and guiding our students/mentees to prepare well, transform upward, and succeed in gaining acceptance into top-tier, best-fit college and universities.

Besides foremost college counseling, we help our mentees strengthen their visionary growth mindset, strategies and execution, soft skills, and pragmatic emotional, social, and leadership intelligence (“3EQ”)gaining a more sustainable competitive advantage with long-term benefits.

Often both students and parents don’t realize how powerful this process is until they start working with us. Given our guidance, families gain peace of mind, enrich relationships, and mitigate risk of opportunity loss.

We believe that college admissions and attendance are merely a stepping stone to even greater success. College isn’t the destination but is part of the journey. Think through college, not at college!


Testimonials from some (former) students/mentees of Mr. Ma and his team


Exceptional Student Outcomes


Over these past thirteen years, Mr. Ma and his teams have been privileged to have successfully coached and mentored 1-on-1 hundreds of teenage achievers. Please enjoy

Today, Mr. Ma and Team ThreeEQ are proud to maintain a 100% success rate and a 100% peace-of-mind guarantee with our selected, coachable, and committed high-achieving students.

The great outcomes that Mr. Ma’s high school and college applicant mentees have achieved through his career include

High School Students
College/University Students
Hundreds admitted to Ivy League universities, other elite private universities and colleges, and top public universities.

See list below.*

Rewarding internships, first jobs, and career pathways at Google, Apple, and various notable companies.

More optimized academic curriculum, school-year and summer activities, social life, and well-being as a competitive college student.

Happier lives in high school—without as much stress and anxiety common in so many competitive high school students and college applicants.

Deeper relationships with and appreciation for parents, teachers, peer leaders, counselors, employers, and other influencers

Happier lives in college and in the real world—without as much stress and anxiety common in so many students.

Deeper relationships with and appreciation for parents, professors, employers, significant others, peer leaders, mentors, and other influencers.

More positive, powerful mindsets, direction, strategies and execution, and soft skills More positive, powerful mindsets, direction, strategies and execution, and employable soft skills


* These schools include

    • Amherst
    • Barnard
    • Boston College
    • Boston U
    • Bowdoin
    • Brown
    • Caltech
    • Cambridge (UK)
    • Carleton
    • Carnegie Mellon
    • Claremont McKenna
    • Colgate
    • Columbia
    • Cornell
    • Dartmouth
    • Duke
    • Emory
    • George Washington
    • Georgetown
    • Georgia Tech
    • Harvard
    • Harvey Mudd
    • Haverford
    • Imperial (UK)
    • Johns Hopkins
    • MIT
    • NYU
    • Northwestern
    • Oberlin
    • Oxford (UK)
    • Penn/Wharton
    • Pomona
    • Princeton
    • Purdue
    • Rice
    • Stanford
    • Swarthmore
    • Tufts
    • UC Berkeley (Engineering, etc.)
    • UC Davis
    • UC Irvine
    • UCLA
    • UC San Diego
    • UC Santa Barbara
    • UChicago
    • UFlorida
    • UMichigan, Ann Arbor
    • U North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    • U Notre Dame
    • USC
    • UT Austin
    • UVirginia
    • UWashington
    • Vanderbilt
    • Vassar
    • Wake Forest
    • Washington U in St. Louis
    • Wellesley
    • Wesleyan
    • Williams
    • Yale

So, the question you need to ask yourself is: “Do I want to achieve great results, unleash my full potential, be happy, and secure my bright future—starting now?


Right Now, You Are Probably a Bit Stuck


IF YOU ARE PLANNING FOR COLLEGE, you want to get admitted to great colleges but are unsure how BEST to do so—EVEN IF you already attend a private high school or have an outside counselor, and certainly if you attend a less-resourced public school.

The reality is that the elite college admissions process is as daunting and hypercompetitive as ever. Even ambitious students from wealthy families incur (subtle but) major opportunity losses because they haven’t gotten the best third-party guidance early enough.

So, how about those who get in? They must be fine, right?

IF YOU ARE ALREADY IN COLLEGE, another truth is that many driven students who now attend elite colleges become stressed out, filled with anxiety, or depressed. (Read Penn ranked highest out of the Ivy League for mental healthwith a D+.) Why? Back in high school, they were shortsighted; they worried about college admissions but didn’t really build a highly competitive, visionary growth mindset, soft skills, and “3EQ” with high-quality, third-party guidance. Now attending competitive colleges, where “imposter syndrome” feels common among students, they struggle much more than expected.

IF YOU ARE FINISHING COLLEGE, all the while, the best companies continue to hire and develop only the very best for their coveted jobs. For example, the hiring rate at Google is 0.25% (1 hire out of 400 applications). “It’s 25X more competitive than the undergraduate admit rate of Harvard (which is now under 5%),” said Laszlo Bock, Google’s renowned, former SVP of People Operations.

The good news? Whichever situation you find yourself in, we can show you a plan that will help you make notable success a reality. Consider this: The above are the kinds of results we help our mentees authentically achieve. If we can do it for them, why can’t we do it for you?


Our Top-Notch, Strategic 1-on-1 Mentorship


ThreeEQ’s highly effective, strategic, time-tested, personalized, 1-on-1 college counseling and leadership success coaching and mentoring will help you

  • raise your success trajectory,
  • realize your authentic best and hone your growth mindset and soft skills,
  • prepare very well for and present highly compelling college applications,
  • maximize your chances for admission to your dream schools,
  • minimize confusion and pain,
  • make the right, best-fit college choice, and
  • gain a more sustainable competitive advantage with long-term benefits.

In the context of our unique, powerful 1-on-1 mentorship methodology:

  • 3EQ = Pragmatic emotional, social, and leadership intelligence
  • 4S = Visionary story/belief system, state of mind, (soft) skills, and strategies and execution.

Through the entire highly personalized, strategic, timelined, and detailed college planning, applications, and admissions guidance process, we will wholeheartedly and meticulously guide you as follows:


  • Start honing your interconnected “4S” and “3EQ” mentioned above, which include building an authentic, attractive personal story and qualities. This process should start strategically early in high school, if not in middle school.
  • Develop a strong college search/planning, applications, and admissions strategy and game plan
  • Strategize, decide on, and perform well on term-to-term, year-to-year academic curriculum, while sharpening study skills. The quality of your transcript is one of the most important college application components!
  • Strategize, decide the whats and whens of, and how best to prepare for admissions standardized tests—SAT or ACT, SAT Subject Tests. Most effective test prep specialists exist outside of college counseling places.
  • Strategize, decide on, and do well on activities in school, in community, and even at home through your four school years. Imagine you are a movie star making your next movie to be released by high school graduation. How will your authentic story and character, which are partly reflected by your activities, stand out?
  • Strategize, decide on, and do well on activities during your three high school summers. Many achievers thought their summer plans were sound but in effect subpar as part of their stories.
  • Build and manage key relationships in your complex world
  • Build a strong résumé (CV)
  • Research colleges and visit colleges (in person and online) smartly


  • Determine a manageable list of reach, probable, and solid schools
  • Decide whether or not to apply Early Decision or (Restricted) Early Action
  • Craft DOZENS of authentic, cogent, long and short personal essays and other types of writings that represent the best of you. This complex application core component/subprocess is often (far) underestimated by high achievers. We’ve guided 1-on-1 hundreds of students in writing thousands of great essays, and we’ve seen all sorts of stories. We’ll help you brainstorm, comment on, and edit your repertoire of app essays until they represent your authentic best!
  • Complete strong application forms. We’ve reviewed thousands of Common App forms, school supplement forms, and independent app forms. Even most high achievers make mistakes; our hawkeyes catch them!
  • Secure strong recommendation letters. There are ethical ways to influence maximizing the quality of this key application component.
  • Prepare appealing (visual or performing) arts supplements, if applicable
  • Apply for merit-based scholarships, if appropriate
  • Prepare effectively for interviews
  • Make certain the entire application to each of all of the schools looks great, maximizing your chances for admission!
  • Keep honing elements of your “4S” and “3EQ” that need improvement


  • Provide compelling and timely updates
  • Strategize and decide on your summer after high school graduation. It may be your most fun one in years!
  • Respond to application wait lists
  • Decide the optimal school to enroll (matriculate) in!
  • Keep honing elements of your “4S” and “3EQ” that need enhancement, as you think through college and beyond!

IN SUM, our high-achieving students/mentees enjoy maximizing wins and success, minimizing pain and opportunity losses, and getting certainty and peace of mind by taking advantage of ThreeEQ’s foremost, compassionate, 1-on-1 mentorship. With our guidance, you will set a clearer direction, prepare wisely and achieve great results in college admissions, pre-position well for competitive college life and career paths, and cultivate stronger, next-generation leadership and employable soft skills early on—while transforming powerfully upward and unleashing your full potential.

Start early, reduce stress, achieve greater success, and live more happily!


Here’s the Next Step:


The question you need to ask yourself is: “Do I want to achieve great results in college admissions, unleash my full potential, be happy, and secure my bright future—starting now?”

If the answer is yes, then we’ll happily set aside 45-60 minutes for a complimentary strategy call with you and your parents. The call will discuss your past, present, and hopeful future, and see how we can best help you make your dreams a reality. Trust that this call will be the most meaningful time you will have ever spent preparing for your future. The call will be by phone or in our online Zoom room, where we all can be physically present yet in different locations worldwide.

To schedule a complimentary strategy call, please go to ThreeEQ.com/apply. There, you’ll see our calendar of available time slots. Pick a time that works for you and your parents. We require that ALL decision makers be TOGETHER in the call. Then, submit the follow-on simple form to mutually prepare for the call—and let’s talk!



Some Resources

  • Watch ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma’s inspiring masterclass “Preparing for High School, College, Career, and Personal Success” for a packed audience of high-achieving parents (C-suite/senior executives, entrepreneurs, and investors) and some students. This private event, which featured Mr. Ma as the sole speaker, was enthusiastically co-sponsored by
  • Read Mr. Ma’s Forbes articles on elite college prep and admissions, next-gen leadership, innovative higher education, and entrepreneurship (1.4+ million views and counting) that are relevant to you.
  • Get Mr. Ma’s highly acclaimed book Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers.
  • Tell your parents they are welcome to join our Parents of Driven Students private group on FB.




ThreeEQ is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC).