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Motivated high school students dream of enrolling in great colleges. Ultimately, the goal is to thrive in amazing careers and live fulfilling lives. But, most young people feel angsty or lost; high achievers are often stressed out and anxiety-ridden. They need high-quality, third-party guidance to unleash their full potential, actualize their best selves, and achieve the greatest outcomes.

Gaining admission to fiercely competitive elite colleges is about the QUALITY of your academic and personal story, character, and storytelling that match the target schools’ mission and goals. Booksmart students with strong grades, high test scores, and lots of activities are a dime a dozen. Unfortunately, the vast majority of college applications from driven students get denied by most elite colleges (and COVID-19 has made the college process even more daunting and anxiety-filled).

Led by Founder CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma, ThreeEQ is a foremost mentor and coach for powerfully integrated success in Ivy League and highly competitive college admissions, next-gen leadership, personal and school life, and high-end career prepositioning. We understand and guide on EXACTLY how Ivy League and elite colleges make their admissions decisions. Our students cherish our compassionate, strategic, and pragmatic mentorship and guidance throughout the complex college planning, application, and admissions process.


The Ma family (playfully called the “MAfia”) with two happy, compassionate Gen Z women leaders. Sabrina is a Google software engineer. Lydia graduated Penn/Wharton in May 2022. Both have tech leadership aspirations.


We have inspired and provided 1-on-1 guidance to numerous high-achieving high school students, enabling them to achieve great results in Ivy League and elite college admissions, live more happily, and transform upward. Along the way, we have honed their pragmatic emotional, social, and leadership intelligence (“3EQ”) and visionary story, state of mind, soft skills, strategies, and execution (“4S”) for GREATER impact, relationships, and peace of mind—without the usual stress, anxiety, and sleep deprivation!

Today, we at ThreeEQ are proud to maintain a 100% success rate (defined by outcomes that our students and their parents are happy about) with coachable, committed, high-achieving students in our selected client families. We genuinely care about our students’ academic, personal, and career growth, as well as their contributions, skills, identities, relationships, and happiness, both now and for years to come.

Often, students and parents don’t realize how powerful our distinctive 1-on-1 mentorship is until they start working with us. With our guidance, families achieve great outcomes, gain peace of mind, enrich relationships, and mitigate the risk of (major) opportunity loss—all with sound family values.

Start early, reduce stress, achieve greater success—and learn, work, and live more happily!


Testimonials from some (former) students of Mr. Ma and his teams


Exceptional Student Outcomes


Over the past 14 years, Jason Ma and his teams have provided 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring, transforming and elevating the lives of hundreds of teenagers (including Mr. Ma’s own two Gen Z daughters!). The students’ results include admission to Ivy League and highly competitive colleges and universities, fulfilling college lives, high-end internships and career prepositioning, and other leadership and personal milestones. 

Today, we at ThreeEQ are proud of our 100% success rate (defined by outcomes that our students and their parents are happy about) with coachable, committed, high-achieving students in selected Private Client families.

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The following are some of the great outcomes that our high school students and college applicants have achieved:

High School Students
College/University Students
Hundreds admitted to Ivy League universities, other elite private universities and colleges, and top public universities.

See list below.*

Rewarding internships, first jobs, and career pathways at Google, Apple, and various notable companies.

More optimized academic curriculum, school-year and summer activities, social lives, and well-being as competitive college students.

Happier lives in high school, without the high stress and anxiety that many competitive high school students and college applicants experience.

Deeper relationships with and appreciation for parents, teachers, peer leaders, counselors, employers, and other influencers

Happier lives in college and the real world, without the high stress and anxiety many students experience.

Deeper relationships with and appreciation for parents, professors, employers, significant others, peer leaders, mentors, and other influencers.

More positive, powerful mindsets, direction, strategies and execution, and soft skills More positive, powerful mindsets, direction, strategies and execution, and employable soft skills


* These schools include

    • Amherst
    • Barnard
    • Boston College
    • Boston U
    • Bowdoin
    • Brown
    • Caltech
    • Cambridge (UK)
    • Carleton
    • Carnegie Mellon
    • Claremont McKenna
    • Colgate
    • Columbia
    • Cornell
    • Dartmouth
    • Duke
    • Emory
    • George Washington
    • Georgetown
    • Georgia Tech
    • Harvard
    • Harvey Mudd
    • Haverford
    • Imperial (UK)
    • Johns Hopkins
    • MIT
    • NYU
    • Northwestern
    • Oberlin
    • Oxford (UK)
    • Pomona
    • Princeton
    • Purdue
    • Rice
    • Stanford
    • Swarthmore
    • Tufts
    • UC Berkeley (Engineering, etc.)
    • UC Davis
    • UC Irvine
    • UCLA
    • UC San Diego
    • UC Santa Barbara
    • UChicago
    • UFlorida
    • UMichigan, Ann Arbor
    • U North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    • U Notre Dame
    • UPenn/Wharton
    • USC
    • UT Austin
    • UVirginia
    • UWashington
    • Vanderbilt
    • Vassar
    • Wake Forest
    • Washington U in St. Louis
    • Wellesley
    • Wesleyan
    • Williams
    • Yale

Ask yourself: “Do I want to achieve great results, unleash my full potential, be happy, and secure my bright future—starting now?”


We at ThreeEQ love seeing our students win, grow, and celebrate!


Right Now, You Are Probably a Bit Stuck


You want to get admitted to the best colleges possible, enroll at the right school, and hone strong EQ and soft skills, but don’t know how BEST to do so—EVEN IF you are attending a private high school or have an outside counselor, and certainly if you are attending a less-resourced public school.

The elite college admissions process is daunting and hypercompetitive during the best of times. COVID-19 has added to the stress and anxiety levels of both students and their parents.

We often hear about supposed shoo-ins (who aren’t our students) getting rejection letters even though they are top students at private schools. Even ambitious students from wealthy families can lose out on opportunities because they haven’t received high-quality, third-party mentorship EARLY enough.


(We’ll update this table. We trust you get the gist!)


Those who do get in must be fine, right?

Actually, many students at Ivy League and other competitive colleges face high stress and anxiety—or even depression. (Read Penn ranked highest out of the Ivy League for mental health—with a D+. Also, view The myth of the Ivy League.) 

Why is this? Back in high school, these students and their parents shortsightedly worried about college admissions but didn’t build strong emotional, social, and leadership intelligence (“3EQ”) with high-quality, third-party guidance. Many students and parents were obsessed with the college admissions hype. We call this “college admissions myopia.” Now these students face incessant competition and feel lingering “imposter syndrome.” 

Fortunately, our work is more powerful, profound, and beneficial than just helping you get into college. Sure, we’ll guide you to get admitted to the best colleges possible in your situation. That said, please note that college isn’t your destination but is part of your journey. Think longer-term THROUGH college, NOT shortsightedly just AT college! College is a steppingstone to greater career and personal success in your decades to come!

A strong, positive growth mindset, key soft skills, and sound habits, which are vital to your success in school, career, and life, take time to develop. Learn more under the Some Resources section below. 

The good news? Regardless of your situation, we can certainly inspire and guide you strategically and practically to achieve great outcomes with impact and long-term gains (and without the usual stress and anxiety). Consider this: The above results are what we help our students authentically achieve. If we can do it for them, why can’t we do it for you?



Our Top-Notch, Strategic, 1-on-1 Mentorship


ThreeEQ’s exceptionally effective, strategic, transformative, time-tested, personalized, 1-on-1 college and career counseling necessarily includes next-gen leadership, school and personal life, and career prepositioning coaching and mentoring for powerfully integrated success. With sophisticated, real-world wisdom and compassion, we show you where the Future of Work and Education is REALLY headed. We will help you:

  • Hone your growth and contribution mindset, academic and nonacademic strategies and execution, and soft skills and talent for greater impact and short- to long-term benefits, even among your driven peers.
  • Build an attractive story, prepare your storytelling, and present competitive and compelling college applications that maximize your chances for admission to your dream schools, while minimizing stress, confusion, and anxiety.

In ThreeEQ’s uniquely powerful 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring method and process, we actively hone your “4S” and “3EQ,” which are defined as follows:

  • 4S:
    • Visionary story, including character (sum of all habits and choices)
    • Emotional and mental state of mind
    • Soft skills (in addition to hard skills) and talent
    • Academic and nonacademic strategies and execution
  • 3EQ:
    • Pragmatic emotional, social, and leadership intelligence



Throughout your college planning, applications, and admissions process, ThreeEQ will wholeheartedly and meticulously mentor and guide you, 1-on-1, to STAND OUT and build inner and outer strength. We will help you:


  • Hone your interconnected “4S” and “3EQ” as defined above. It’s best to start this process early in high school, or even middle school—but better late than never!
  • Develop a strong college search/planning, applications, and admissions strategy.
  • Strategize and perform well on your term-to-term, year-to-year academic curriculum while sharpening your study skills. Your transcript is a key component of your college application!
  • Strategize the what, when, and how to best prepare for college admissions standardized tests—the SAT or the ACT. International students attending high schools in which English is not the main language of instruction must also take the TOEFL. Most effective test prep and academic tutoring specialists are outside of private college counseling places. We guide you in selecting the best ones based on your situation, as needed.
  • Strategize and do well on activities in school, in your community, and even at home. Imagine you are a movie star making your next film, to be released before your high school graduation. How will your school-year activities reflect your authentic story, talent, and character?
  • Strategize and do well in summer activities. Many achievers thought their summer plans were sound only to find that these plans were subpar parts of their stories. How will your summer activities reinforce your story or talent?
  • Build and manage key relationships in your complex world.
  • Build a strong résumé (CV).
  • Research and visit colleges (in person and online) smartly.


  • Determine a manageable list of reach, probable, and solid schools. Ten or more are common these days.
  • Decide whether to apply Early Decision or (Restricted) Early Action.
  • Write up to DOZENS of authentic, powerful, personal essays, including personal statements, “why this school” essays, “why this major/field of study” essays, and other types of writing that represent the best of you. The QUALITY of your story, character, and storytelling, which include your topics and approaches and which must match the target schools’ mission and goals, will set you apart! Often, high achievers (far) underestimate this complex, time-consuming application core component/subprocess. We’ve provided 1-on-1 guidance to hundreds of students in writing thousands of great essays. We’ll help you brainstorm, comment on, and edit your repertoire of app essays until they represent your authentic best!
  • Secure powerful recommendation letters from teachers and your school counselor, as well as additional, influential third parties. There are wise, ethical ways to maximize the quality and effect of this key application component.
  • Complete strong college application forms. We’ve reviewed thousands of Common App forms, school supplement forms, and independent app forms from nearly 100 upper-tier colleges and universities. Our hawk eyes catch the mistakes that even most high achievers make!
  • Prepare appealing (visual or performing) arts supplements, if applicable.
  • Prepare for alumni and campus interviews.
  • Ensure that the application to each of your target schools looks great, maximizing your chances for admission!
  • Apply for merit-based scholarships, if appropriate.
  • Continue honing elements of your “4S” and “3EQ” that need improvement.


  • Provide compelling and timely updates.
  • Strategize your summer after high school graduation. Except for 2020, it may be your most fun one yet!
  • Respond compellingly to any application waitlists.
  • Choose the optimal school in which to enroll (matriculate)!
  • Continue honing elements of your “4S” and “3EQ” as necessary, through college and beyond!


IN SUM, by taking advantage of ThreeEQ’s foremost, compassionate, 1-on-1 mentorship, our high-achieving students maximize their wins and successes, minimize their pain and opportunity losses, and achieve certainty and peace of mind. With our guidance, you will set a clearer direction, prepare wisely, achieve great results in college admissions, preposition yourself for competitive college life and career paths, and cultivate stronger, next-generation leadership and employable soft skills early on—while transforming powerfully upward and unleashing your full potential.

Start early, reduce stress, achieve greater success, and live more happily!




Ask yourself: “Do I want to achieve great results in college admissions, unleash my full potential, be happy, and secure my bright future—starting now?”

If the answer is yes, we can happily set aside 45-60 minutes for a complimentary strategy meeting with you and your parents. We will discuss your past, present, and hopeful future, and see how we can help you make your dreams a reality. This meeting will be super meaningful and practical in preparing for your future. We can discuss by phone or, preferably, in our online Zoom room, where we can all be in different locations worldwide.

To schedule a complimentary strategy meeting, please go to ThreeEQ.com/apply. There, you’ll see a calendar of available time slots. Please pick a time that works for BOTH you and your parents. Note that ALL decision-makers must be TOGETHER in the meeting. Then, please fill out and submit the simple follow-on form for our understanding BEFORE the call—and let’s talk!



Some Resources


  • Watch ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma’s inspiring keynote and Q&A “Preparing Your Children for High School, College Admissions, University Life, Career, and Personal Success” in front of a packed audience of high-achieving parents (C-suite/senior executives, entrepreneurs, and investors) and some students. This private event, for which Mr. Ma was the sole speaker, was enthusiastically co-sponsored by




ThreeEQ was a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) for years, but has found the membership would no longer be necessary because the standards of ThreeEQ have proven to be consistently higher than that of NACAC.