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ThreeEQ Signature Services

ThreeEQ is a foremost mentor and coach for integrated success in Ivy League and elite college admissions, leadership, university, internship, career, and life. We help our students accomplish great outcomes with pragmatic emotional, social, and leadership intelligence (“3EQ”) and to rise as impactful, compassionate leaders. “Partnering” with matriarchs/patriarchs or business sponsors, we groom Gen Z, Millennial, and even elder leaders for next-level success with well-being like never before.

ThreeEQ’s Signature Services are:

Start early, reduce stress, achieve greater success—and learn, work, and live more happily!


The Ma family (playfully called the “MAfia”) with two happy, compassionate Gen Z women leaders. Sabrina is a Google software engineer. Lydia is a Wharton junior. Both have tech leadership aspirations.


Exceptional Student Outcomes

Over the past 13 years, Jason Ma and his teams have built a distinctive track record of providing inspiration and 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring that has transformed the lives of hundreds of high school students, college students, and working young adults, as well as elder leaders. These include Jason’s own two Gen Z daughters. Their results include admission to Ivy League and elite colleges and universities, fulfilling college lives, internships, post-college first jobs, high-end career paths, and other leadership and personal milestones.

Today, we at ThreeEQ are proud of our 100% success rate (defined by outcomes that clients are happy about) with coachable, committed, high-achieving students in selected Private Client families. 

Often, students and parents don’t realize how powerful our distinctive, personalized, 1-on-1 mentorship is until they start working with us. With our guidance, families achieve great outcomes, gain peace of mind, enrich relationships, and mitigate the risk of (major) opportunity loss—all with sound family values. We also help ease legacy and succession planning for some families.

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“Chief Mentor of Next-Gen Leaders.”

Silicon Valley Insider
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“Chief Mentor of Next-Gen Leaders: Foremost Mentor for College Admissions, Leadership, & Life Success.”

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“Preeminent Mentor for Next-Gen Leaders (Leadership 3.0).”

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Right Now, You Are Probably a Bit Stuck

Situation A

Your HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT wants to get admitted to the best colleges possible, enroll at the right school, and hone strong EQ and soft skills, but doesn’t know how BEST to do so—EVEN IF he/she is attending a private school or has an outside counselor, and certainly if he/she is attending a less-resourced public school.

The elite college admissions process is daunting and hypercompetitive during the best of times. COVID-19 has added to the stress and anxiety levels of both students and their parents.

We often hear about supposed shoo-ins (who aren’t our students) getting rejection letters even though they are top students at private schools. Even ambitious students from wealthy families can lose out on opportunities because they haven’t received high-quality, third-party mentorship EARLY enough. 



Those who do get in must be fine, right?

Actually, many students at Ivy League and other competitive colleges face high stress and anxiety—or even depression. (Read Penn ranked highest out of the Ivy League for mental health—with a D+. Also, view The myth of the Ivy League.) 

Why is this? Back in high school, these students and their parents shortsightedly worried about college admissions but the kids didn’t build strong emotional, social, and leadership intelligence (“3EQ”) with high-quality, third-party guidance. Many students and parents were obsessed with the college admissions hype. We call this “college admissions myopia.” Now these students face incessant competition and feel “imposter syndrome.”

A strong, positive growth mindset, key soft skills, and sound habits take time to develop. You might enjoy Jason’s related Forbes articles and his critically acclaimed book Young Leaders 3.0. Learn more from the Some Resources section below. 


Situation B

Your COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY STUDENT wants to grow, achieve, and live happily in college and beyond, do well in academics, research, and extracurriculars, obtain great internships, hone employable soft and hard skills, build meaningful connections, get a great job after graduation or graduate school, and follow an impactful, rewarding career path—but doesn’t know how BEST to do so.

Review the last 3 paragraphs in Situation A above.

All the while, for their coveted internships and jobs, the best companies hire and develop only the very best. For example, Google’s hiring rate has been 0.25% (1 hire out of 400 applications). “It’s 25X more competitive than the undergraduate admit rate of Harvard (which is now under 5%),” said Laszlo Bock, Google’s former SVP of People Operations. Don’t be surprised to see hiring rates ranging from a fraction of 1% to 3% for coveted jobs at many great companies.


Situation C

Your YOUNG ADULT AT WORK OR IN BETWEEN wants to grow, achieve, and live happily, hone employable soft and hard skills, build meaningful connections, do well in his/her current job or get a great next job, and pave an impactful, rewarding career path—but is unsure how BEST to do so.

Review the last 2 paragraphs in Situation B above.


Which of the above three situations applies to your son or daughter?

The good news? Regardless of your loved one’s situation, we can certainly inspire and guide him/her strategically and practically to achieve great outcomes with impact and long-term gains (and without the usual stress and anxiety). Consider this: The above results are what we help our students authentically achieve. If we can do it for them, why can’t we do it for your loved one?




A Reality Check or Wake-Up Call?

We at ThreeEQ prefer helpful honesty to hypocritical politeness. The former is what a wise, caring friend provides. The latter can hurt your family down the line.

Over time, we have observed a pattern: Without truly high-quality, third-party mentorship, students and parents can become overwhelmed or get lost in the process. Students feel more stress and anxiety, and parents worry about their kids’ future while at times doubt their own abilities as parents. Ultimately, many motivated young people end up not achieving their desired results, and families incur (major) opportunity losses.

The TRUTH is that many families have some limiting beliefs and thoughts which manifest in subpar feelings (emotional states), decisions, and actions. These can result in costly mistakes and opportunity losses. Their states often include at least one of the following:

  • Myopia
  • Denial
  • Pride
  • Envy
  • Fear
  • Neglect
  • Hearsay

Let’s analyze some common mistakes seen in various families:

MISTAKE 1:  Some families are shortsighted. See Situation A under the “Right Now, You Are Probably a Bit Stuck” section above.

MISTAKE 2:  Some families start late, believing that their kids’ attendance at private schools or less-resourced public schools is sufficient. They don’t realize that school counselors have LIMITED skills and sophistication. At that point, their children’s pragmatic emotional, social, and leadership intelligence (“3EQ”) and other vital ingredients AREN’T that strong, competitive, and different. Once they awaken to this fact, or realize that the elite college process is (far) more complex and demanding than expected, stress HITS. Sadly, we can’t change a student’s history. However, it’s better to start late than to never start at all!

MISTAKE 3:  Some families hire outside counselors who don’t possess top-notch skills and connections. They get what they pay for and incur (major) OPPORTUNITY LOSSES down the line. ThreeEQ is recognized as the foremost mentor uniquely and effectively integrating BOTH elite college/career counseling and next-gen leadership/life success coaching. We are also a deeply engaged applied researcher.

MISTAKE 4:  Some parents think they or their family members are experts because they are highly successful in their own careers or businesses, because they went to elite universities decades ago, or because an older child was admitted to an elite school. In reality, this scenario reflects operating under pride, denial, or delusion. In reality, their children don’t fully listen to them or they might inadvertently give some subpar advice. Their children’s outcomes will be (much) lower than what they initially desire, incurring significant, often irrevocable opportunity losses.

ThreeEQ client parents include alumni of Stanford, Harvard, MIT, UPenn, UC Berkeley, and other elite schools. They were wise, humble, and pragmatic enough to work with us and are very glad that they did!

MISTAKE 5:  Some students think they can handle the highly competitive process on their own. All high achievers are intelligent, perform well academically and on tests, and are involved in a variety of activities. Many are independent thinkers; at least, elite colleges require this trait as part of their admissions decision process. Still, top schools and companies reject the vast majority of college, internship, and job applications from high achievers. Why? How do students really stand out, win, and thrive? No individual can succeed and thrive as an island.


So, What Can You Do?

Please PREVENT or MINIMIZE getting your family in any of the situations under the “A Reality Check or Wake-up Call” section above. Get
TRULY top-notch, third-party (1-on-1) mentorship and guidance, and allow adequate time to mold your children. This is the “secret sauce” to your children’s next-level success, based on Mr. Ma’s wisdom and pattern recognition from his 20,000+ hours of success coaching, mentoring, writing, speaking, and applied research.

ThreeEQ’s uniquely foresighted, powerful, integrated 1-on-1 mentorship and coachig method is more effective and life-transforming for your children than anything else out there. Wise families, who are ThreeEQ clients, relish our helping prepare their loved ones for acceptance into top universities and for success in other facets of their lives—while keeping their kids happy, authentic, well-balanced, and ambitious, without pressuring them anymore than necessary.

Maximize outcomes, reduce stress and anxiety, gain peace of mind, enrich family relationships, and mitigate the risk of opportunity lossas we help your children optimize plans and goals, prepare well, and achieve great results, while honing their visionary growth mindset, strategies and execution, soft skills, and “3EQ.” Let us help your children unleash their full potential, actualize their best selves, and achieve strong outcomes, with the long-term benefits they deserve.

Start early, reduce stress, achieve greater success—and learn, work, and live more happily!



This Isn’t for Everybody.
Is This for Your Family?


Because we dedicate our time and attention to helping only a handful of Private Client families, we are HIGHLY SELECTIVE about whom we will work with. We have strict but reasonable criteria:

1. While ThreeEQ is engaged in philanthropy, ThreeEQ’s Private Client Program is designed for ethical, wealthy families. We believe that successful parents have an astute investment mindset. Our Private Client families appreciate that the investment involved in working with ThreeEQ is just a small fraction of the high-value lifelong returns and benefits that they will enjoy.

2. Your child(ren) and you parents must be coachable, committed, and decisive action-takers, no matter how connected or knowledgeable you are. (Our Private Client parents include highly successful C-suite leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs who went to Harvard, Stanford, and other elite schools.) If you like to “kick tires” or sign up for things and not follow through, this is NOT for you. We are serious about maintaining a 100% client success rate.

If you all meet both of the above criteria, the next step is as follows.






Ask yourself: “Do I want my child(ren) to achieve great results, unleash their full potential, be happy, and secure their bright future—starting now?”

If the answer is yes, we can happily set aside 45-60 minutes for a complimentary strategy meeting with your child(ren) and you parents. We will discuss their past, present, and hopeful future, and see how we can help them make dreams a reality. This meeting will be profoundly meaningful and practical in preparing for your children’s future. We can discuss by phone or, preferably, in our online Zoom room, where we can all be in different locations worldwide.

To schedule a complimentary strategy meeting, please go to ThreeEQ.com/apply. There, you’ll see a calendar of available time slots. Please pick a time that works for BOTH your child(ren) and you parents. Note that ALL decision-makers must be TOGETHER in the meeting. Then, please fill out and submit the simple follow-on form for our understanding BEFORE the meeting—and let’s talk!



Some Resources


  • Watch ThreeEQ CEO and Chief Mentor Jason Ma’s inspiring keynote and Q&A “Preparing Your Children for High School, College Admissions, University Life, Career, and Personal Success” in front of a packed audience of high-achieving parents (C-suite/senior executives, entrepreneurs, and investors) and some students. This private event, for which Mr. Ma was the sole speaker, was enthusiastically co-sponsored by


  • Watch or listen to ThreeEQ CEO/Chief Mentor and Young Leaders 3.0 acclaimed author Jason Ma’s inspirational interview with Family Office Association Chairman Angelo Robles titled “Chief Mentor of Next-Gen Leaders, Jason Ma: Foremost Mentor for College Admissions, Leadership, and Life Success” on the Angelo Robles Podcast on Apple PodcastsSticher, Spotify, or iHeartRadio.
  • Listen to Jason Ma’s energizing interview with Silicon Valley Insider Show Host Keith Koo titled “Chief Mentor of Next-Gen Leaders, Jason Ma” on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify.Gen Z and elder high achievers must navigate effectively in their ever-changing, hyper-competitive worlds in the “New Normal.” Jason shares patterns observed and actionable insights on how to adapt, win, and grow, as well as what “college admissions myopia” and “raising your delta” mean.



ThreeEQ is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC).